Aug 19, 2010

Poodle Party!

This weekend we were hanging at a friend's house and a totally impromptu POODLE PARTY got going. On the blog I named after my little Prince furbaby, I must report this preciousness.

It was like they all texted each other on their little poodle iPhones and hatched a genius scheme to make all of their mothers pee their pants in public because of cuteness overload. It probably went down like this:

Prince: Hey dudes, lets get together for a bitchin' good time
Stanley: Yeah man, I bet we can make the people do embarassing things and feed us millions of treats
Bear: EEEEEE! I love fun! EEEEEE! I'm cute! EEEEEE!

It was tough to get a group shot, there were treats in the mix, but dangit I tried. Here's the party-goers:

They all played and acted silly and wore themselves out. They all also ate approxmately 29496498467 treats because they were all so sweet. By far the sweetest poodle baby was mine. We had snacks and were attempting to get them all lined up for another photoshoot. They were all told to "SIT." Mission accomplished. Then, "STAY" got a lot trickier. The treat was brought into their eyeline and only one poodle stayed....

At the time, I didn't notice how super awesome he is. Typically the Prince is the unruliest pup in the pack. He's been known to do some mischievous things. But, upon re-examining the photographic evidence of the night, I learned of this greatness. I've never been more proud. Even typing it now, days later, I'm one beaming puppy  mom.

And this candid shot...
...just because manfriend + puppies totally melts my heart.

Surprise poodle party is a treat that I hope I get much more often. Even if it isn't a surprise I still think I need more of them in my life!


Thanks for the comment! I"m sending you a big cuddly warm bearhug through the interwebs....



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