Aug 30, 2010

MONSTER Emmy Recap

Happy Monday morning all! I had a fabulous weekend, full of socializing, partying and good friends. Today is a little foggy, I had such an action-packed weekend in a while. It felt great. Last night was the 62nd Emmy awards! I love television and award shows, so this is a big night for me. Here are some of the victories I'm most thrilled about:

Modern Family won Best Comedy Series.  LOVE this show. It's a newcommer and I was worried Glee would win. To all you Gleeks, don't freakout: I'm not anti-Glee, I'm just very pro-Modern Family. Yay! If you aren't watching it, start. It's on ABC on Wednesdays.

And, Eric Stonestreet, who plays Cameron on Modern Family won Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series. He portrays the character with such humor and authenticity. Love, love him.

My beloved Mad Men won Best Drama Series for the 3rd year in a row! The show also won Best Writing in a Drama Series.  I knew it.  You already know how ob-freaking-sessed I am with Mad Men, I'm so glad I've started watching it. Hip hip Hooray!

Jim Parsons, genius darkhorse nominee, of The Big Bang Theory, won Best Lead Actor in a Comedy Series! The show is about 4 nerds who live across the hall from a hot girl. They are bumbling dorks learning the pitfalls of existing in the greater social world (a topic close to my heart). Parsons' character, Sheldon, is geniusly written and portrayed. The show is mediocre, but he makes it worth watching. He beat big dog nominees Steve Carrell and Alec Baldwin. Big win, CONGRATS!

And the fashion. Oh, the fashion. Of course there were hits and misses. Bizarrely all the dresses I hated were on some of my most favorite people. Weird. For a full slideshow of the fashions, go HERE. These are the ones I loved:

1. Clare Danes in Armine Prive
Absolutely, flawless. My clear winner of the night. The color, sparkles, texture, cut...the whole thing is perfection. She also won tons of stuff last night for her made-for-tv movie, Temple Grandin. Guess I need to Netflix that dude, it cleaned up in the Movie/Miniseries categories.

2. Lea Michele in Oscar de la Renta
Stunning. She looks ah-mazing. I haven't really seen much of her in all the Glee news, but she has really gotten her curves in shape. I saw her a couple years ago in Spring Awakening on Broadway and this was NOT the bod she was rockin' then. Good for her. As for the dress: assymetry done right. Navy is a nice mixup from black. Blingin' necklace = divalicious.

3. Jenna Fischer in Versace
First of all, this orangey/red/salmon is spectacular on her. (But where was her stylist to telll her the red carpet would wash it out?) I love how the top is geometric/structured and the bottom is super flowy. Also, her hair looks awesome. That could be my dream hair. Look at little Pammie Beasly all grown up.

4. Kyra Sedgwick in Monique Lhuillier
She won Best Lead Actress in a Dram a Series last night for her role on The Closer. I've never seen the show, so could careless, but way to go! For me, this dress is the victory. I typically don't do maroon, but I love this one. I like how the very simple and flattering dress is shined up with the texturing. Also, I'm a sucker for bright lips. Loved!

5.  Sophia Vergara in Carolina Herrera
She looks bangin' in this dress. It takes a very specific skin tone to pull off a taupe number like this and she looks perfect in it. I also like that there are lots of sparkles, but not all over sparkles. This dress could've looked really Vegas cabaret singer-ish really quickly. She's also high-larious on Modern Family.
6. Keri Russell in Jean-Louis Scherrer couture
This one was a little different. Not a ballgown, but not a short, slutty thing. Kind of beachy/hippie chic. It's summery, but not casual. I like the flower in the hair detail alot, too. This was out of left field, but I love it. In fact I wish I had the exact same outfit to wear to a wedding this weekend.

And the terrible, terrible flubs....

1. Mindy Kaling in ??
I love her as Kelly Kapoor, but love her even more as a head writer on The Office. Unfortunately, her smarts don't seem to extend to the red carpet. We got a lot happening here...and lots of toule. There is way too much volume in way too many places. The skirt is too giant and the top is super voluminous and quite asymmetrical. On the plus side, they maker her middle look teeny. Oh and that beehive...what the hell? Maybe she thought she was going to a quincenera after the Emmy's. That's the only thing I can think of...

2.  January Jones in Versace
I love her so, so much normally. But I have some questions....Cone Boobs? Sex Hair? High-water front? Mega-sized train in the back? Lampshade-esque tiers? No Jewelry? Admittedly, the color is beautiful, but this is just way too bizarre. The cone boobs I guess are really what's getting me. Such a shame... Betty Draper is better than this.

3. Christina Hendricks in Zac Posen
Now, this dress isn't a total crime, but it's really not my personal favorite. I'm never a fan of the stredded/tattered look. I always prefer a neat, tailored dress. Also, this color is so drab. She's one of the spiciest vixens around and she chose this boring ripped-up looking thing. Pout. Also, I know she embraces her curves, but those boobs just look like they belong in a porn movie. They really should be reigned in a little more for such a glamorous affair. Maybe I'm just A-cup jealous....

**Fun fact: I learned from the E! pre-show that Christina is married to Geoffrey Arend, otherwise known as "The Schnozberries taste like Schnozberries" guy from Super Troopers!!! That line gets a giggle out of me everytime!**

4. Amy Poehler in Max Azria
Again with the boring, no sparkles.  Full glitz (you're my BFF if you get that reference to a certain TLC show) isn't everyone's forte, but come on. Snooze. Also, and she did just have a baby, can we get a pushup in the house? Her post-baby tummy looks spectacular, but she's gotta get a mommy-sized top next time. Another favorite bites the dust.

5. Jewel in Zuhair Murad
She is so gorgeous and so talented and this frock really doesn't do her justice. First off, the color is just awful. She looks like a camel. Her hair, skin, and dress are all the same color. I'm no style icon, but I'm almost fully camel colored myself and avoiding nudes is my cardinal rule. Then, the lace/eyelet/bow combination reminds me of a child's Easter dress. Or a doily, or a bad wedding dress. She sang a beautiful song for the "In Memoriam" presentation and I'm pretty sure she wore something else. Thank goodness.

6. Stephanie Pratt in ??
I don't even know why she got into the Emmy's. And, I'm pretty sure I've seen her wear a dress just like that bopping from Starbuck's to the tanning shop on the Hills. Wearing a way-too-casual outfit is no way to blend in with real professionals.

Are you still reading? Thanks.

All in all, the entire show was great. Jimmy Fallon did a super job as host and the intro number was high-larious. It was a Glee-style song and dance with an all-star cast, including my sweet, sweet mancandy, John Hamm. Watch it HERE.

Have a great week!


  1. Oh man I love this topic! I agree with your likes and dislikes for the most part, though I didn't really love Kyra's dress. My favorite was Tina Fey's black and white beaded gown (SO PRETTY) and my least favorite . . . did you see Holly Burrell?? OMG! I just posted their dresses on my blog, here: Re: Stephanie Pratt, WTF? Did she crash the Emmy's? And pretty sure she's wearing a TOP, not a dress!

  2. Hello from Mingle Monday!

    Great re-cap. I didn't get to see the show, but from what I read my favorite shows came out on top! Mad Men, Nurse Jackie, Modern Family, woohoo!

  3. Great recap! When I first saw Stephanie Pratt, I thought it was a joke. I was like, what was she doing at the Emmys. ha!! Love, love, love Clare Danes's dress...she looks so beautiful.

  4. I love the fashion recap you did! I couldn't agree more on your choices. I can't believe Jenna Fischer! She looks beautiful! I hardly recognized her!

  5. So happy for the awards won! I'm also adding John Lithgow and the director for Dexter! They TOTALLY deserved it! Claire Danes is my favorite for the whole night!!!

  6. Love love love love Claire Danes' dress. Gorg!


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