Sep 28, 2010

TLC's Sister Wives - Terrible or Terrific?

Did anyone watch TLC's "Sister Wives" Sunday night?

I did, and I can't really make up my mind about it. (Watch the entire episode HERE) The voyeuristic lover of trashy television in me can't get enough and will probably watch the whole season. That's just who I am I guess...

The show is about a Utah man, Kody Brown, and his three wives: Meri, Janelle and Christine. They are fundamental Mormons and practice polygamy.

They all live under one giant roof, in three independent, but connected apartments (see a tour of the place HERE). There are 12 children and one of the wives is pregnant. The children all go to a special school for polygamist children (aka "polig-lets"....HAHAHAHA). Janelle, wife #2, said this:  "If we raise productive, contributing members of society who are moral and ethical, that's our final goal, whatever their path is." I really can't hate on that.

 Kody rotates his nights between all the wives. They adhere to a strict bedroom schedule. Each night he says goodnight to everyone and each morning he greets everyone, but spends each night in a different bedroom. Other than that situation, they all work like a big team. They assured the audience that they "don't do weird:"

 Click the blue play button at bottom right for the "non weird" explanation.

On top of it all, he's "courting" a new wife, who, from previews of the season, we learn is officially joining the family. What's really awkward is he hasn't taken a new wife in 16 years and all off sudden now is shopping around. Robin, the new wife is like 15 years younger and way hot. AWKWARD.

 I'm all for this dude doing whatever makes his little heart sing, but for me personally, it's so bizarre. Here are all the things that make me tense about it.....He truly believes he deserves this sex circus. And the wives think he deserves it too. They adamantly claim that all of their sexual relationships and marriages are "independent" (that's just silly). All three of the wives sought this lifestyle and "couldn't dream of not being in a plural marriage." He wants a new, hotter upgrade wife. He has time to shop around for a new, hotter upgrade wife with three wives and 12 children at home.

 Kinda creepy, right?
As a side note, the Brown family is now being investigated for felony bigamy. Let's not forget, having more than one wife is a crime. And this brainiac decided to go on TLC and show the whole world what he was up to. What an idiot. The good news is that this criminal investigation could make the show ALOT more interesting.

I think I"m going to have to keep watching. One thing I can't figure out is how TLC keeps finding all these crazy stories (sextuplets, quintuplets, dwarf family,  the little couple, the Duggars, hoarders, mermaid girl, etc.) Will you be watching Sister Wives?


  1. So I watched the premiere and I must say I'm seriously intrigued at this whole situation. I clearly don't personally believe in polygamy, but it's really interesting to me. It amazes me how it all works for them. Really blows my mind. I find it totally weird but will probably watch the rest of the season just to find out what happens...

    I totally agree with all of your opinions on it, too. The 4th wife is completely going to rock the boat and cause lots of drama, which will be great for us watchers haha! We'll have to keep discussing as the series progresses. So bizarre. And seriously, where does TLC get these crazy people?!

  2. Why does America focus on Poligamist? Why is this show even being aired how dumb this is not interesting to watch nor is it entertaining just Filth people will go to the extremes such tabloid tv whores. Wake up people and get a Life


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