Oct 25, 2010

One Sweet Little Weekend!

Happy Monday gang! I'm beginning this week with a sunny attitude.

 I've had a great weekend and am feeling super pumped for the upcoming Halloween fun!

Friday night manfriend and I went on a triple date with some of our best pals. We went to a delicious little place called Hattie's in the Bishop Arts District of Dallas. The arts district is a really cute little oasis of gourmet eats in artistry in an an otherwise highly unsavory area of town - Oak Cliff. It's a bizarre island of stylish-ness in a sea of ghetto.  The food was upscale home cooking and SUPER delicious. Highly recommend. I had this tasty meal of shrimp and grits:

We then went to a nearby wine and tapas bar for more drinks and chats. Look how good looking my friends are:

At the place we went for drinks, Bolsa, they have lots of fun/interesting/creative cocktails to choose from. Manfriend found one that was a Blood Orange Manhattan made with Maker's Mark and Blood Orange triple sec. It was honestly one of the manlier ones on the menu. Ever the zealot for upholding his rugged and manly image, he ordered this Bourbon drink warily. It arrived in this glass:

Bahahahahaa. Giggles all around the table. The drink was delicious but he just wasn't at ease with what he called a "woman cup." Hehehehe...

*UPDATE* There has been some feedback about this martini glass that I feel compelled to share. Some colleagues near to my heart argue that "There is nothing womanly about a martini glass. It's the cup of James Bond. Of Winston Churchill." I think I agree with these esteemed business associates. I was, in fact, referring to the frothy beverage, but manfriend could afford to have his mind open to more barware. Thanks for the reality check, friends.

The rest of the weekend was amazing too....
  • Top Golf with friends
  • Delicious dinner date at home
  • Tasty Sunday brunch
  • NFL games galore
  • Caught up on Grey's Anatomy!
I'm feeling quite perky. I had a fabulous weekend of lots of manfriend time, tons of socializing, football game watching and the Rangers are headed for the world series!

Yeah for a new week! (that feels weird to type.)


  1. shrimp and grits...that sounds amazing!

  2. LOVE the girlie (I mean non-girlie) man drink! :) Glad you had a fun weekend!

  3. I don't even know your boy-toy (ehem, man toy) but that drink picture made me laugh out loud. Sounds like a great weekend!

  4. I love, Love, LOVE Hattie's! The chef is the husband of one our artist friends. I've only met him once and I worship the kitchen floor he stands on!


Thanks for the comment! I"m sending you a big cuddly warm bearhug through the interwebs....



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