Oct 13, 2010

Totally Random - FOX News is awkward

...I guess it's not that random come to think of it.

This morning, the ladies of FOX News did a little story about Vanilla Ice and what he's up to these days (Slow news day much?). To introduce the segment, they felt the need to BREAK. IT. DOWN....

I first saw this HERE

There are a lot of things about FOX News that really grate my cheese (not the topic at hand), but this puts a tally back in the "pro" column for the cable channel. I like when...
  • News anchors don't take themselves too seriously
  • White people dance
  • Aerobics moves are incorporated into hip hop dance (I think I do this)
  • Vanilla Ice makes the news
There's nothing like some giggles in the morning. Especially at the expense of conservative wingnuts trying to be "hip." Happy Wednesday!

I first saw this video HERE. 


  1. Hah! This just made me laugh (at the expense of others). :) Thanks!

  2. wow, that is hilarious. i, like you, HATE fox news. it's horrible. but really? this is a new low. while watching it i wondered how long they were gonna let that train wreck go on for?

    you're hilarious. i'm your newest follower... bloggity style & twittery style! thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  3. ok, i lied about twitter. your little widget didn't work & i couldn't follow you.

    find me at @amy_agoodlife

  4. LOVE THIS! I wish I could pull off those great dance moves the lady on the right was doing!

  5. OMG, that was fantastic! I am going to have to use the head nod and cabbage patch variation next time I go out dancing ;)


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