Aug 24, 2010
 It's another Top 2 Tuesday over at Undomestic Momma! Yahoo! Today's topic: what are my top 2 indulgences?
1. Television
Thanks to the godsend that is DVR I can catch all of my fave shows, and there are a lot of them. Even when I really don't have time, I somehow manage to squeeze in shows. When all my shows are in season, things get a little chaotic. Weekend catchup is a must. Embarrassingly, I'm going to list all the shows I keep up with regularly. While I'm a little ashamed, I'm also kind of proud of the balancing act that I've truly mastered....
  • Mad Men
  • The Office
  • Parks & Recreation
  • Community
  • 30 Rock
  • Friday Night Lights
  • Modern Family
  • Gossip Girl
  • Grey's Anatomy
  • Real Housewives of New York
  • Real Housewives of New Jersey
  • Project Runway
I'm proud of this feat. I really am.

2. Wine
These are two of my actual favorites. :)
I'm not an addicted wino, but I really do appreciate a nice glass at the end of the day. Not every night, but about half of the time, I wind down my evening with TV, wine and cuddles from the Prince. That scene, with me all snuggled in with my wine and poodle, is my happy place. Really, truly , the place that calms my Chi more than any other. It doesn't have to be fancy, but decent. Manfriend and I have dabbled in the wine tasting snobbery, and like it, but really just want something tasty. I like Katie and Cassie Cab Sav ALOT. I found it at the Super Targ. It has a mega cute label, isn't too expensive (under $15) and is actually pretty decent. Try some!

What do you indulge in?


  1. We are quite similar in our indulgences.
    Here's my TV DVR list (not in any particular order):
    Grey's Anatomy (on the way out but still recorded)
    The Office
    Modern Family
    My Boys
    Real Housewives (all but Atlanta and DC)
    Project Runway
    Top Chef
    Golden Girls and Seinfeld reruns
    In Plain Sight
    Dancing With the Stars (getting old, but still like)
    The Good Wife
    I have the entire season of 30 Rock and Parks & Rec on my DVR; still haven't watched. Bad Sara.)

    Wine - my favorite wine under $10 is Yellowtail Shiraz, though I have recently discovered Yellowtail makes a Pinot Noir. Me likes. I also like Llano Estacado Shiraz.

    Another indulgence - the little pints of Blue Bell. Not often but just enough.

  2. I'm addicted to Gossip Girl. Sigh. And I probably DVR just as much, but I'm not on top of it. I can't handle my tv addiction at all:)

  3. I love a glass of wine and quality time with my DVR! Great Picks!

  4. hello! i'm stopping by from Life of Meg's Mingle Monday! i'm so glad i did because i really like your blog!

    my addiction for the moment is weeds and the big c. i also love GLEE! cant wait for it to start again:)

  5. great GREAT picks dear:)


Thanks for the comment! I"m sending you a big cuddly warm bearhug through the interwebs....



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