Sep 27, 2010

Weekend Recap - might not ever top this one

Hey gang! On top of the freaking fabulous weather we're having today, I'm still giddy from an absolutely WONDERFUL weekend! I haven't done one of these in a while, so here's a play-by-play of the action-packed fun train that I rode all weekend...

Friday Night: Manfriend took me on a wonderful and romantical date to the delicious Toulouse. It's a French restaurant that I'd been drying to try. We were lucky enough to get to sit out on the patio. It was a lovely night....

I ate myself into a coma on Goat Cheese Tart, Scallops, Risotto and Creme Bruilee. Even without the amazing food, it was a much needed date after manfriend had been out of town for work all week. It was magnificent. We then caught up on Mad Men. Perfect night.

Saturday Morning: Set the alarm to go to bootcamp and discovered it was raining. Yeah, right, like I'm going to wake up early on a  Saturday and go slave away in the rain. Probably should have gone...

Saturday Afternoon...
Cute friends with cute home.
 Party Number 1: Went to a housewarming for some wonderful friends. They bought a precious little duplex in the Addison area of DFW. They had re-done the entire inside. Replacing floors, painting, adding molding, countertops, the whole works. It was splendid. It felt like a real grown-up home. I had so much fun seeing their project completed. They've been working on it for months. It was another one of those where I felt like I was at the kids table in the Thanksgiving dinner of life. What am I doing being old enough to know people who buy houses and remodel them? I guess I need to get on board...
Party Number 2: Had another birthday party for one of my college besties. Four couples went to a marvelous pizza place in Dallas called Campania. It's really delicious tasty food and its BYOB! It's become a go-to in our group. I was in charge of the wine for everyone and was glad I planned extra, because we blew through all I brought. We then hit bars for a night on the town. I really needed some time with some of my dearest gal pals. Look how precious we are....

Sunday Morning: Manfriend and I took to our Dallas bucket list to knock out an item. We made this little list months ago and haven't done any of it. The winner? The Dallas World Aquarium, which I can walk to from my house. It was awesome! It's sort of more of a mini-zoo, rather than a full-fledged aquarium. We saw penguins, various monkeys, birds, sloths and more. In addition to all the animals to check out, the place is designed like a multi-level rainforest and you wind your way through the levels at your own pace. It was delightful. You even could feed some of the animals! I was sure this bird was going to bite off my whole arm:

It didn't bite anything but the tasty blueberry in my hand. What a good bird. What a good day:

Sunday Night: I had a craving for hot dogs. I love hot dogs. Sometimes this comes over me - I get hot dogs on the brain and can't eat anything else until I get them. I love to eat fancy french food and try interesting new recipes, but my love for an all-beef frank just creeps up every once in a while. Manfriend knows what happens when I get in these moods. We ran out to get all the fixins and had a little grill out dinner. It was chilly enough out by the pool that I needed a sweatshirt! It was amaze-balls.

The whole weekend was perfect. It was nice to have a weekend at home, with no to-do list or cleaning. to be done. Lots of manfriend QT, parties with best pals and even more tasty food. What more could a girl need?


  1. Glad I could be a part of such a fun weekend! Yea!

  2. hot dogs, cuddle time, AND college buddies? this is my idea of a great weekend.

    ps: you girls have super cute outfits.

  3. Holy cow! This sounds like the most fantastical weekend ever! I am hoping to have oen of those either this weekend or next weekend!

    We're leaving for CO (again) for a wedding on Thursday and our anniversary is on Friday! I've been searching for an amazing KC anniversary worthy restaurant!


Thanks for the comment! I"m sending you a big cuddly warm bearhug through the interwebs....



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