Oct 11, 2010

Forbes' 100 Most Powerful Women

Recently, Forbes released its list of the Top 100 most powerful women in the world. Mad props to all these ladies. They've all worked their butts off to get to where they are. Some really surprised me:


1. Michelle Obama
 Duh. President's wife and total glamazon. Her big issue is reducing childhood obesity. As a result of her efforts, several major food corporations have agreed to reduce the calories in their foods by 2012. Oh, and she has a law degree from Harvard. Total badass.

2. Irene Rosenfeld, Chief Executive at Kraft Foods
Somewhat random to me. I don't know a ton about the industry or how she can possibly be ranked above Oprah, but if she's behind blue box mac 'n cheese, then she gets my vote any day.

3. Oprah Winfrey
I like Oprah, but have never really been a die-hard fan. I mostly just like that she gives away lots of stuff and screams famous people's names (which I also like to do):

4. Angela Merkel, German Chancellor
This one kind of confounds me. She's running Germany, which is a big deal, but not a ton is going on in Deutchland these days. Or so the Google machine tells me. Nonetheless, a lady head of state probably deserves to be in the Top 5.

5. Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State
Powersuit anyone? She bops around the world trying to keep stuff peaceful and negotiate with crazies. I think it truly takes a woman to do this job. Rumor has it she may be Obama's running mate in 2012. What can't she do?

6. Indra Nooyi, Chief Executive at PepsiCo
This year she began a social media-based philanthropy project at Pepsi, called Pepsi Refresh. Users submit suggestions online for various projects Pepsi should donate to. Then, anyone can go online and vote on winning projects.  Pespsi sets aside $1.3 million each month for U.S. projects! Whoa. She took home a cool $10.6 million personally last year. Double whoa.

7. Lady Gaga
 Need I say more?

8. Gail Kelly, Chief Executive at Westpac
She's an Austrialian business woman and heads the country's  2nd largest bank. She has a super high profile on her side of the world and is pretty influential. Let's just be honest... snooze.


9. Beyonce Knowles
My personal favorite and hero for so many reasons, but mostly because her body's too bootylicious for ya babe. Also, her and Jay Z are pretty much the most amazing power couple ever conceived. I hope they do another kind of conceiving soon....

10. Ellen Degeneres
Love, love her. Thank the heavens she got out of American Idol. She's better than that. Also in recent news, her longtime partner and wife, Portia de Rossi, recently took her name. On top of all the hilarious giggles, she is a champion for the LBGT community. Like.

Other honorable mentions from the Top 100:

21. Angelina Jolie - I think it's because her family is so multi-national
29. Madonna - I wonder if she lifted some weights to celebrate this honor?
33. Chelsea Handler - Giggles. Sidenote. Rumored to be dating 50 Cent. Weird.
39. Heidi Klum - "One day you are in, and the next day, you're OUT."
45. Sarah Jessica Parker - I couldn't help but wonder...what is she doing now?
49. Stephenie Meyer - Heart.
56. Anna Wintour - I bet she's pissed she isn't higher on the list.
72. Giselle Bundchen - Why?
88. Tory Birch - Rich girls everywhere are rejoicing.
93. Danica Patrick - NASCAR, really?
99. Martha Stewart - I bet she's even more pissed than Anna Wintour.

I'm proud of these women and their fierce accomplishments. What have I ever done? 


  1. bahahaha...I love how Ms. Stewart is 99...poor girl. And Gaga definitely deserves to be in the top 10...woot woot!!

  2. I love the post today-- but am still not going to forget that there was no Friday Newsflash. :)

  3. this is really interesting! thanks for sharing!


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