Sep 23, 2010

1st Full Day of Fall!

Despite my Debbie Downer-ness in the previous post, I'm trying to remain upbeat about Fall finally arriving. Today is the first full day. Fall officially began last night at 11:09 p.m. I'm  not even going to pretend to understand what that's all about.

Since I'm still in summer mode (wearing flip flops and a breezy sundress today because it's flipping HOT), I'm going to discuss the things that I can't freaking wait for....

I tend to restrict my hot beverage intake during the warm months. I'm totally addicted to caffeine, but a hot drink just makes me cringe if I break a sweat walking from the car in to Starbucks (which totally happens all the time). I also like to save my latte dollars for when it counts - the coldness. Bring on the lattes! I've yet to partake in the slice of heaven that is Skinny Pumpkin Spice Latte this year, but when that day arrives I'll be high on life (or coffee).

A little button-up sweater is probably my favorite garment in the history of clothes (If you don't count a meat dress -- jk). There is just so much versatility with this item. Wear a cute top underneath, but keep warm. Take it off if you get too warm. It's magical. I think I want to buy this:

Buy this little dreamboat HERE. Or you could buy it for me. I'm a medium.

Stretchy pants are straight from heaven. That's really all there is to that. Give me a legging and ballet flat any day. I want to steal this look right off of Diane Krueger's body:

Her boyfriend is Pacey Whitter. Another thing to be majorly jealous of.
Going to a Pumpkin Patch.
This is one of my favorite memories from childhood (and even my adult years). I always, always go to a pumpkin patch to pick out the most perfect and amazing pumpkins. It's one of my favorite traditions. I hope I'll be in a position to go with my family this time around.

Katy Trail.
Near my house there is a magnificent walking/biking/jogging trail called The Katy Trail. When it's cool, it's the prince and my favorite spot. I get my jog on, he sniffs stuff until his little heart is content. It's been way too hot to even think about going before dark (which is the only time for a single lady to go). I love these times. I clear my mind and giggle watching him interact with the copious other pups out walking.

Football and Fall television are already here, so they're not technically on my "can't wait for it" list, but I love I love them oh-so-much. More on both of those later...

There are just a few things to whet my appetite for fall fabulousness! I'm feeling better already!


  1. Why does that JCrew model look like someone just shot her dog?

  2. We need to make a trip to Starbucks wearing our leggings and cardigans to pick up a pumpkin spice latte!


Thanks for the comment! I"m sending you a big cuddly warm bearhug through the interwebs....



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