Sep 30, 2010

Totally Random - Michael Douglas looking very non-famous

Today, this photo was snapped of Michael Douglas:

In total seriousness, I pray that he is fighting his cancer successfully.

Now I know he has cancer and I feel a little bad questioning his taste... But WTF was he thinking leaving his home like this? Shirt - fugliest thing I've seen in a long time. Hat - looks like a freebie from a fishing boat (my father has something very similar). Croakies - I have no idea why he felt the need to secure his sunglasses in NYC. Isn't he like one of the richest, most accomplished actors, chic-est men on earth? Don't you hire minions to prevent this very scenario? Maybe he's just less shallow than me and doesn't give an S. That's probably what it is.

I can't offer anything but praise for the precious pup who is more manicured than he is.

Meanwhile, his wife was seen this week wearing this gorgeous masterpiece:

Absolutely perfect.

Manfriend and I fight about clothing all the time. He assures me that I care too much what people think and that I can, in fact, wear something around the same people twice. This is lunacy. I pull out my hair over him wanting to wear shorts out at night. And refusing to purchase new shoes when the soles begin to fall off of his. But, we all have our cross to bear. I can only imagine the chaotic negotiations that occur in that relationship. Maybe they have a strong and impervious marriage. If that's the case, I should take this as a learning experience.

Anyway, totally random.


  1. I did a rough count of your Manfriend's T-Shirts while helping with the move: the tally was upwards of 80 or 90. Just think- if it were socially acceptable to wear a T-Shirt daily he could A) never repeat a shirt for 3 months and B)not do laundry for 3 months.

  2. that is a tacky shirt mike...but im praying for him too

  3. Your manfriend sounds a lot like my husband!

  4. haha! thanks for stopping by my are hilarious!


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