Sep 13, 2010


Hey internet! Turn that Monday frown upside down! Tonight, all the magic/sparkles/awesome/sexiness/amazeballs that is GOSSIP GIRL returns for a 5th season! The crew is in Paris, wrapping up a Euro vacay. Blair probably had a Euro-fab experience, and we can only assume Serena's was more Euro-trash. Check out the preview:

I'm always skeptical when TV shows take the cast on a road trip. It always feels like a last ditch "please, please watch me" gambit, but I'm going to keep an open mind because we are talking about the holy grail of television (maybe that's a bit strong) here. Also, I LOVE, LOVE Paris. Like, it's my favorite place I've ever been. And of course the clothes will be totally off the chain.

Are there too many hats in this picture?

We left off last season....
  • Blair: "Totally over" Chuck and his tomfoolery, headed to Paris for a summer of R&R (aka, blowing tons of money)
  • Serena: May or may not be back in love with Dan, headed to Paris to makeout with randoms.
  • Chuck: Slept with whorebag little J. Ran Europe and randomly got shot in the leg. Clearly he's not dead.
  • Dan: Trying to decide if Serena or Vanessa is the woman for him; we also go t a preview of him cradling what is presumably he and Georgina's baby.
  • Nate: Pretty face, don't know if I care about anything else.
  • Little J: Exiled to the suburbs. Hallelluja.
  • Georgina: back, and still psycho.
  • Rufus and Lily: marital drama....snooze fest.

I cannot stinking wait to catch up with all my best friends on the Upper East Side. I hope chuck wears lots of suits this season (and for the rest of life for that matter), he's so dreamy.  I hope Serena stops being such a lushy idiot. I hope Blair turns back into a social-climbing Alpha Female. I hope I never see Little J's dumb face again. Television is back my friends! Happy Monday!

PS: I have a couple super-special blog world shout outs to make...

1. BIG THANKS to Sarah at A Girl in the Sunshine for giving me her "A blog with substance award"! I love when people read Poodleism at all, let alone call it out to their readers. I'm not totally convinced of this "substance" you speak of, but thanks a million! Go check her blog out, it's totes presh. 

2.  It's another edition of Mingle Monday over at Life of Meg. Go check out here awesome blog hop to get comments, followers, general blog love. If you're visiting me from there, WELCOME!


  1. Um...hands down one of my favorite shows. So much a favorite that I almost forgot that it comes back on tonight!! Sooo psyched. I love me some Chuck Bass. And I do hope that eventually he and Blair get back together...I love them

  2. Oh my dear goodness, i am SO glad you did a recap! It has been so long that I forgot where we left off!

    DVRing tonight's episode! Thanks for the reminder, lovie!

    PS- I wish you a substantially better/happier work week! :)

  3. I'm so excited for GG tonight!

  4. Ooohhh!! Thanks for the reminder. I can't wait to see what happens. I forgot Chuck got shot. Didn't they start the last season in the Hamptons or something like that.

  5. I am counting down to Gossip Girl! Cannnnnnot wait! And I loved your little recap, pretty sure I would've said the exact same thing about Little J! Ugh, so mad at her right now. We'll have to chat after the episode is off!

  6. i love gossip girl! it was sooo great!!


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