Sep 10, 2010
  Hello all! Happy Friday to ya! I'm a little late on the Newsflash this week, work is still a major beeotch. I'm really ready to check out of it until the holidays, but that doesn't seem to be in the cards. This weekend I'll be catching up with some dear buddies and watching football. Yippee!

1. Danielle Staub has officially left the Housewives. Although she was not asked to return to the Housewives, she claims she left on her "own terms."  My emotions on this topic are a mixed bag. On the one hand, I'm a little glad not to have to see or hear her crazy anymore. But, conversely, her bats*** craziness kind of became why I tuned in. I believe her to be an actual insane person. Crazy. Delusional. Out of Touch. Just plain strange. And, thanks to Kim G for pointing this out, she does in fact have one square boob. The voyeuristic trash TV addict in me just cried a little tear. That kind of crazy makes for phenomenal television.

2. Baby Carrots. Eat 'em like junk food. Now this is just funny. A coalition of farmers calling themselves "A Bunch of Carrot Farmers" is trying to re-brand their product, specifically tasty baby carrots. They've come up with some freaking HILARIOUS TV spots. Here's my fave:

Heheehehehe. There are a couple more giggle-tastic ones. I think this is a genius idea. My fave baby carrot snack involves dipping them in hummus. I'm imagining baby carrots doing a synchronized swimming routine in an olympic-sized pool full of hummus. But that dream could just be because I'm hungry....

3. Quote of the Week:
"I did it to get rid of the old Vienna, but now no one recognizes me. I have to scream at people saying, 'I'm Vienna from 'The Bachelor!'" —Vienna Girardi [NYP/Page Six]
Is this an effing joke? She's screaming at people to remind them who she is because she shouldn't be famous and everyone knows it. It has nothing to do with the hair. I do find it refreshing to read in print that some reality show washup admits their shameless prodding of our collective consciousness. But, I still don't care enough to want to know what the "new Vienna" is like.  
4. A lady lost her pinky, so she grew another one. This story blows my mind a part, and I can't really figure out why I'm so fascinated... A California woman slammed the tip of her finger in a door and cut the tip of it clean off. Ouch. Doctors assured here there was no chance it could be re-attached. She just couldn't accept that. So, she took to the trusty Google machine to research some possible solutions. And she found one! There is new medical technology, called Tissue Regeneration, It's a rare/new procedure and it took seven weeks, but eventually the pinky grew back!  Look at this amazing pic of her new pinky next to the severed one:
There are a few things that make me feel like we're living in the future: DVR, spaceships, Splenda, etc... we can now add growing back cut off body parts to the list!

Johnny Castle = Pure sex.
5. Women are most attracted to flamboyant-dancing men. A new British study proves it. Here's how they did it: men with a variety of moves were filmed. The men were turned into avatars (so their appearances weren't a factor) and women were shown the videos. The study said...."According to the women, the best dancers were those who had a wide range of dance moves and focused on the head, neck and torso." This is a revelation. Many men I know find superawesome dance moves too "gay." I do not find superawesome dance moves "gay." I can't get enough. But beware, a scrotum can get torn: 

Never. Gets. Old.

6. Lady Gaga did this:

I originally saw this ridiculousness over at a friend's blog, then again HERE. Yes, she has draped raw meats all over herself and fashioned somewhat of a bikini tartare. What the hell came into her mind? This grosses me out to no end. I am a meat eater, but can barely handle raw flesh in the kitchen. I will Clorox the hell out of the whole place If I've handled raw meat. I'm actually, truly paranoid about it. Did she Clorox her whole body? SICK.


  1. Spot on with your News Flash this week!!

    Who knew we could grow pinkies back.

    Have a relaxing weekend my friend

  2. i hate danielle staub! glad she is gone!

  3. I'm so glad danielle is off the show. She pisses me off to no end. The tissue regenration is too cool. I have to read up on that. Lady gaga in raw meat is just not okay. Think of all the bacteria in that outfit!

  4. We talked about the baby carrot ad today in my Principles of Advertising class. I was excited to finally be ahead of the curve in that class. Props to Poodleism... oh yeah, and I guess you.


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