Aug 23, 2010

Back to School Blues

Today is the first day of school in my area of the world. And I'm feeling old. Like, really, really OLD. There's something making me feel really weird about the fact that I know more teachers than students going back to the grind today. When the hell did that happen? While I love all my teacher friends (and mother) dearly, party of me is glad they're back to the misery that is full-time work. But, that's just the kind of tart that I am.

Reminiscing about my back to school days, my most outstanding memory is the photoshoots. Every single year, on the morning of the first day of school, my mom (or sometimes my dad, because she was headed back to the classroom herself) would take a photo of me in my new outfit, backpack and lunchbox to chronicle the passage of another year....somewhere in the massive archive that is our pre-digital photo era family pictures, there should be a year-by-year visual representation of my growth.....

**UPDATE:  the photos have emerged (thanks mom and dad!)....
Pre-School. I'm still pretty cute at this point, and apparently letting someone else dress me. I'm pretty sure that's a Barbie lunchbox. Duh. The Chinese characters confound me.
2nd or 3rd Grade. Short-alls. I'm so awkward.
Also maybe 2nd or 3rd grade. More awkward. Bike shorts? Note the ridiculously extreme color coordination. Whoa.
(The funniest part of these first day of school pictures is that these outfits I spent days considering, preparing and excited about. What the hell?)

 Some items that I really miss about going back to school:
  1. Shopping for clothes. Going to tax-free weekend and picking out all the hip things that I thought would cause me to return from the summer looking hipper, cooler and ultimately more badass. Usually I failed and was the same old me.
  2. School supplies. Picking out all my glues, pencil boxes, backpacks, rulers in the PERFECT colors. Now that I'm a grownup, I've parlayed this love into colored sticky notes, pens, items on my bulletin board and the like. There really are few things more magnificent than brand new markers. 
  3. My new classes. I like changing things up in my life sometimes. I like starting new chapters, making new friends, adopting a new routine. (come to think of's about time for one of these coups...) I scoped out my high school boyfriend on the very first day of senior year. For better or worse, that was just plain exhilarating.
  4. Catching up on gossip. In high school, there was always someone who came back to school having lost (or gained...which gives you more to discuss) tons of weight, or with a new boyfriend, or with wild stories of debauchery. I've always had an appetite for scandal and post-summer tales are the perfect fix.

Even though this is my second fall not to be a returning student, I'm really not used to being a big kid and not going back to school. Maybe I just need to put on my big girl panties and get used to it, but I can't. I feel old and I don't like it.

Today my Facebook newsfeed is totally cluttered with "back to school" statuses. To anyone who is lamenting the commencement of a new academic year: shut the hell up, you could be working. That aside, best of luck and all the happiest wishes for back to school goers today. Know that I'm jealous. Really jealous. Soak in the moment and learn some stuff. You can't ever go back.


  1. LOL. You're like my husband. I complain about going back to school and he's like, "Well I don't get a summer so I have no sympathy for you." Us teachers just like to complain, like everyone else. And when I work during the school year, I work ridiculously hard because I direct plays and I'm staying after school most of the time, sometimes until 10 pm! I am very appreciative of summer. You can do back to school shopping! You don't have to go back to school for the clothes ;)

  2. Hello Casey! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for following, I am following you too!

  3. Long live the short-alls. I wore those solidly through grade school!


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