Sep 24, 2010

Happy Friday gang! I'm finding myself really drained today. This weekend could not come fast enough. I have a date night, a housewarming party, a birthday party and manfriend's hockey championships to look forward to. Hip, Hip, Hooray! In the meantime, enjoy the newsflash - which sort of leaned toward the bizarre this week...

1.  It's national singles' week. Now I know what you're thinking..."Isn't every week singles week?" No, apparently not. I've learned that the Buckeye Singles Council in Ohio has designated this week for those who haven't locked it down yet. The celebration dates back to the 1980's and now the tradition is kept alive by the National Singles Press Association. This fascinates me. I technically am a single girl, but am I the only one that finds it totally pathetic that the National Singles Press Association even exists? To all of you unmarried Poodleizers out there...use this week to party hard and enjoy your singledom. Oh wait, we already do that... at all our friends' weddings. FML.

Just for funsies, watch this to get the party started...

 2. Some creepy dude made a cat town. Are you confused about that? Me too. A Florida man bought land and built a cat village on it for his 22 cats. The village has grown and he now has hundreds of them living in this kitty town:

Weird. According to the article, he keeps each cat in top medical condition and spends 14 hours a day maintaining it. He has the blessing of animal rights activists, so I guess the only wrong doing here is bizareness. Follow the link above for more absurd pictures of this cat town. I think I'm grossed out by this, as cats are not my forte, but I might be more fascinated at the village he's built. I wonder if he'd be willing to construct something similar for poodles. Now that's something I could really get behind.

A jerky panty already exists. Strange.
3.  The Gaga meat dress will become jerky. I feel like I keep talking about this, but the saga continues to get stranger and I just can't get over it. The famed Gaga "meat dress" will be preserved so that it lasts forever. The "garment" will be dried out and archived. Archived where? I have a lot of questions about this. First, why? Next, where has it been for the last 12 days since it was worn? In a cooler somewhere? Third, will it ever be worn again? I presume no, so again...WHY?

My go-to non-scary snake pic.
4.  Toilet Snakes are real. I only give this story attention because it is one of my actual, real-life fears coming true before my very eyes (well, kind of).  A New York man headed to do some personal business when he found a 3-foot white corn snake in his toilet - ON THE 19th FREAKING FLOOR OF THE BUILDING!!! The science-y people called to the scene said that it is entirely within the realm of possibility for a snake to: escape from wherever it is supposed to be, get into plumbing, hold its breath for a long time and come up for air in a toilet bowl. This is scary. Like, really scary. For years I've had nightmares about this very scenario and will not enter a dark bathroom without a thorough inspection of the toilet bowl before I use it. I feel oddly validated in my crazy, but probably more scared. Great.

"That squirrel can waterski." (who said this?)
5.  Quote of the Week:

*For extra fun, see if you know the 3 quote references I've built into this little snipet...
"I’m traveling across country by squirrel cart … 400 squirrels pulling a small buckboard …View of squirrels from front, cute. View from side, very cute. View of squirrels from passenger seat, not so cute. If you get the picture."—Steve Martin via Twitter 
I really don't know what this means. Do you? I think of some pretty weird things sometimes, this is one of the more off-the-wall things I've ever imagined. Perhaps it's just Steve Martin being a "wild and crazy guy." (anyone get that reference?) Anywho, made me giggle to imagine 400 squirrels with tiny little harnesses on pulling a grown man down the highway. Imagine how many nuts they must need for fuel. "A squirrel is just a rat in a cuter outfit." you know....(know that one?)

6. (Preface: I've made my best attempt to keep this not X-rated.) Historians have discovered that in WWI the a British Intelligence Agency, known as the M16, used a certain human body fluid as invisible ink. That fluid is only found in dudes and plays a major role in the creation of a fetus. Know what I'm sayin'? They began using it as ink because it was readily available in the field (SICK.) and it eluded the normal detection techniques of the day. The man who pioneered this? He was named Mansfield Cumming. Maybe I'm just the juvenile, but is this not HILARIOUS?!?! Unfortunately for Mansfield, he was removed from his troop because he was the butt of too many jokes. Well, duh. While this type of invisible ink was a great idea at the time, I'm wondering how he thought of this plan. We may have him to thank for all the horrific scenes on 20/20 of hotel  bedspreads under a black light. Thanks Mansfield! 

It's almost the weekend time and I'm really flipping ready for a break. It's been a nuts work week and I have loads of parties and fun planned for the next 2 days. YES!


  1. I always look forward to your fabulous Friday posts because they are always HILARIOUS. You crack me up...your personality is just overflowing. LOVE it. Happy weekend, finally, enjoy your little break and have a blast with your parties...can't wait to hear about them later!

  2. OMG, you are a freakin' RIOT! LOVE your blog!!! Okay that little cat town WalMart with the little carts is really cute. Agreed. Have fun at your parties this weekend---and I can't wait for a hilarious recap of them :)

  3. OMG. Sperm ink. Crazy. I think the cat town is actually kind of cute. Maybe that's because I'm a cat lady. Gaga's meat dress is just bizarre. I don't understand this nonsense! BTW, I tagged you in my latest post!


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