Sep 13, 2010


Last night, for the first time since the inception of recordable television, I sat down and watched an ENTIRE awards show, live, without the magic of fast forwarding. It felt like vintage TV. The MTV Video Music Awards were on - and they were SUPER! There was lots to report....

Chelsea Handler was the host and she was her normal high-larious self. In the opening skit she confronts Lindsay Lohan (watch it HERE). A t one point she descends on to the stage in a very gaga-esque manner and releases a dove from under her dress. The best thing however, was probably her getting into an actual hot tub with the Jersey Shore cast. She got in the hot tub with them and got out of it with a pregnant belly. Total giggle fest.

Taylor Swift revealed a new single with a "EFF you, Kanye" subext. Kanye West revealed a new single with a "EFF you, world" not-so-sub-text. Who cares about this anymore anyway?

Lady Gaga swept the awards winning 8 out of her 13 nominations (most nominations in the history of the VMAs). She wore another meat-ish dress. She arrived with soldiers discharged because of Don't Ask, Don't Tell and voiced her vehement disapproval of the policy. She also announced her new album's name, "We were born this way." I wish she'd performed, but maybe not in her meat suit:

As for the other fashions, here are my faves and not-so-faves. One thing I love about MTV awards shows is that everyone is more casual and edgy. People aren't as stuck up and the outfits are a lot more fun to look at. Except for maybe the meat suit..... Also, the pre-show was on a white carpet (rather than a red one), which totally transformed the atmosphere. Super chic idea, I think.

Here are the ones I really LOVED:

1. Ashley Greene
GORGEOUS. She's not making her prettiest face in this photo, but that dress is pure genius. Sparkles, a bow, classic black and white. Love it. (sidenote: manfriend's comment about her: "You have to be pretty hot to pull off that haircut she has in Twilight. She's pretty hot."  I can't decide if I'm annoyed that he's oggling her or happy that he's recalling a Twilight tidbit.)

2. Emma Stone
Black, simple, totally chic. Sexy but not whore-tastic. Great styling. Don't recognize her? She was in Superbad and is the star of the new movie, Easy A. Watch out Amanda Bynes, this comedienne is coming for your roles - and is hotter than you.

3. Justin Bieber
I can't not mention my little Bieber baby. He definitely raided Usher's closet on this one. This little Lean Pocket had an amazing performance and won the award for Best New Artist. He was cute as pie. It's a real shame about puberty coming to get him....

4. Sophia Vergara
Again, she's stunning. She was a presenter and her accent pretty much got in the way of all effective communication, but I'll forgive her because of the sequin spectacle she is wearing. I love, love sequins, but you have to be careful. She's sparkly as nuts, but not too exposed - key for avoiding the Vegas showgirl look. Amen.

And the ones that really didn't do much for me....

1. Evan Rachel Wood
Ill fitting. Weirdly placed belt. Terrible print. One winter-time sleeve. Fugly boots. Hosiery. Annoying attitude. FAIL.

2. Katy Perry
 Normally I love her. She always chooses something whimsical if not an all-out costume. This one was just a bit off the mark. It's very ice-skater-ish to me. There are some striking and unfortunate (for Katy) similarities between her frock and Ashley Greene's. Oh, and that rainbow highlight business reminds me too much of a My Little Pony mane. Better luck next time.

3. Dane Cook
He looks like hell. Like he could be sickly. He's probably just drunk. He's looked super hot before. That deep V ain't doing him any favors. I hope he's well....

4. Robyn
Do we really need to discuss? I can't think of any possible scenario in which a sheer catsuit is a fashion victory.

Did you watch the show? Any thoughts?


  1. Glad I didn't watch it because you reported it! I honestly don't want to waste my time with that stuff anymore. All I really care about is the fashion, which you reported and I'll probably watch on Fashion Police. lol! YAY!

  2. I watched it and felt very old...I had not heard of most of the groups/artists and the parts they did play I would have a hard time calling it music. I love Lady Gaga...maybe not the meat dress so much..your fashion picks were right on. Chelsea had some sexy hot shoes but her sense of humor annoys the heck out of me.

    Love your review! :)

  3. I totally agree with the fashion don'ts! And as I scrolled down I thought - gee, Katy Perry looks like an ice-skater and then I read what you said - snap!


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