Oct 28, 2010

Watch out Seattle, here I come!

I"ve just gotten some SUPERB news! My bosses are sending none other than little old me to Seattle, WA to attend a SOCIAL MEDIA CONFERENCE at Microsoft!

Hi, this is my real-life professional dreams coming true. And its like 2 weeks away! I"m totally geeking out about all the amazing speakers!  I'm going to bring a notebook, all old-school college like, to make sure to absorb every single morsel of factoid thrown my way!

On an even better note, I'm making a little weekend out of it and visiting long-time childhood friend who lives there!

 She's a former main partner in crime. This could have been us.

We went to different colleges and have taken far from the same path, but she's one of my favorite buddies of years past. I cannot freaking wait to catch up with her and see her town!

I've never been to Seattle, and this is about all I know about it:

Can't wait to get there and see some new stuff. I have to say it, I'll be dangerously close to Twilight heaven. I don't think that will be on the agenda, but I'm going to count pretty much the entire pacific nothwest as Twilight heaven. EXCITED for all of it!


  1. You'll have a blast! Make sure to pack layers because we've had some rainy days mixed in with really sunny ones lately.

  2. Yay! I grew up about an hour north of Seattle, and lived in Seattle for a few years. You'll love it! :)

  3. OK.. Now I'm officially jealous. You'll be in my hometown! My bestie that lives there has a brother that turned his blogging and social media hobbies into a full time job in Seattle. You should check out his website some time:

    You'll have SUCH a blast. Best shopping is in the University District. Visit Pike Place.. the colors and tastes and scenery is beautiful!

  4. Fly in during daylight hours and you will be awed by the gorgeous Mt. Rainier just outside your plane window. Enjoy your stay in our neck of the woods!

  5. Hey Sassy Friend! Congratulats! You won this week's raffle for my Weekly Must Reads. :)


    YOU are a BIG deal, so go brag about youself, girl! Hope this brings lots of happy things (like new followers or yummy chocolate cupcakes!) your way...

    Have a fab weekend, yo!




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