Sep 15, 2010

Poodle bath. Not all fun and games...

Today, just for funsies, I want to talk about the Prince. Just because I love his little curly, furry, precious, poodle-ness so much.

He gets lots of baths. It used to be a once weekly kind of thing, but lately things have trailed off. I've been busy, and he's somewhat graduated from the phase where he romps in disgustingness at any chance he gets. He hasn't been that repulsive lately. But, last night the time came, and this little monster needed to get a hose down.

He knows it's bathtime when I take I start to ready the bathtub area: laying out towels, adjusting the shower curtain, pulling up my hair, etc. That's when he starts to cower in the corner. Then, once I wrangle off his collar, it's a mad dash for under the bed, just in the middle of the thing where I can barely reach him. Extracting him from this position usually requires the use of both arms and at least one leg...visualize that only my limbs can fit under the bed...awkward.

Once he's in, it's smooth sailing. When the bath is over, he commences to looking his most pathetic of all time. He's cold and knows that my heart melts at the sight of his wet curls:

You can't see it,  he's shivering wildly and acting pathetic.
He gets hugs, lots of them. Then, just when I'm at my most vulnerable, in total "I love your sweet Poodle face so much" mode, I'll shoot him some love in the form of a kiss and he ninja frenches me:

Out of nowhere, he gets go-go gadget tongue and begins to salivate as if my whole face is made of bacon. Its like he knows that he's clean, but if he slobbers all over me then i have to take a bath. He's trying to get back at me, but has only his tongue as a weapon. Mission accomplished. I promptly had to wash my face.

I'm biased, but I'm pretty sure he's the smartes, spunkiest, best dog alive. Tell me I'm not the only sappy freakazoid that can write a mini-thesis on small, daily, dog-related operations...


  1. Awwww so cute! I have a gorgeous little baby Spoodle (I think in US you call them "Cockapoos") at my house called Lucy and I can be sappy and pathetic too!

  2. I love this post!! I love your baby!!!! He is precious!! I have little black toy poodle named Dilbert so I know exactly what bath time is like!!

  3. Oh my goodness, he sure is adorable!! I love his wet little curls!! And though I'm not a fan of getting tongue from my dog tends to remind me that he loves me;)

  4. Oh how cute! My dog hates baths also, but she is to the point where she just lets me do it, doesn't fight it any more. She does get all ticked off afterwards, and proceeds to run around the house rolling all over the furniture and carpet getting them all wet as well. She also moans and groans while she does this, which is pretty darn funny...expect for the wet furniture that is!

  5. You make me laugh! This sounds like what happens when I try to take just a picture or say the word picture.. to Belle, my chihuahua.. All of your blogs crack me up!


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