Nov 17, 2010

Enough with the pretty people

It's not often that there is news about 2 members of the Fantasy Boyfriends club in a single day:

1. It's finally happened. Prince William isn't my dream bachelor anymore. He's still in my dreams, don't get me wrong, but now he's engaged. To another pretty person,  obviously. I'm annoyed...and jealous. But, more jealous.

Yesterday the importants over in England announced that Prince William has proposed to his longtime girlfriend, Kate Middleton.  Their gene pool is a wishing well of sparkles, charms, British accents and world domination.  Every time it rains (which is often in the U.K.), the raindrops that fall in that pool replenish it's magical awesomeness.

They've been engaged for over a month and kept it secret!! I'm sorry, if a the sexiest prince on earth proposed to me I'd probably tattoo it all over my body and tell everyone I meet on the street. But that's just me. And, on top of it all, he gave her his mother's (the saintly and beautiful Lady Diana) mega huge 18-carat sapphire engagement ring. Damn that fabulously glamorous and lucky Kate Middleton. Lets hope she is at least semi-Bridezilla-ish. We single girls around the world at least deserve that.

2. On another totally sexy note, People magazine has named Ryan Reynolds 2010's Sexiest man alive:

wonder why that is?

He has a sexpot of a wife too. UGH. I still love him anyway.

That's all, just a little news from the mancandy realm. As I'm sitting here blogging I'm lamenting my lunchtime BBQ feast. Hot people give me even more calorie guilt than normal. Tonight I need to get my little butt exercising....


  1. Ryan Reynolds is a total babe. Period.

  2. I <3 Ryan. He's a TOTAL HOTTIE. People finally got one right (my opinion anyway).
    Gonna be drooling over that mag tomorrow.

  3. You know, Ryan Reynolds just doesn't do it for me. I *love* Leo - he's my man (and still single)!

    I am just so excited for the royal wedding - not jealous at all. Not one bit. I've never secretly hoped that Ms. Middleton would catch a heel on a rug, falling flat on her face. Never.



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