Sep 29, 2010

I heart blog friends.

Happy Wednesday Morning all! One of my favorite-est blog friends participated in a little bloggy question game thingy and was so sweet to tag me in it. Her name is Meg O. over at O is Me. Her blog is cute, funny, overall superfab. Also, she's in Houston, my hometown! I always gotta send special snaps to my Texas blog buddies.
So today, just for funsies, some tidbits about yours truly. Here are the questions...

{ one } Are you capable of any stupid human tricks? Describe, take a picture, or vlog it! 
Sadly, I can't think of one. I wish I could do hilarious voices. People who can do voices tell the best jokes.

{ two } What is one thing you are absolutely friggin' OCD about that everyone else thinks is ridiculous? Details! 
For me, I'm totally batsh** crazy about safety precautions. Stuff like locking the doors and making sure the stove/coffee pot/flat iron are turned off. It's pretty ridiculous. When I leave in the morning I always have this creeping suspicion that I've left the stove on and left the door unlocked. I usually have to go back and check.  They're almost never on. Don't even get me started on the ritual that must be performed to leave town for the weekend....

The wipes now even come in cute boxes for crazy people like me.
Also, keeping the kitchen counter clean. I don't know why, but I'm totally terrified of invisible counter germs. I religiously Clorox wipe that thing whenever I'm cooking. I don't know what I'm so worried about, any filth that gets on that counter probably ends up in my food in some way. Clearly, I've yet to be sick and this fear comes from no real evidence. 

Finger Painting is about it for me.

{ three }  If you could have any talent or ability, what do you wish it could be (not to be confused with superpowers) and why? 

I wish I were more artistic. I wish I could paint/draw/design/create pretty things better.  I can't seem to find a creative outlet that doesn't involve a keyboard. Not that my little knack (or so I believe) for written prose is so terrible, I wish I could make stuff for my home or for friends and it actually be good.

{ four }  Who was your celebrity pre-teen/teenage crush? You know you had one! 

I'd have to say Josh Hartnett. He first came on to my mancandy radar when he was in Pearl Harbor. Apparently Pearl Harbor is widely recognized as a terrible movie. I LOVE it.  With him and Ben Affleck as the leads, how can you go wrong? I've loved him ever since. Although, I haven't seen much of him 

  Pearl Harbor. Sexy man in uniform. Beat that, I dare you.

{ five }  Honestly, how much do you sing in the car? And do you care if people are watching? Furthermore, what do you like to sing in the car? 

I will rock out in the car, for sure. At least everyday I find myself singing along to the radio, it usually has to be pop/Top 40 to get me excited enough to belt it out.  I carpool to work with a friend and he's definitely heard my sweet jams. Poor him. We probably know each other too well because outside of my carpool buddy, manfriend is about the only other person who gets the treat of my drive time performances. Katy Perry's Teenage Dream is my recent song of choice....

(I probably look something like THIS when I sing it.)

{ six }
How long have you gone without a shower/bath? And what was your reason? You're gross. 
I took a shower last night before bed. I'm a night showerer and have always been.  The only exception is if I work out in the morning. I like the feeling of climbing into my sheets squeaky clean. There's something psychological for me about having the day's grime on me as I'm trying to clear my mind for bed time. I usually go to bed with wet hair and touch it up int he morning. I'm blessed to be able to get away with a pretty low-maintenance beauty regime.

{ seven } Name one food that you could literally eat every single day for the rest of your life. 
If you're in TX, this is a good one.
GOAT CHEESE. More specifically, goat cheese pizza. I love all products made with rich and tasty goat cheese, but the pizza represents a marriage of my favorite dairy delicacy and  most coveted indulgent meal. I've become something of a pizza snob in recent years, so any eatery that offers goat cheese is usually a safe bet. My mouth is watering just thinking about it....


{ eight } It's exactly three months until Christmas! What is your favorite Christmas TV special or movie?

A Christmas Story. duh. It is one of my favorite movies ever, Christmas or not. While it's just surface-level hilarious, the writing for the narrator is so genius. It's really very smartly made. It's a tradition in our family to watch it every Christmas. Thanks to TBS, it's on a 24 hour marathon Christmas Eve. I will watch as much of that as I can. 

That's all folks! 

If any of you blog friends want to answer the same questions, let me know in the comments and I'll give you a sweet shout out so hopefully more friends mosey on over your direction!

I hope you've learned something in this miscellaneous Wednesday gab session! Have a super day! 


  1. I rock out in the car too! All the cool people do it!

    Josh Hartnett was an awesome childhood crush oh and your OCD habits is what my husband would call responsibility! He wishes I could be a little OCD like that!

  2. OMG. I love your answers! And you are too kind to say those sweet words about me! Sorry I am so late in commenting! I am trying to catch up! Dude... that kid singing is freaking me out. I think I might have nightmares now....

  3. Is it sad that I was shoving my face with goat cheese as I got to your answer about your fave snack? maybe we are related....

    And as someone who has had to partake in your love of the Christmas story marathon for quite some time, I can honestly say you really do get the giggles from it. By the third showing the narration is still getting to ya.


Thanks for the comment! I"m sending you a big cuddly warm bearhug through the interwebs....



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