Nov 30, 2010

Pay Attention to Package Size

Did anyone else see this little diddy this morning?

This hilarity caused me to laugh hot tea out my nose onto the Prince.  Matt Lauer is a pervert teenager. Stars! They're just like us!

Matt Lauer is talking to some woman about rising grocery prices and she references a growing trend for food manufacturers to "shrink the package" so consumers don't know their paying for less stuff. It's a good tip, except that the bullet point up on screen said...


Baahahahahhhhahahaa!!!! Matt Lauer goes totally crazy. His mind went straight to the gutter and he giggled uncontrollably the rest of the segment. I love television poise gone awry. It's really one of my favorite things. And perverted humor.

But seriously though, pay attention to package size. I always do.

Jeggings and Top 2 Tuesday!

Good Tuesday mornin' to ya! I'll just get right into it...

Yesterday I bought Jeggings at the Targ (which is where I always turn for fashion trends I'm not totally sold on yet). Jeggings are stretchy/cottony leggings made to look like denim. It sounds really bizarre, I'm aware.

I had been considering the pros and cons for weeks. (Honestly, I've thought way too much about this.) I love my stretchy fat pants, but hate looking like a slob.  I like a tailored-looking pant, but hate the discomfort of my muffing top pouring out of it. These are all problems. Seemingly, the Jegging is the perfect solution, but lets just be honest: the thought of a super stretchy jeans is sort of Jenny-from-the-Block-ish:

I'm not denying my obvious street cred, but this just isn't my look.

So, to satisfy my curiosity, I settled on these:

Buy these HERE
The photos don't really do them justice. They're black and look like skinny jeans (including button, fly, and pockets) but feel like comfy, sweet, cozy leggings. So far I'm on comfy-pant cloud 9. You better believe I'm feeling extra cozy on this chilly morning. I'm not completely committed because I'm worried these are a gateway to all fat pants all the time, but so far, they're totally fab. Highly recommend.

Now for Top 2 Tuesday. I haven't done this one in a while, but I like the topic today:

Top 2 Cleaning and Organization Tips!

1. Lists
This is my office to-do list from yesterday. Not only do lists help you remember and prioritize things, the sense of accomplishment when you get to cross something off is second to none. I love crossing things off....maybe a little too much. I keep lists for groceries, weekend errands, Christmas shopping, general life goals...everything. I learned this trick from my mother, she knows all the good stuff.

2. Swiffer
Admittedly, I rarely use the Swiffer cloths for their intended purpose: cleaning the floor. These little cloth babies are great for cleaning EVERYTHING. For some reason dust accumulates in my apartment like it's a freaking antique store. I have no idea why. I find myself dusting alot. The cloths are great for shelves, knick knacks, picture frames, the top of door frames, tv/computer screens and even the fan blades! I recently cleaned the top of the ceiling fan blades and it was completely atrocious up there. I have no idea why they were so disgusting, but it grosses me out even more when I consider that the thing was slinging it's accumulation on me all night while I sleep under it. Sick. No worries, Swiffer cloth to the rescue! These things are awesome.

I'm not an extremely clean person per se, but there are a few things I do believe in. Swiffer dusting is definitely one of them.

Happy Tuesday friends!
Nov 29, 2010

Otters are the new piglets.... *UPDATED*

Hello all! Happy Monday! Sorry for the blog hiatus, but I have been busy holiday-ing it up lately. I've just returned from a nice, long break in Houston. I relaxed, helped cook, did Christmasy things and got to see lots of old high school friends. It was a dream vacation. Obviously, I have a serious case of the mondays. I'm having serious problems getting my brain back into work mode. So, I'm going to keep the cute train a-rollin' from last week...

A whole new batch of cuteness has found it's way into my internet perusing this chilly monday. Believe you me, if you're chilly (physically or emotionally...I'm kind of both today), these little preciouses will warm you right up. Otters are my newest obsession. I won't go to as far to say as otters are the new puppies, but I do think I need one from Santa....

 Otters are tiny nuggets straight from Jesus. Seriously, on the 8th day God created otter pups.

We could all learn a lesson from Otter-style race relations. It don't matter if you're black or white.

If you touch her baby, mama Otter will rip off your face. Or at least she'll think about it, she'd probably just politely ask you to not harm her baby. She's way too sweet to ever turn to violence.

On a hot day, this little chunk of sugary sweetness would love to share his ice box with you. Go ahead, take a dip, he shares. He'll probably even bring you a delicious beverage to improve your ice box experience.

If you have no reaction to this little pup you're dead inside.

Well well well. I hope this made you feel less Monday-ish. Baby animals work for me every time. I'm considering making this a re-curring post and perhaps a link up...Any thoughts blog friends?

**UPDATE!!! This weekend three people were bitten by rabid otters in Florida. What. the. hell. I'm not happy, but i feel a duty to report this RANDOM news. Me no care, they're still precious!***

Don't forget to Check out Life of Meg's Mingle Monday. It's the most hip-hop-happening blog party around! 
Nov 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Thankfullness

Happy Turkey Day friends! There's nothing like a pie-head pup to make me smile:
I'm high on life this morning:
  • Manfriend, nugget, my mom and I ran a Turkey Trot 5K this morning! I'm proud of us all for getting our little pie-eating butts out of bed and earning our Turkey. It felt good not to be totally immobile today, which is my normal thing. 
  • The TURKEY is in the oven and it smells glorious:
  • All FOUR pies (pumpkin, chocolate, cherry and pecan) are made. My sweetie mom prepared for everyone to get their favorite. I honestly don't know which one my fave will be. Mmmmmm Cherry....
  • The Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade is on! Love, love the parade. A few years ago I got to see it with my own little eyes and it was amazing. Football is next on the list...I'm not as wild about it as the parade, but it feels festive.
  • Nugget is standing over the stove working on the stuffing: 
  • It's a holiday and the Prince and I are in relaxation mode to the max. Well, actually he's playing like a crazy man with this BFF Wilson:

I'm thankful for so many things year. My wonderful family, manfriend, the Prince, my health and just all the other small blessings I get to enjoy in life....So, to discuss a few of those, I'm doing this fun linkup:
Finding Joy | The ABC's of Thanks
a: Almonds. I eat them all the time. Healthy snack, but still tasty.
b: Bootcamp. I need it.
c: Chocolatey treats and cupcakes. Look at this has a Thanksgiving dinner on top:
d: Daddy: best. dude. ever.
e: Eating lunch with my work buddies. We watch T.V. shows and are best friends
f: Friends! I am lucky to have some amazing pals near and far. Miss you all!
g: Going on dates with manfriend. He's pretty good about taking me to fun places and treating me.
h: Health. I have the occasional snafu, but I'm lucky to be pretty close to in one piece.
i: Iced tea. My favorite is this kind:
j: Julie. That's my mom. She makes me pies and tells me gossip. Oh and she also birthed me.
k: Kisses from my poodle, especially early in the morning when he's trying to convince me not to get out of bed
l: Lattes.
m: Manfriend. Even more so: having him all to my little self on Thanksgiving. I don't really know what I'd do without him...

New favorite picture. It was totally impromptu. Those are the best.

n: Nugget. duh. She's my favorite sassy little sassquatch.
o: O.P.I. Nail polish brings me more relaxation than is probably healthy
p: Prince. That little pup is my soulmate, BFF and rooomate. I don't know what it would be like without him anymore.
q: Quitting my cola habit. I used to have a diet Coke every afternoon and I'm almost totally off of it now. I feel more hydrated, less wired and generally healthier. Caffeine in the mornings ain't going anywhere anytime soon though.
r: Reading blogs. I love getting lost in my blog friends' goingsons. I wish some of you were in my everyday face-to-face life
s: Sweaters. It's time...finally.

t: Television. Any and all.
u: Uggs. They're not stylish anymore, but there isn't much cozier than my furry Ugg slippers when the Prince scratches to go out in the cool weather.
v: Vacation. I've saved up all my days for the year and am taking a long college-esque Christmas break this year. I can't stinking wait.
w: Wine. Lately i'm into Malbecs, but this is my Super Target go-to:

x: X-mas! It's another Christmas season and I'm thrilled for all the parties and presents in my future! 
y: YOU! If you're reading this I'm so thankful for you for indulging me and reading this little slice of my crazy brain.....I love you.
z: Zzzzzzzs....I think this afternoon there is a nap in my future. I miss naps. I used to be the nap master.

I hope everyone is having a relaxing and joyous Thanksgiving! Again, I'm so thankful to have people out there who give a hoot enough to read this....
Nov 23, 2010

Housewife day!

Today I have the day off of work. And don't have anything to do. Plans changed slightly and I'm waiting for the little nugget to pick me up to drive to H-town later this afternoon. She's in school. Sucka. 

HOUSWIFE LIFE IS AMAZING. New life goals include stay-at-home-ness.

I got to sleep late-ish, caught a mid-morning boot camp session, walked the Prince and am soaking in some daytime television while my hair dries. Next up: lunchdate with businessy manfriend. Seriously, this is the life. But, lets talk for a sec about some of the jokesters on TV at this time:

Kathy Lee and Hoda
These two are just dumb. I love the Today show, but I'm out the door by the time the 4th (really? 4?) hour with these two idiots. Honestly, Kathy Lee is drunk. There is no other explanation. And Hoda? Enabler.  Today they had a live turkey on the show and had a little history lesson about turkeys and Thanksgiving. Really? (Don't believe me? Watch THIS dumb thing.) I miss Matt and Meredith.

Nate Berkus
Who is this? Where did he come from? That smile is really creepy to me. He has douchey hair. Me no likey douche hair. Can anyone tell me why he's good? I'm not trying to fight, just want an explanation about why he's on the TV machine.

All these things aside, I love stay-at-home Casey. It's amazing. Seriously, I'm thriving right now. I never want to work again.

I'm trying not to think about what this newfound clarity on what I want out of life means for the professional, feminist part of my little self. That part isn't as skinny and rested anyway.....
Nov 22, 2010

Miscellany Monday

Happy Monday! Random thought swirls today....
Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

1. Last night I had dream about giant sharks attacking me and my friends while on a water ski trip. It was terrifying. What does that mean?

2. Yesterday I was so productive it was just stupid. I worked out, gave the Prince a bath, washed all my clothes and cleaned the whole apartment. And it was not just picking my crap of the floor. I did the serious, elbow grease kind of cleaning. It was glorious.

3. To reward myself for the hard work, last night made my favorite dinner: macaroni and cheese and chicken nuggets. MMMMMM....
 4. Manfriend got an iPhone. I'm extremely jealous of both his awesome new toy and the homewrecker who has stolen his heart (also still talking about the iPhone). There is absolutely no reason for his purchase to send me into such a jealous fit. But I guess that's just the weak-minded individual that I am.

5. I've been on a quest for Hunter Green nail polish. I found it! I can't wait to wear some later this week when I have more time for the manicure routine...
OPI's "Here today Aragon tomorrow"

6. As much as it pains me, I may be asking for a set of tires from Santa. Adulthood blows.

7. I get to go home tonight! I haven't been to my real home (in Houston) since June, which is super long for me. I can't wait to veg on my favorite couch. I'm also psyched to shop, cook and put up Christmas things with my family! And don't even get me started on the food that I'm already fantasizing about...

If this doesn't arouse you, you're dead inside. 

Sidenote: Manfriend is coming. I repeat, Manfriend is coming to Thanksgiving. I can't get into the mental can of worms that means for me right now, but I'm really excited he'll join the fun!

Also, don't forget about this over at Life of Meg:

Mingle 240
I tell you to go every week. I'm being serious, It's an awesome blog hop. For reals.

That's all the miscellany for now. I feel much better. Heart you.
Nov 19, 2010

Friday, November 19, 2010

Hey-OH! It's Friday and I"m freaking pumped up. This weekend I have amazing delights in my future. Next week is a holiday. The sweet flavors of pie are just painfully close. I hope you've all had a superb week, but not that good, because mine's kind of been crap and I when I'm down, so is the whole world....anyway, sorry for no Newsflash last week. I was busy being a globe-trotting young professional (I can't even type that and not snicker at it's ridiculousness.) Enjoy:

1. Eva Longoria and Tony Parker are divorcing. Eva filed for divorce this week after catching her man in the midst of a text affair with a former teammate's wife. They've been married 3 years, they have a prenup and this will all be over soon. We've all heard this story before. But, what really gets me is that the woman, Erin Barry, and Parker supposedly have only exchanged texts. There hasn't been a physical relationship. Eva found all the texts and dumped him. WHY IN THE WORLD does anyone still think they can get away with a text affair? At this juncture, if there is evidence of your side projects on your cell phone, you may as well sky write it. RIGHT? Texts. It's like he wanted to get caught. Maybe he did.

2. They might have found Natalee Holloway's jaw. A jaw bone washed up on shore in Aruba. Upon initial inspection forensic experts believe it belonged to a young woman. Nobody is sure yet, it could even be an animal jaw, but this is a glimmer of hope for her family. They've sent her dental records to Aruba and anticipate results within the next week. She's been missing since 2005 and is believed to be dead, but nobody can be sure. This story has fascinated me since the beginning. I hope that creepo Joran Van Der Sloot gets everything coming to him. I don't hope she's dead, but if it is hers, this can finally be put to rest.

3. Leighton Meester went out in THIS:

No, your eyes aren't deceiving you. None other than the flawless Blair Waldorf is wearing a Marchesa lace pant jumpsuit.  Yes, you can see her butt. And no, it isn't that great.

4. You can be a princess too! QVC is offering $40 replicas of Princess Diana and Kate Middleton's mega ring! The giant freakazoid of a sapphire is virtually priceless...until now. I love a cocktail ring, especially a princessy one. This is going to the top of my Christmas list immediately. Everytime I wear it I think I need to speak in a British accent. Can't. Wait.

5. The sexiest man alive was an 18-year old d-bag back in the day like the rest of us. This gave me the major giggles. Read the quotes with Ryan Reynolds' senior yearbook photo....

WHAT IN THE WORLD does "4 BOYZ with the juice" mean?

6. Quote of the week:
"Endless melodies, hooks + poetry sledge-hammering my skull. It won't be much longer, it's almost perfect. But I (we) don't want almost."
Sweet Gaga tweeted this about her new album, We Were Born This Way.  Of course, I'm freaking excited about more Gaga genius jams coming out. But, now that the term "poetry sledge-hammering my skull" has been thrown out, I'm just giddy with anticipation.

You know, sometimes people tell me stuff on this blog "sledge-hammer(s) their skull." I hope they mean it in the good, Gaga-type, way...but probably not.

7. Stock up on your 4 Loko if you're so inclined. The FDA will rule that caffeinated alcoholic beverages are unsafe. 4 Loko and Joose won't be available much longer. Drinks like this have been to blame for several college students' severe alcohol poisoning. Banning them is probably a good thing because one can of 4 Loko "is the equivalent of drinking at least several cans of beer and a cup of coffee." Knowing this fact, like the geniuses we are, me and some of my friends recently tried out the beverage. Don't fret (mom), we didn't drink anything close to excess. The lemonade flavor is bizarrely, freakishly, shamefully, delicious. The four of us split one of the giant cans and it left me wanting more. TROUBLE. I'm glad these things are going away. They are dangerous. And trashy.

8. Amber, of Teen Mom, has been charged for assaulting her former fiance (video found at that link) Gary. See photo evidence:

Is it wrong to find immense humor in this second being frozen in time?

On three occasions on camera she beat up on Gary and has now been charged with a misdemeanor and 2 felonies!! That's serious business, especially because the crimes took place in front of the couple's young daughter. Gary was sort of a crappy dad at times, but probably didn't deserve felony-level assault. Amber could serve up to three years in jail and pay $10,000 in fines if convicted. And, the MTV camera crews could be charged for not intervening! On top of all of it, she's recently lost custody of her baby and been photographed drinking. This little tart seriously needs to get her S together. I feel bad for her and Gary. I hope they solve their problems soon. I feel guilty to admit that I hope at least some of the saga has been filmed for next season of Teen Mom. You know you do too.

Side note: A sweetheart, angel, cutie pie of a blogger gave me a random lovely shout out. Caroline at A life of Color gave me unsolicited praise and it melts my little heart. The blog is cute, she is a super writer and she has impeccable taste...clearly. I've added it to my sidebar so you can refer back to it often. Thanks Caroline!

Happy Weekend Lovelies! "Stay Classy San Diego...and Thanks for Stopping by...but more be Classy. But thanks for stopping by..." (confused?)
Nov 18, 2010

Cute things - just because

Good Morning all! A dear friend referred me to a totally frivolous and amazing dose of cuteness. Sometimes you just need it on a Thursday morning. Prepare for a precious overload...


I'm feeling much better about my day already. Hell, I'm feeling better about life already. Thanks cute animals. I love you.
Nov 17, 2010

Quick Housekeeping Note

Lately, I've been working away to get make this little blog less of a little blog. Sometimes I feel like this:

A tiny pup trying to be mighty....but nonetheless trying.

So, See the left column for a few things I've added lately:
  • Twitter feed that WORKS. Follow me. I'll follow you back. For realsies.
  • A button for your sharing pleasures:


If you so choose, please add it to your blog and blow me up. This act will also cause my insides to sparkle with pride.
  • Followers.  This isn't new, but just a reminder. If you're visiting from the old Facebook machine, I'd love it if you'd become a proper follower via the "follow" button on the left. It's super easy if you have a Google (gmail) account.  This helps me understand who's checking me out. I'm freaking curious who all you sweethearts are! 
Thanks jillions. I appreciate the recent traffic like you'd never believe, but I'm dying to know who all of you are! Thanks more jillions. 

Enough with the pretty people

It's not often that there is news about 2 members of the Fantasy Boyfriends club in a single day:

1. It's finally happened. Prince William isn't my dream bachelor anymore. He's still in my dreams, don't get me wrong, but now he's engaged. To another pretty person,  obviously. I'm annoyed...and jealous. But, more jealous.

Yesterday the importants over in England announced that Prince William has proposed to his longtime girlfriend, Kate Middleton.  Their gene pool is a wishing well of sparkles, charms, British accents and world domination.  Every time it rains (which is often in the U.K.), the raindrops that fall in that pool replenish it's magical awesomeness.

They've been engaged for over a month and kept it secret!! I'm sorry, if a the sexiest prince on earth proposed to me I'd probably tattoo it all over my body and tell everyone I meet on the street. But that's just me. And, on top of it all, he gave her his mother's (the saintly and beautiful Lady Diana) mega huge 18-carat sapphire engagement ring. Damn that fabulously glamorous and lucky Kate Middleton. Lets hope she is at least semi-Bridezilla-ish. We single girls around the world at least deserve that.

2. On another totally sexy note, People magazine has named Ryan Reynolds 2010's Sexiest man alive:

wonder why that is?

He has a sexpot of a wife too. UGH. I still love him anyway.

That's all, just a little news from the mancandy realm. As I'm sitting here blogging I'm lamenting my lunchtime BBQ feast. Hot people give me even more calorie guilt than normal. Tonight I need to get my little butt exercising....
Nov 16, 2010

SEATTLE was awesome!

Heyo! I'm finally feeling back in the swing of things this morning. Yesterday was a whirlwind of getting organzied, playing catch up and gneral Monday malaise. Today, I'm feeling great: back in my workout routine, diet is back on track, life looking sunny.

Here's a little photo recap of my trip to Seattle this weekend....

Gasworks Park
This was the first place we went and it was super cool. It's a city park right on the water's edge. It's green, peaceful, beautiful and there's a fabulous view of downtown. My tour guide informed me this is also where they filmed the paintball scene in 10 Things I hate about You. Super piece of trivia. We obviously said a little prayer for the sweet hotness that was Heath Ledger.

Cute little downtowny area. We shopped, ate and enjoyed delicious lattes. My mind was blown by the skeleton skull atop my tasty, warm beverage. This is apparently pretty common. I felt like a bumpkin idiot, but the spooky latte made my afternoon.

There's a place called the FUNHOLE. I got so much pervy delight out of this it sort of got embarrassing. I mean come on, the Funhole?

Pure delight. Need I say more?

Pike Place Market
We ate a grilled cheese, wine and mini cheesecakes. Foodgasm. I also found the most amazing poodle treasures in a cubby hole of an antique shop at the bottom of the market. No photo evidence, but I assure you they're a gemstone like few other's I've ever seen.

They have fish there. They throw them around. I don't know what to make of it. But, I do think I need some of these orange overalls. Mommy wouldn't have muffin tops in those dudes.

Space Needle
Trivia: it only takes 41 seconds to take the elevator to the top. This clearly made my cheese snacks from the market do gymnastics.

We came at the perfect dusk (dare I call it....TWILIGHT) time for photos. It was a perfect combo of visibility but with city lights. I liked it up there alot. The weather was a tad miserable, but I'd say that's to be expected. We also saw weirdly dressed tourists from around the world. I love that.

They serve happy hour up in the needle. Genius. We ordered our 2 obligatory pinot noirs and the bar tender made some remark like "look at you young hot things, I'll pour you extra." While appreciated, filling cups like this makes the treat un-drinkable and un-carryable. Wine slurp = not classy.

Across the board I LOVED Seattle. I may want to live there someday. The weather was crispy (we faced a bizarre lack of rain), the food was tasty, the sights were lovely and the company was fabulous. Complete and total success.



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