Oct 4, 2010

Weekend Recap - state fair = muffin tops

Hello all! I'm writing to you in a total haze. I've had another humdinger of a weekend. Friday night I went to dinner with good friends for some tasty Mexican and margaritas. Saturday, I hosted a Brunch party and spent the afternoon watching football and basking in the beautiful fall weather.

But yesterday is the real story. Manfriend, me and some of our best pals hit up the State fair of Texas. While there is TONS to do there - rides, shows, exhibits - it all pales in comparison to the delicious eats. The fair is famous for bizarre and creative fried things. You name it, it's deep fried at the fair. Sometimes its delicious. Sometimes it isn't. Here's a breakdown of what all we sampled....

Classic and famous fair fare (hehe). So freaking good. Best snack of the day. Manfriend slammed one like a champ.

2. Fried Frito Pie. 
This isn't my photo, but ours looked a lot like this. The Fried Frito pie won the best tasting fair food award this year - for good reason. Each one of these little fried nuggets contains a Frito, chili and cheese. You dip in sour cream. It was FREAKING amazing. Like oddly and disorientingly tasty. I wanted to get more but the line was mega long. Probably better that way...

3.  Deep Fried Bacon

This wasn't good. I thought it would be the worst of the day (keep reading). Honestly, biting into a deep fried slice of bacon dipped in ranch is good for like one bite. Then, you remember what you're eating and imagine your arteries hardening at that very moment...


This was honestly just disgusting. The 6 people in our group shared an order of 6 beer pockets and it didn't get finished. These little pockets are supposedly made of pretzel (although I'm convinced they're ravioli). The inside is full of beer. Yes, you heard that right, liquid beer. Then, you dip in cheese. These were repugnant. When you bite into it, its a lot like a gusher. Your mouth is flooded with warm liquid - warm beer liquid. It was awful. It tasted like you put beer that had sat out overnight into the microwave then gulped it. VOM. We had to try it; this "treat" won the Most Creative fair food award.

This is my friend Lori. She's just eaten the first bite, that look on her face is shock, disgust, amazement, her taste buds have just been assaulted:

5. Fried Moon Pie
This is a patty of heaven.
 This was actually really delicious. Having been deep fried, the chocolatey and marshmallow-ey interior was warm, gooey and delectable.  I loved every single bit of this.

After all that snacking, it was time to walk back to the train to head home and I could barely move. It was like all the foods I just mentioned met each other in my stomach, fell in love and had sextuplets. Then, each of the fried food babies was punching my insides. I guess I kind of deserved it. Still today, the food babies are punishing me.

All in all the fair trip (and the whole weekend) was superb. Good friends, parties, lots of debauchery, and some strange (but hilarious) foods made it a very nice little break in the daily grind.

Oh yah, and don't forget to swing by Life of Meg's Mingle Monday! It's a super place to meet new blog friends, get yourself some exposure and generally get your networking on. Not to mention her otherwise precious and amazing blog!


  1. OMG! Fair food hangover, eh? That was totally me and BF last month... woah. I think I'm still working off that deep fried oreo! ;)

    PS- Your manfriend is a good looking, well.. man! Way to go, gf!

  2. My partner is from Texas and talks about the fair all the time...all that fried food sounds gross but it must leave some great impressions and memories to still be talking about it 40 years later.

  3. I want that fried moon pie! :) Sounds like you had fun experimenting with all the "wonderful" food!

  4. I am so jealous! I want to try all those fried foods...even if it puts me in an early grave. The moon pie looks sooo good!

    Glad you had a great weekend!

  5. Well Beth is actually who told me about your blog!! She just told me a few weeks ago and I have been really enjoying reading it!! For some reason I didn't think you actually lived in Dallas until the state fair post. Beth and I hang out all of the time. You should too! email me and I can give you Beth's info. drannajoy@gmail.com


Thanks for the comment! I"m sending you a big cuddly warm bearhug through the interwebs....



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