Aug 10, 2010

Large Knickers? Yes, please.

 According to the UK's Daily Mail, "large knickers are making a comeback." That means granny panties are coming back in style! EUREKA!

The evidence: sales of full-coverage undies are up 42% in the last three months! WHOA. That seems freakishly high to me.  Although I guess I'm not too shocked, anyone who's ever stuffed herself in a pair of SPANX knows what full coverage can do for a lady. The newspaper credits the popularity of the curvy Christina Hendricks on Mad Men:

Also responsible could be Lady Gaga and Lily Allen. They've both recently had  the genius idea to wear their large knickers on the outside:

Another great piece of news is that sales of thongs and G-strings are WAAAAAAAY down in recent months. HALLELUJAH! I've never been a fan of these styles. I feel like the briefer the underpants the less sexy I look. Seems backwards, I know, but nobody likes a muffin top hanging out of your thong. Also, there's the whole comfort thing. Girls who say "all I wear are thongs because they're so comfy" are just lying. Lying.

Victory for curves everywhere! I think I'll celebrate by shopping for some new undies! I think I want some like these:


  1. I'm totally split! I love the vintage, lacy (and sexier!) version of big underoos, but I'm sucha thong girl!

    Perhaps this is good news for thong lovers everywhere... hello sales ;)

    (...and yes. I am totally one of those liars! Hahaha)

  2. I've always been a boyshort/hipster girl...the inbetweeny.

    But there's nothing like a trusty pair of "large knickers" long as no one catches you in them, right? ;)

  3. I have these Body by Victoria granny panties that I would wear every single day of my life if I could. I've got a big booty and smaller cuts bunch and ride when I'm working out. Oh, yes. The granny panties are definitely the first thing I wear out of the laundry.

    Also, Christina Hendricks is incredible.

  4. Ooooh I love that set. I'm obsessed with cute undies and lately have been finding that the guys I date actually prefer silk shorts to thongs.

    (hello from the [Life of Meg] Mingle Monday).


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