Sep 17, 2010

New linkup...Favorite Fridays!

I'm joining yet another blog hop linky thing this week. Not only do I have a particular fondness for the topic of the day, I'm determined to really get Poodleism off the ground. ("I am blogger, watch me roar...."). Anyway, Over at A Girl in Pearls & A Boy with Toys, the weekly blog linkup is "Favorite Fridays"...
Favorite Fridays
Today's topic: Favorite Fall TV Show(s)!

As you all know, this is a topic close to my heart....I'm going to have to restrain myself to the one I'm looking MOST forward to. As I'm pretty much ecstatic that all my TV friends will be back next week! And the winner is...
Modern Family!
This is only the 2nd season of this little nugget of hilarity. It's an ensemble cast, who was nominated (and won) Emmys out the wazoo this year. It's so funny and I think really captures the modern family experience with grace and humor. Latina stepmom. Spunky gay couple. Adopted Chinesse baby. Puerto Rican adolescent. Nuclear family with a overgrown teenager for a dad. It's got something for everyone. Tune in! 

And, go check out A Girl in Pearls & A Boy with Toys. I'm just discovering this blog and I think I like....


  1. Modern Fam would def be on my list as well!! I don't do abs that day because I know I'll get a work out just watching the show

  2. I love that show! I was pleasantly surprised at how much I like it! Great choice! My husband says that Cam is the gay male version of me.

  3. He's actually a Colombian adolescent, if we're going to pick nits...and, of course, we are.

  4. OMG I LOVEEEE Modern Family! I laugh so hard I CRY watching that show!

  5. I love Modern Family! It is hilarious! My husband got me liking it, like I need any other shows to watch. I already watch too many! Have a great weekend lady!

  6. My boyfriend loves this show! I thought the skit they did on the Emmy's was great - I'll have to check it out!


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