Aug 17, 2010

Manfriend = the best

Hi. I have the best manfriend ever. He sent me these today....just because:

Not sure why I deserve these summery orange beauties, but I'm overjoyed that he thought of me. And there was an uber-sweet inside joke message with them. Love that dude.

While I'm gazing at my sweet delivery, I'm noticing that there is lots of activity on my desk today. Here's the view from the powerseat.  I like to keep it much neater than this....
Three computer screens? Really, Casey?
A - Personal computer; needed for FB blogging and the like, brought to work explicitly to be non-productive
B - Loaner work laptop; going on a business trip tomorrow and they wouldn't want me not to work on the go. It's from approximately 1993.
C - Iced tea; I bought an iced tea maker last week and it has seriously changed my world. I've taken to drinking it in the morning because it's too balmy and gross to nom on my normal hot coffee beverages.
D - Water; I'm attempting to drink 100 oz of water each day. Bootcamp is sucking the moisture right out of me. 100 oz is roughly 4 of these bottles a day. I go to the bathroom roughtly 6967977 times.
E - Sweet manfriend goodies.
F - Greek Yogurt; Go buy it, it's delicious. I get yogurt for my 11am fuel session (aka snacktime). I've switched to the Greek goodies because it's low fat, super high in protein and much less processed than others. Bear in mind, it's expensive. My favorite is FAGE total 2% with Strawberry. I'm lucky enough to have it today. Give it a whirl.
G - Normal work computer. Sounds like a jet engine. Is the bane of my existance. Contemplating pouring the tea into it, but then I couldn't drink the tea.
H - Coaster; there are 2 beverages on my table and neither are on it. Pet Peeve happening before my very eyes. ACK!

There you have it! Hope everyone is having a super work day! I'm headed to San Francisco tomorrow for work, and can't wait!


  1. You know...I seriously need to find a manfriend who even knows what flowers are, muchless actually be thoughtful enough to send them! lol

  2. I especially enjoy the Edward poster on the wall. :) My pod mate has one at her desk too.

  3. That manfriend is a good guy, you should hang on to him.

  4. I am cracking up. Your desk looks like mine, minus the 3 computers... and the flowers. :( You should do an out of control workspace linky. That could be hilarious!

  5. Love the flowers! Good job man friend! Good luck on drinking all of that water + the tea! I try to drink about 3 bottles of water, and I always feel like I am floating away. BTW: love your work space, even with all the computers!


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