Oct 7, 2010

If social media were a planet...

This is a map of social media based on user numbers. Check it out:

Click HERE to see a giant version so you can read all the little details (which are giggly). It was made by an online web comic and i think it's mega interesting.  What's even more interesting is that this is a remake of the original comic, made in 2007. That map is WAY different.

Notice that the "blogosphere" only occupies a little faraway Hawaii-ish island in this imaginary land. That blows my brain apart because I feel like I encounter a constant and never-ending stream of new blogs to explore.What I do like is that in this magical world I live on an island. I assume it is a beautiful and lush tropical paradise, which the bloggers would exhaustively photograph and add to their daily "what I'm loving" lists. What else would we do?

The social media world is only a subset of the whole internet. I'm really not smart enough to grasp the vastness. Is anyone?

Anyway...I just thought I'd share with my fellow citizens of the blogosphere island!

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