Sep 9, 2010

Work gives me the pouts.

That's it, it's official. I hate working. Especially when it makes me stressed. Typically, I pride myself on leaving my work at work. Not the case anymore. At my job I have a clear "busy season" and it punched me right in the babymaker.

On top of it all, I've been really sick. I don't want to alarm you out there, but I went to the ER on Sunday with serious abdominal pain. It ended up being a minor and treatable infection on my insides, but I can't seem to hit my stride again this week. Because of the sickness and medicine I can't exercise or have any wine. Since I can't exercise, I don't want to eat too many chocolatey treats. These three things are my typical go-tos for de-stressing myself.  Talk about a vicious cycle. ACK!

All in all, I'm trying to find my zen place and it's harder than usual. I've been using New Jersey-centric television: Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion, Jersey Shore and Jerseylicious. There's a certain escapism with watching trash television that really can't be described. And for some reason, the citizens of the fair state of New Jersey deliver a particularly potent brand of it.  Thank the heavens for New Jersey.

As another coping mechanism, I've been nesting in my new office. I figure If I'm going to be spending more time here, I better get comfy.  I've ordered a few things, but to get the ball rolling, I bought this little item:

Keep Calm and Carry On. That I will do. Or try.

Hopefully next week brings more bloggy juiciness.


  1. Seriously...I'm super busy at work as well and hating every minute of it!! Deep breathes, right?!?!

    Hope the weekend is super relaxing!!

  2. you take much more pride in your workspace that i do. maybe i should consider your tactics... it's much more pleasant to my eyeballs.

  3. Hahaha your blog makes me laugh so hard. You are tooooo funny! Thanks for cracking me up :) P.S. you need to head over to my blog and sign up for my giveaway! Happy Thursday!

  4. Oh Casey, I hear ya, girl! I've been a working machine too, but at least I have my booty-shaking Zumba class, access to wine, and some weight watcher chocolate ice cream bars!

    hang in there... Good news? Tomorrow = Friday.

    Can I get a yee-haw?

  5. PS- What a cute office! Perhaps I need some cute artwork to jazz up my space too?

  6. what a cute office space!!!!! love it!! I hope things get better!

  7. I feel you girl! Thank God for reality television. I just try to leave work at work. But at least you have a super-cute office! Feel better soon and hopefully you can get back to the wine, chocolate and exercise soon!


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