Sep 2, 2010

Happy 90210 Day!

Hello internet! Happy 90210 Day (It's Sept. 2, 2010)! (Warning: there is nothing of substance in this post.) Does everyone remember the genius of 90210?  Who was your favorite?

 Mine was dreamboat Dylan McKay, played by Luke Perry. I was a tad too young to really absorb everything in this show, but was one of my first TV crushes....

Mmmm....mommy like. Even in that tank.
One blog I really heart had this giggle-tastic mashup of the opening credits of Gossip Girl, re-worked 90210-style. Be sure not to miss Chace Crawford's little fresh baby face from 3 years ago....hehehe....

This has brought a couple things to mind: I love 90210 (and all 90's shows), and really should Netflix the seasons, and I can't wait for Gossip Girl to come back!

That's all, totally random musings swirling in my noggin today.

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