Oct 29, 2010

Happy Spooky Scary Halloweeny Friday! I'm feeling super in the spirit at the moment. This weekend I have lots of superfun plans. Tonight: Pumpkin carving.Tomorrow: Halloween party with manfriend. Sunday: going away (pout) dinner for a good friend. I'm psyched!

1. Mariah Carey is actually, for real, pregnant. She announced it officially on the TODAY show earlier this week. She and husband Nick Cannon are finally expecting their first baby after TONS of tabloid back and forth-ness all year. Apparently she miscarried already once this year, which explains all of the sketchiness and rumors. I hope she has a happy and healthy pregnancy...I'm on the edge of my seat about the what cards that little baby gets dealt in the roulette game that is their gene pool. Perhaps the birth of a new race?

2. Being a liberal may be genetic. A study out of UCSD and Harvard found that, "ideology is affected not just by social factors, but also by a dopamine receptor gene called DRD4." Also, there was a strong correlation between liberal political orientation and having lots of friends during adolescence. Weird. So, if I'm reading this correctly, liberal people are genetically pre-disposed and were also popular in high school? That's the best news I've gotten all day. Hearing years later that I may have been cool back in those days brightens my mood. Now, as for the genetic correlation, there's not explanation there.  Interesting.

 3. Quote of the Week:
"I think she’s going to take over the world. Everybody has been really underestimating her ... You don’t know what’s going on in that poof. She could be hiding a world of genius writing." Nicole Richie, author of Priceless, on her soon to be literary contemporary Snooki

We don't know what's going on under that poof? Really? I think it would be a very interesting turn of events if lil Snookers turned out to be a literary genius. I think it's somewhat safe to assume that under that poof is total radio silence. I still love her though.

4. They finally figured out tube-less toilet paper! Starting Monday, Walmart and Sam's will carry the first ever tubeless T.P.! The rolls will still fit on normal toilet paper holders and you'll be able to use down to the last square. No trash! Toilet paper rolls make up 160 million pounds of trash each year. Hopefully this little innovation will catch on. It seems silly that this is just now coming to be. The prince is going to be furious. There are few things he loves more than destroying a toilet paper tube laying in the top of my bathroom trash. Poor little guy.

5. Celine Dion had TWINS! This weekend she and her husband, an old man, had 2 healthy baby boys. This is kind of newsy because she's 42 and has had a very public battle getting pregnant. She's been open about her troubles with conceiving and miscarriages. Joy! The 2 babies are named Nelson and Eddy. Nelson is named after Nelson Mandela and Eddy is named for Eddy Marnay, a french songwriter who helped her become famous. Celine is 42 years old and already has one son with her husband. Congrats to the family!

6. Eat all the Halloween candy you want; it's good for you! Some smart person of PsychologyToday blogged some pretty interesting facts about eating candy until you're in a sugar coma (or maybe just I do that). Here they are:
  1. People who regularly eat candy live longer than those who don't. 
  2. A shot of sugar can restore your willpower.
  3. Chewing gum can improve your mood, reduce stress, increase your mental focus, and block pain. 
  4. Chocolate may decrease your risk of cardiovascular disease. 
  5. Cotton candy can help you grow new blood vessels.   
 I don't want to go into all the research behind this. I'm just going to treat it like fact. I have to. Bring on the sugary treats! I'm going to eat so much candy it's just spooky!

Happy Happy Halloween! Have an amazing weekend blog friends!

Halloween spirit - FINALLY

Today I feel festive and you can't stop me.

For some reason, this Halloween season I've had a hard time getting into the spirit of things. Usually, I start around Oct. 1 with the costume brainstorming, pumpkins and spookiness. This time I've been busy and it honestly kind of crept up on me. But, today, I'm actually feeling a little cracked out on it. See the great lengths to make up for lost time.....

Cookies for co-workers:
I'm proud of these dudes. They ended up prettier than they are tasty I think, but who cares. Manfriend and I baked up a storm. He actually just watched baseball and came to help me if things got dicey, but it's nice to have the company in the kitchen.

Halloween T-shirt:
Yes, that is a close up of my boobs. I had lots of chaos getting this photoshoot to work out. Shoot from too far away and you can't read the shirt. It had to be a close up. Sorry.

Not one, but TWO Halloween hats:

...just because I liked them both and couldn't decide.

Halloween-shaped Silly Bandz:
For some reason I love these dumb things. My sweet mommy sent me these in my Halloween treat box. There is a skull, ghost, pumpkin, witch and bat. LOVE.

Office decor:
Duh. This is the most festive office in the place.

On top of it all, tonight, I'm headed to a jack-o-lantern carving party with some pals! Can't wait!
Oct 28, 2010

The Prince's new 'do

Just for the sake of cuteness, here are some pictures of my little angel baby. Yesterday the Prince got his hair did. Whenver he comes back from the groomer he looks like an angelic and ridiculous, semi pathetic, little baby. I think he feels naked. Look at the pouts:

It's very strange. He started out jet black. He's gotten progressively more silver over the years. He's not even 3 years old! Each time he comes back from the groomer he's a little lighter. I think it's because he's getting wiser. I love this pic because you can actually see his chin.

 Prior to the haircut it was fluffy face attached to fluffy body.  He does have a neck! Even better than the neck is the determination in his eyes. It looks like he might be guarding me like a good dog. Nope, he's refusing to look at the camera until I give him snacks. DIVA.

Anyway, just for funsies.

Watch out Seattle, here I come!

I"ve just gotten some SUPERB news! My bosses are sending none other than little old me to Seattle, WA to attend a SOCIAL MEDIA CONFERENCE at Microsoft!

Hi, this is my real-life professional dreams coming true. And its like 2 weeks away! I"m totally geeking out about all the amazing speakers!  I'm going to bring a notebook, all old-school college like, to make sure to absorb every single morsel of factoid thrown my way!

On an even better note, I'm making a little weekend out of it and visiting long-time childhood friend who lives there!

 She's a former main partner in crime. This could have been us.

We went to different colleges and have taken far from the same path, but she's one of my favorite buddies of years past. I cannot freaking wait to catch up with her and see her town!

I've never been to Seattle, and this is about all I know about it:

Can't wait to get there and see some new stuff. I have to say it, I'll be dangerously close to Twilight heaven. I don't think that will be on the agenda, but I'm going to count pretty much the entire pacific nothwest as Twilight heaven. EXCITED for all of it!
Oct 27, 2010

Nicki Minaj - New obsession

So lately I've been having mad girl crush on Nicki Minaj. She's a pop starlet with hip hop swagger (I wish people described me that way). Here's why she's so freaking fantabulous:
  • First of all, she's taken a page out of the Gaga book and has freaking fabulous style:

  •  She also has a giant ba-donk-a-donk:
 Seriously, She makes J. Lo look like freaking Kate Moss with that thing. 
Sidenote...POP QUIZ: does anyone know what extremely random T.V. role Drake used to play? If you know without the help of the Google machine, you're my hero...
  • She has an album titled The Barbie Diaries. Amazing. Barbie doesn't get nearly enough attention in hip hop. I like the album alot, but be warned, it is very hip hop and definitely NSFW
  • This is the song I can't get out of my head. Nicki Minaj + Will.I.Am = total dance bliss.

Anyway...just thought I'd share!
Oct 25, 2010

One Sweet Little Weekend!

Happy Monday gang! I'm beginning this week with a sunny attitude.

 I've had a great weekend and am feeling super pumped for the upcoming Halloween fun!

Friday night manfriend and I went on a triple date with some of our best pals. We went to a delicious little place called Hattie's in the Bishop Arts District of Dallas. The arts district is a really cute little oasis of gourmet eats in artistry in an an otherwise highly unsavory area of town - Oak Cliff. It's a bizarre island of stylish-ness in a sea of ghetto.  The food was upscale home cooking and SUPER delicious. Highly recommend. I had this tasty meal of shrimp and grits:

We then went to a nearby wine and tapas bar for more drinks and chats. Look how good looking my friends are:

At the place we went for drinks, Bolsa, they have lots of fun/interesting/creative cocktails to choose from. Manfriend found one that was a Blood Orange Manhattan made with Maker's Mark and Blood Orange triple sec. It was honestly one of the manlier ones on the menu. Ever the zealot for upholding his rugged and manly image, he ordered this Bourbon drink warily. It arrived in this glass:

Bahahahahaa. Giggles all around the table. The drink was delicious but he just wasn't at ease with what he called a "woman cup." Hehehehe...

*UPDATE* There has been some feedback about this martini glass that I feel compelled to share. Some colleagues near to my heart argue that "There is nothing womanly about a martini glass. It's the cup of James Bond. Of Winston Churchill." I think I agree with these esteemed business associates. I was, in fact, referring to the frothy beverage, but manfriend could afford to have his mind open to more barware. Thanks for the reality check, friends.

The rest of the weekend was amazing too....
  • Top Golf with friends
  • Delicious dinner date at home
  • Tasty Sunday brunch
  • NFL games galore
  • Caught up on Grey's Anatomy!
I'm feeling quite perky. I had a fabulous weekend of lots of manfriend time, tons of socializing, football game watching and the Rangers are headed for the world series!

Yeah for a new week! (that feels weird to type.)
Oct 22, 2010

Friday October 22, 2010

Happy Friday everyone! I'm really getting into various spirits today...Halloween Spirit and Ranger Spirit! As you know, Halloween is a week away. It is my favorite thing. I'm not ready to disclose the final costume choice, but I hope it works out. Also, you may or may not know, the Rangers are like stupid close to making it to the World Series! They play the Yankees again tonight. They're leading in the series 3-2. If they win tonight, watch out World Series, the Rangers are coming! I'm ready for a weekend of relaxation, too.

1. Soon you can get breast implants made of your liposuctioned fat. You can turn your hips, butt and belly into bigger boobs. REJOICE. Why in the world is this just now becoming a real possibility? The discovery of stem cells in fat cells has lead to new research about "transferring" fat around the body. Masectomy patients stand to gain the most from this revelation, but in my book this is a victory for all of us. If stems cells make this research possible, I can't say a bad thing about stem cell research. Big boobs > big belly.

2. Quotes of the Week:

"Too Gossip Girl," —John Mayer on why he "doesn't do events anymore"

Wow.  John Mayer always seems to out-douche himself. I love his music and used to love him, but too many annoying things have happened. Now, he's slamming on my Gossip Girl? That's just too far. Also, should a grown man ever really say something is "too Gossip Girl"?

"But y'know, I just wanted to do this just to prove that I got skills on, on, on the rap game, so yeah, what up ..." —Justin Bieber on why he created his rap alter ego, Shawty Mane
Again...just in case you forgot he was a teenage for a sec. Nextly, why does he need a rap alter ego? His pop music regular ego seems to be working out pretty well for him. I'm anxious to see these "skills."  

3. The Army is JUST NOW making women's uniforms. They're still in "testing" and will be adopted by 2014. Here we are, in 2010, and the Army has decided to make a lady-style uniform. Am I the only one who finds this freakishly behind the times? The traditional uniform is designed for a man and is very cumbersome on a woman's body. The idea is to make it more comfortable and allow the women to perform their duties better. Sounds like a great idea, right? Critics are worried that it will accentuate curves too much. Now, that's just dumb. See the picture at right of the new uniform. Her curves aren't really a problem for me. Women have served in the U.S. military since 1775. It's about damn time.

4. Katy Perry and Russel Brand are getting married this weekend in India, and it looks like it's going to be beautiful. See photos HERE.

They and their guests have arrived in India. They even tried to hoodwink the papparazzi by sending body doubles out into the streets to fool the thirsty photogs. They're getting hitched in India because they got engaged there. Romantical. I hope this marriage lasts forever. I have my skepticism of Russel Brand and his hard-partying ways, but best wishes to them! I hope she has a fantastical wedding dress...more on that later.

5. You can help Teen Mom Stars Catelynn and Tyler go to college. A blog that I lurve, Jezebel, has set up a pay pall account for you to donate to to help send these 2 little sweethearts to college! Do it. If you aren't familiar with Teen Mom, find that shiz on Hulu. It's freaking good. You think it's trashy television, which it kind of is, but the portrayals of these teen moms is oddly human and honest.

It's addictive and amazing. Catelynn and Tyler are engaged. They chose to put their baby up for adoption to give her a better life. This was a super mature decision when you see what the other girls on the show are going through. They have terrible, abusive, criminal, crackhead parents and just push through it all together. They are too cute for words:

 I just want to snatch them both up and squeeze their cheeks. Send them to college, they deserve it.


I'M ANNOYED JUST TYPING THIS. Too annoyed to continue, in fact. What's more annoying is that this day had been observed by someone since 2000. But why?

I hope everyone has a fantasmical weekend spectacular! Thanks for reading!

Blog Friends out the Wazzzooo

Today I'm participating in some new blog hops...strap in for Poodleist personal info like you wouldn't believe...there are 3 hops I'm jamming into this mega post, please try to stay tuned. I'm trying to reach out a little more to new blog friends, so here goes!

1. Who is the better cook, you or your spouse?
Hmm...if we are counting manfriend as the "spouse" in this little game, I'd say its about even. We do both have our strengths. He's good at multi-tasking while in the kitchen, whereas I have to stay focused.  He is really good at a few staple dishes, whereas I'm mediocre at a wider variety. We really do split the cooking and do it together alot.

2. How often do you talk to your mom?
A few times a week.

3. Are you adventurous in the kitchen or stick to the recipe?
STICK TO THE RECIPE. I can't explain, but it makes me crazy not to follow the directions.

4. Is your second toe longer than your big toe?
No. My toes are a beautiful perfect - descending in length from the big toe to the piggy. Just kidding, my toes are actually kind of fat-ish. But the big toe is the longest.

5. Do you dress up for Halloween? (Bonus question: What will you be this year?)
Absolutely I dress up. Halloween is one of my absolute FAVORITES. This year manfriend and I have a great idea in mind, but no spoilers!

Next up is Fill in the Blank Fridays from The Little Things We Do.

1. I am___ really excited for Halloween. Manfriend and I have found our costumes, and are waiting for his to come in the mail. It's going to be freaking fun. He's really at his best when in costume.

2. I wish ___that I didn't worry so much. I'm a worrier; this is something we know about me. I get it from my mother. I often wish I could just relax and take things more in stride. I panic - alot.

3. I like___blogging more than any other hobby I've found. I'm starting to think that maybe this is my thing. Everyone (or at least I am) is in search of what "their thing" is. I think mine is rambling prose to a semi-anonymous internet audience.

4. I can___ raise a poodle like nobody else. Just yesterday I was walking around my apartment complex with him off the leash. He was listening to me, not going crazy...generally being a really good little pup. Keeping him alive and teaching him relatively good behavior is one of my proudest accomplishments to date. It's been a bumpy road.

5. I hope___ the Rangers make it to the World Series. I wasn't a Rangers fan until recently, but Ranger Fever has taken over everyone around me. I don't care much about baseball, but I hope all my friends aren't let down.

6. I think___ I'm going to make Christmas presents for my family and friends this year. What I'll make, I'm not sure, but I think I need a project...

7. I was___ really late to work today and it was mostly because I got distracted by pageant dads on the Today Show. What the hell? Who am I?

Last but not least, is Fun Friday at A Girl in Pearls and a Boy with Toys!

What are your FUN plans this weekend?
Honestly, I don't have much planned for the weekend, and I can't WAIT! Tonight I have dinner plans with some good friends at a new restaurant and that's about it! It's going to be great! Hopefully I'll catch up on some TV, watch some football, maybe try a new recipe! I'm ready for the break in the week!

Still there? Thanks! Newsflash coming soon...

Oct 21, 2010

Wear Purple Day

 Yesterday was Wear Purple Day. I'm just now hearing of this today. I wish I'd participated, so I'll use this blog as a little internet megaphone of sorts.

Wear Purple Day is about raising awareness about Anti-Gay Bullying, which is becoming a huge (and totally preventable) problem. Nobody ever, for any reason, deserves to be bullied or hurt.

I hope this sheds just a tiny more light on a serious, unjust and ridiculously unnecessary problem.

Vacation Daydreams

Today my head is totally in the clouds dreaming of vacationing. I haven't had a sizeable break in a long time (I'm not counting the month of unemployment in the Spring of 2009, that was actually hell). I think the last vacation proper I took was my last college Spring Break trip to Las Vegas. This year, I've been saving up my vacation days for the holidays, so all year long I've just taken a day here and there, no real extended relaxation periods. Boy, am I ready for some serious time off.

Lately (by that I mean the last 2 years, but especially in the last couple of months), lots of people I know are getting engaged and married. I'm already planning to go to several weddings next year. Of all this bride talk, I think the thing I'm most jealous of is the trips. I'm green with envy of Honeymooners. I want permission and dollars to go on a vacation to celebrate myself. We singles deserve that too, dangit.

To pass the time and frustration, I've started researching trips. Mind you, these are trips that I definitely won't be going on. Just dream trips...

Disney World
The not-so-inner child in me craves magic and princesses often. I want to ride space mountain, watch the fireworks, have breakfast with Cinderella; you know...the whole Disney works. I have happy childhood memories of going to Disney world with my family and on a school trip. As far as I'm concerned, there is no out-growing Disney.

This is the trip that I just want to go on for the sake of being flagrant - total frivolous fun. Manfriend isn't really on board - like at all. Boo him.

Land of rich history, beauty, food and wine. I've been wanting to go to Italy for a while now. I've been to other places in Europe, but I really want to see all the specter of Italia. The nerd in me is really wanting to see places I've learned about in history books for myself. I just can't believe that tower leans as much as they say. I can't get my noggin around how old some of the relics there are. They were talking about the preservation of the Colosseum on the Today show this morning, so I have a renewed fervor to go check it out.

I want to go to Italy so bad it's just stupid. This one is my top choice hands down.

Costa Rica
Everybody loves a tropical retreat, especially me. I choose Costa Rica because I think its a tad bit off the tourism beaten path. More natural, more culture, more wilderness adventures to be had. I want to lie on a beach and explore the jungle. Maybe even have a margarita or two....

This one is one is perhaps the most realistic of the three. Maybe I should save this daydream for the summertime when I maybe can save up for it... who am I kidding?  I'd go there any day.

Anyway, fantasyland is fun. Back to work...
Oct 20, 2010


I hate to perpetuate rumors, and there have been some in the past, but this time I think it may be real. US Weekly is reporting that Beyonce may be pregnant. The baby of all babies is possibly in utero as we speak. I'm a crazy obsessed Beyonce fan. I've seen her in concert more times that I should admit. And, I really like Jay Z, too. I've been waiting since their wedding date (which, by the way, they wed on MY BIRTHDAY) for this day to come. Their unborn baby has the potential to be the coolest, most gangsta, best dancing, most bootylicious, beautiful-est child EVER BORN. The king/queen of all other powerspawn. Their gene pool is deeper than the deest part of the ocean, like the part where glow-in-the-dark invertebrates live. On-stage evidence of said gene pool:

I'm freaking out. I don't care if this is a rumor. I'm going to spread the word until it actually comes true.



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