Aug 31, 2010
Hey gang! It's Top 2 Tuesday again and I lurve today's topic.....

What are your Top 2 Favorite U.S. Cities?

1. Austin, TX
 I choose Austin for a whole host of reasons and here are a few:

- I've had the best times of my life there. Went to college, met my best friends, got to have a sleepover with them every night for 4 years, met manfriend....lots of good things.
- It's beautiful. Urban metropolis + riverfront paradise =  absolutely perfect.
- It has infinite character/charm. You can pretty much find it all in Austin. There's always things to do, music to hear, margaritas to be drunk and shopping to be done. And you can do it all exclusively at kooky little local businesses.  Love that.
- It's the Prince baby's hometown. I got him at a Austin-area trailer park. He doesn't know he's W.T.

2. New York, NY
I lived in NYC briefly in the summer of 2007.  NYC is a bit of a cliche choice, but I just can't get enough of it. Of  course you get your requisite NYC awesome items: Central Park, Broadway, museums, enough food and drink sampling to last you the rest of your life, amazing history, buildings...the list goes on. But again, I think the reason I love it so much hearkens back to my time there. I was interning for the summer and me and all my besties from college went up there together. We all lived separately (which probably was my only knock on the experience), but spent all our time debaucherizing and partying together. In addition, I had a lot of down time there by myself during the days...I spent them wandering the streets, touring museums, seeing the sights, and being the most "alone" I've ever been in my life -- an invaluable growth experience in my little 21-year-old life.  I miss it greatly. One of my best pals is still there and I just can't get up there to see her enough.

Ah, memories....Writing this is making me want to get out of Dallas pronto! What are your favorite cities?!?
Aug 30, 2010

MONSTER Emmy Recap

Happy Monday morning all! I had a fabulous weekend, full of socializing, partying and good friends. Today is a little foggy, I had such an action-packed weekend in a while. It felt great. Last night was the 62nd Emmy awards! I love television and award shows, so this is a big night for me. Here are some of the victories I'm most thrilled about:

Modern Family won Best Comedy Series.  LOVE this show. It's a newcommer and I was worried Glee would win. To all you Gleeks, don't freakout: I'm not anti-Glee, I'm just very pro-Modern Family. Yay! If you aren't watching it, start. It's on ABC on Wednesdays.

And, Eric Stonestreet, who plays Cameron on Modern Family won Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series. He portrays the character with such humor and authenticity. Love, love him.

My beloved Mad Men won Best Drama Series for the 3rd year in a row! The show also won Best Writing in a Drama Series.  I knew it.  You already know how ob-freaking-sessed I am with Mad Men, I'm so glad I've started watching it. Hip hip Hooray!

Jim Parsons, genius darkhorse nominee, of The Big Bang Theory, won Best Lead Actor in a Comedy Series! The show is about 4 nerds who live across the hall from a hot girl. They are bumbling dorks learning the pitfalls of existing in the greater social world (a topic close to my heart). Parsons' character, Sheldon, is geniusly written and portrayed. The show is mediocre, but he makes it worth watching. He beat big dog nominees Steve Carrell and Alec Baldwin. Big win, CONGRATS!

And the fashion. Oh, the fashion. Of course there were hits and misses. Bizarrely all the dresses I hated were on some of my most favorite people. Weird. For a full slideshow of the fashions, go HERE. These are the ones I loved:

1. Clare Danes in Armine Prive
Absolutely, flawless. My clear winner of the night. The color, sparkles, texture, cut...the whole thing is perfection. She also won tons of stuff last night for her made-for-tv movie, Temple Grandin. Guess I need to Netflix that dude, it cleaned up in the Movie/Miniseries categories.

2. Lea Michele in Oscar de la Renta
Stunning. She looks ah-mazing. I haven't really seen much of her in all the Glee news, but she has really gotten her curves in shape. I saw her a couple years ago in Spring Awakening on Broadway and this was NOT the bod she was rockin' then. Good for her. As for the dress: assymetry done right. Navy is a nice mixup from black. Blingin' necklace = divalicious.

3. Jenna Fischer in Versace
First of all, this orangey/red/salmon is spectacular on her. (But where was her stylist to telll her the red carpet would wash it out?) I love how the top is geometric/structured and the bottom is super flowy. Also, her hair looks awesome. That could be my dream hair. Look at little Pammie Beasly all grown up.

4. Kyra Sedgwick in Monique Lhuillier
She won Best Lead Actress in a Dram a Series last night for her role on The Closer. I've never seen the show, so could careless, but way to go! For me, this dress is the victory. I typically don't do maroon, but I love this one. I like how the very simple and flattering dress is shined up with the texturing. Also, I'm a sucker for bright lips. Loved!

5.  Sophia Vergara in Carolina Herrera
She looks bangin' in this dress. It takes a very specific skin tone to pull off a taupe number like this and she looks perfect in it. I also like that there are lots of sparkles, but not all over sparkles. This dress could've looked really Vegas cabaret singer-ish really quickly. She's also high-larious on Modern Family.
6. Keri Russell in Jean-Louis Scherrer couture
This one was a little different. Not a ballgown, but not a short, slutty thing. Kind of beachy/hippie chic. It's summery, but not casual. I like the flower in the hair detail alot, too. This was out of left field, but I love it. In fact I wish I had the exact same outfit to wear to a wedding this weekend.

And the terrible, terrible flubs....

1. Mindy Kaling in ??
I love her as Kelly Kapoor, but love her even more as a head writer on The Office. Unfortunately, her smarts don't seem to extend to the red carpet. We got a lot happening here...and lots of toule. There is way too much volume in way too many places. The skirt is too giant and the top is super voluminous and quite asymmetrical. On the plus side, they maker her middle look teeny. Oh and that beehive...what the hell? Maybe she thought she was going to a quincenera after the Emmy's. That's the only thing I can think of...

2.  January Jones in Versace
I love her so, so much normally. But I have some questions....Cone Boobs? Sex Hair? High-water front? Mega-sized train in the back? Lampshade-esque tiers? No Jewelry? Admittedly, the color is beautiful, but this is just way too bizarre. The cone boobs I guess are really what's getting me. Such a shame... Betty Draper is better than this.

3. Christina Hendricks in Zac Posen
Now, this dress isn't a total crime, but it's really not my personal favorite. I'm never a fan of the stredded/tattered look. I always prefer a neat, tailored dress. Also, this color is so drab. She's one of the spiciest vixens around and she chose this boring ripped-up looking thing. Pout. Also, I know she embraces her curves, but those boobs just look like they belong in a porn movie. They really should be reigned in a little more for such a glamorous affair. Maybe I'm just A-cup jealous....

**Fun fact: I learned from the E! pre-show that Christina is married to Geoffrey Arend, otherwise known as "The Schnozberries taste like Schnozberries" guy from Super Troopers!!! That line gets a giggle out of me everytime!**

4. Amy Poehler in Max Azria
Again with the boring, no sparkles.  Full glitz (you're my BFF if you get that reference to a certain TLC show) isn't everyone's forte, but come on. Snooze. Also, and she did just have a baby, can we get a pushup in the house? Her post-baby tummy looks spectacular, but she's gotta get a mommy-sized top next time. Another favorite bites the dust.

5. Jewel in Zuhair Murad
She is so gorgeous and so talented and this frock really doesn't do her justice. First off, the color is just awful. She looks like a camel. Her hair, skin, and dress are all the same color. I'm no style icon, but I'm almost fully camel colored myself and avoiding nudes is my cardinal rule. Then, the lace/eyelet/bow combination reminds me of a child's Easter dress. Or a doily, or a bad wedding dress. She sang a beautiful song for the "In Memoriam" presentation and I'm pretty sure she wore something else. Thank goodness.

6. Stephanie Pratt in ??
I don't even know why she got into the Emmy's. And, I'm pretty sure I've seen her wear a dress just like that bopping from Starbuck's to the tanning shop on the Hills. Wearing a way-too-casual outfit is no way to blend in with real professionals.

Are you still reading? Thanks.

All in all, the entire show was great. Jimmy Fallon did a super job as host and the intro number was high-larious. It was a Glee-style song and dance with an all-star cast, including my sweet, sweet mancandy, John Hamm. Watch it HERE.

Have a great week!

Mingle Monday!

Hey gang! Another Mingle Monday to get excited about! Meg over at Life of Meg is my blog friend, so go check her stuff out. In addition to this super idea for Mondays, she has loads of other cute things. I've even made a couple of her recipes, and highly recommend these three:

Low-Cal Spinach and Cheese Stuffed Chicken Breast
Delicious. Healthy-ish. Easy. Loved.

Heavenly Banana Cake
A little time-consuming, but probably one of the most divine things that have ever graced my taste buds. Really, though. Nothing diet about it.

Guilt-Free Cupcakes
Super smart ideas for low-calorie-izing your favorite boxed cake mixes. Try it, seriously recommend, and I'm generally against diet desserts.

Do it.  Happy Monday!
Aug 27, 2010
 Happy Friday lovebugs! Brace yourself, today's edition was a little slapped together. I hate when my dumb job gets in the way of the things I want to do. Pout. Also, for some reason, we came out a little heavy on the bathroom humor today. Oh well, I'm not too sophisticated....

 1. Divorces are happening.  Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren's divorce was finalized this week. Supposedly she had no idea about all his tomfoolery. Give. me. a. break. I'm glad this story is (hopefully) over. I never got what was such a big deal. Rich/famous man does gross things.She'll probably get jillions of dollars and a book deal. End of story, old news.

Another shocker: Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are getting a divorce, too. Supposedly he's blackmailing her with a sex tape and being the total creep that we all know he is. Oh, and she wants her humongous G-cup fake boobs out also, saying "my boobs are crushing me." I actually sort of feel bad for her. Before the age of  24, she's become a reality star, gotten married, gotten divorced, come out with a couple of singles (there is a new one, by the way), gotten addicted to plastic surgery and then got un-addicted to it. And she doesn't have an official talent. WOW. What have I ever done?

2.  New research shows that when you go #2 it's much healthier to squat, rather than sit on the toilet. Toilets give you diseases...groundbreaking. When you sit on a toilet, you're exposing to yourself to Crohn's disease, hemorrhoids and other bacteria that lead to colon cancer. Also, a squatting posture has proven to be easier on the bowels. They're even marketing a little item called "Nature's Platform" ($150) to make you bathroom experience more like using a hole in the ground. I'm told by friends that in many places in Asia they've already gone to an all-squatting system. And, the Asians beat us to most of the good ideas. This is something to ponder, I guess. My immediate reaction is that a whole American nation of squatters could be a little chaotic. Hmmmm....

3. Quote of the week:
"If he was of legal age, I said Justin Bieber has like this swag to him. You just have to meet him. He definitely has this swag to him." —Kim Kardashian on whether she could see herself dating Justin Bieber
This makes me really tense. We're all grownups that are a little too gaga for Bieber, but we're not blabbing to E! about it. I feel awkward.

4. On another blog I love, I found this:

In case you didn't read the small print, this is an ad for Summer's Eve, a product for keeping your lady parts fresh and clean. The ad is saying that to get ahead in the workplace, keep your nether region sparkly clean. It's step number 1!!!! I like to think that I'm pretty hygienic all over my body, do I deserve a raise? I think yes. Maybe I"ll show this to my boss. Weird.

5. A 45-year old British woman, Mary Bale, threw her neighbor's live cat into the trash. Here's the proof:

The cat stayed in the trash for 17 hours, when the owner heard it crying to get out. Poor little guy. There are lots of things I find odd about this. First of all, the cat didn't offend her in any way. She even petted it beforehand. Secondly, she is completely calm and composed for this act. Thirdly, she doesn't try to hide it. Later she said the whole thing was "meant as a joke." WHAT?!?!?! I really am not a cat lover, but I can imagine how furious I'd be if some random a-hole put the Prince in the trash (although that would NEVER happen, since he's so damn cute). What strange and cruel woman. I hate her.

6. This is real:

Really? Are we really that fat and lazy? I guess we'll need this if we all become squatters....

Poop squatting. Vagina soap. Toilet paper for fatties....sorry guys. It was a slow news week. This weekend  I have a SUPER fun dinner planned with friends and am looking forward to a relaxing girls weekend while manfriend is bachelor partying and NFL drafting. YES! Happy weekends!
Aug 25, 2010

Tonka Giggles

Yesterday, me and my carpool buddy saw something strange:

That is a child's TONKA truck strapped to the back of a semi.
You can't see the entire 18-wheeler truck, but it is HUGE. 80% of the flatbed was packed with pallets of lumber. Then, at the very back, there is a child's toy strapped to the bed too. With it's own super-industrial-strength tie-down strap. WHAT?!?! This toy dumptruck was small enough to fit into a backpack, but for some reason, it required it's own cargo strap. It could have easily fit in the cab of the truck, too. Straps like this require quite a bit of finagling to get in the perfect position, too (Having moved several times myself, I for one, am not smart enough to use such straps).There are so many unanswered questions...

I have to assume the truck driver has a sense of humor, because it brought me the major giggles. Or maybe, he has a little boy who will take great joy in seeing his beloved toy back there. Either way, these explanations somewhat restore my faith in the goodness of people (even knowing the doormat thief is out there somewhere).
Aug 24, 2010

People who steal stuff suck....hard.

I've tried not to rant on this blog. Will I insert a backhanded sassy remark about something that I disapprove of? Hell yes. Will I do a whole post on the ghastliness of our human race? Rarely. Lets do this....

Today, I came home from boot camp around 6:45 a.m. Not only is this ungodly early (but my workout was already behind me...WOOO!), but I was sweaty/hungry/cranky/feeling foul. I walk up to my door and discover that someone stole my doormat! Someone stole the freaking doormat. Just took it like they owned the place. I am pissed. While the doormat wasn't particularly expesive, it had moved with me to multiple homes and it was stinking cute:
Leopard print, but not too W.T. Made of a rough and tumble substance perfect for wiping messy puppy paws on. The perfect mix. I'm furious.
That was just the injustice I needed to send my mood to serious Crappytown. While I did love the thing, it enrages me to no end that some non-neighborly person stole it. What an a-hole. Who would do that? It's so incredibly juvenile. It makes me furious when people, who must share space with others, act as if the whole earth is their own personal Kingdom and they can act however they please. (Other apartment-related selfish acts that send me into a fury: leaving dog poop, double parking, throwing junk mail on the floor of the mail room, propping open the gate so your "bros" can get into the pool, etc.) I cannot express how disappointed in our people this makes me. We all know stealing is wrong. But this isn't like you took home some office-purchased sticky notes. Someone saw my personal property, liked it, and just made it theirs. RUDE.

It's occurred to me to scour the place for my beloved mat and re-steal it. But that makes me no better than the culprit. Also, the complex is freaking giant and it's so hot. That endeavor could potentially eat up like 5 hours and lots of sweat. No thanks. Obviously I cannot find an identical replacement on the entire internet, which is making me all the less able to get over this thing. UGH.

 Point of the story is this: don't steal stuff from your neighbors. We're all on the same team here. The person should have just left a nice note asking where I'd purchased it. Is there no decency anymore? Really?
 It's another Top 2 Tuesday over at Undomestic Momma! Yahoo! Today's topic: what are my top 2 indulgences?
1. Television
Thanks to the godsend that is DVR I can catch all of my fave shows, and there are a lot of them. Even when I really don't have time, I somehow manage to squeeze in shows. When all my shows are in season, things get a little chaotic. Weekend catchup is a must. Embarrassingly, I'm going to list all the shows I keep up with regularly. While I'm a little ashamed, I'm also kind of proud of the balancing act that I've truly mastered....
  • Mad Men
  • The Office
  • Parks & Recreation
  • Community
  • 30 Rock
  • Friday Night Lights
  • Modern Family
  • Gossip Girl
  • Grey's Anatomy
  • Real Housewives of New York
  • Real Housewives of New Jersey
  • Project Runway
I'm proud of this feat. I really am.

2. Wine
These are two of my actual favorites. :)
I'm not an addicted wino, but I really do appreciate a nice glass at the end of the day. Not every night, but about half of the time, I wind down my evening with TV, wine and cuddles from the Prince. That scene, with me all snuggled in with my wine and poodle, is my happy place. Really, truly , the place that calms my Chi more than any other. It doesn't have to be fancy, but decent. Manfriend and I have dabbled in the wine tasting snobbery, and like it, but really just want something tasty. I like Katie and Cassie Cab Sav ALOT. I found it at the Super Targ. It has a mega cute label, isn't too expensive (under $15) and is actually pretty decent. Try some!

What do you indulge in?
Aug 23, 2010

Back to School Blues

Today is the first day of school in my area of the world. And I'm feeling old. Like, really, really OLD. There's something making me feel really weird about the fact that I know more teachers than students going back to the grind today. When the hell did that happen? While I love all my teacher friends (and mother) dearly, party of me is glad they're back to the misery that is full-time work. But, that's just the kind of tart that I am.

Reminiscing about my back to school days, my most outstanding memory is the photoshoots. Every single year, on the morning of the first day of school, my mom (or sometimes my dad, because she was headed back to the classroom herself) would take a photo of me in my new outfit, backpack and lunchbox to chronicle the passage of another year....somewhere in the massive archive that is our pre-digital photo era family pictures, there should be a year-by-year visual representation of my growth.....

**UPDATE:  the photos have emerged (thanks mom and dad!)....
Pre-School. I'm still pretty cute at this point, and apparently letting someone else dress me. I'm pretty sure that's a Barbie lunchbox. Duh. The Chinese characters confound me.
2nd or 3rd Grade. Short-alls. I'm so awkward.
Also maybe 2nd or 3rd grade. More awkward. Bike shorts? Note the ridiculously extreme color coordination. Whoa.
(The funniest part of these first day of school pictures is that these outfits I spent days considering, preparing and excited about. What the hell?)

 Some items that I really miss about going back to school:
  1. Shopping for clothes. Going to tax-free weekend and picking out all the hip things that I thought would cause me to return from the summer looking hipper, cooler and ultimately more badass. Usually I failed and was the same old me.
  2. School supplies. Picking out all my glues, pencil boxes, backpacks, rulers in the PERFECT colors. Now that I'm a grownup, I've parlayed this love into colored sticky notes, pens, items on my bulletin board and the like. There really are few things more magnificent than brand new markers. 
  3. My new classes. I like changing things up in my life sometimes. I like starting new chapters, making new friends, adopting a new routine. (come to think of's about time for one of these coups...) I scoped out my high school boyfriend on the very first day of senior year. For better or worse, that was just plain exhilarating.
  4. Catching up on gossip. In high school, there was always someone who came back to school having lost (or gained...which gives you more to discuss) tons of weight, or with a new boyfriend, or with wild stories of debauchery. I've always had an appetite for scandal and post-summer tales are the perfect fix.

Even though this is my second fall not to be a returning student, I'm really not used to being a big kid and not going back to school. Maybe I just need to put on my big girl panties and get used to it, but I can't. I feel old and I don't like it.

Today my Facebook newsfeed is totally cluttered with "back to school" statuses. To anyone who is lamenting the commencement of a new academic year: shut the hell up, you could be working. That aside, best of luck and all the happiest wishes for back to school goers today. Know that I'm jealous. Really jealous. Soak in the moment and learn some stuff. You can't ever go back.
Aug 20, 2010
 Helloooo Friday! Today I'm traveling back home from beautiful and scenic San Francisco, CA. I'm sad to leave, but I miss the Prince. I'm dreading the triple digit heat, but the life of a salesman on the road is a little lonely. Pout. But not that much of a pout, my swanky room felt like I was Jay Z or something. Enjoy!

1. MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH ALERT!!!! Moderate drinking, especially wine, can make you smarter! The skies have opened, the angels are singing and the Hallelujah chorus is blaring in my mind. Over 5,000 men and women were studied over 7 years. Those who classified themselves as "moderate" drinkers performed better on cognitive testing. My mind is blown apart. I've long believed that the Chardonnay puddles in my brain have been slowing me down, but maybe not! Validation. The quote that sticks out in my mind: "...authors also reported that not drinking was associated with significantly lower cognitive performance in women." Double validation. I'll probably need to buy some wine to celebrate this news. Triple Validation. 

2. Yesterday,  the last combat troops left Iraq. I guess that means the war is officially over.  It's been a long haul. Thank goodness all our hardworking fighters are out of there. They've been at it for over 7 years! Hopefully they get to go home to their families and hug their wives/children/puppies soon. But, not all of them are gone just yet. Now begins "Operation New Dawn," in which the remaining U.S. forces are expected to advise-and-assist Iraqi forces. Hopefully we can get out of that desert once and for all. Thanks troops! Super job!

3. Again this week, there must be 2 Quotes....
"I love all my children, but Suri is my fountain of youth." Tom Cruise 
There is no way you can love your child when you consider one of the others your "fountain of youth." Nothing really compares to that. Weird comment. I've long believed that Suri Cruise is a little alien pod of cuteness sent to our planet to make us all seem less fabulous. Apparently she's brainwashed her Earth dad. He probably isn't that tough to brainwash.

"The world needs Justin Bieber. Justin Bieber is like the white Tupac. Compared to a lot of people." —Mark Wahlberg 
 What the hell? Lets just break this down....
  • "The world needs Justin Bieber": For what? Hair tips?
  • "Justin Bieber is like the white Tupac": Oh, he must be talking about the Biebs' poetic lyrical genius.
  • "Compared to a lot of people": Who could he mean? Who are the people not in the "lot of people" that Bieber is more Tupac than?
4. There is a new study that says "cougars do not exist." A psychology researcher at the University of Wales thinks its total B.S., and largely a "media construct." He examined over 22,000 singles ads and determined that women aren't actually looking for younger men, they want older ones. He also didn't seem to find any trends proving the existence of the cougar "cubs" (young, hot mancandy). The study is flawed because cougaring happens in dark bars when the female, with a brain soaked in liquor, sees a young hot piece of tail and goes for it. Not in the daylight reality of a purchased newspaper ad.  And what about Demi Moore? Or Madonna? Or Linda Hogan? Cougs are real. All you have to do is believe.

5. This exists:

Yes, those are Golden Girls dolls. No, I'm not sure where to buy them. What I almost love more than the genius artwork is the supermini tea set. This is on a shelf somewhere in precise arrangement. Unfortunately, its not in my home. Check out the artist, Ginger Williams, for more amazing nesting doll art, including the whole cast of Steel Magnolias and Saved by the Bell.

6. The Backstreet Boys and the New Kids on the Block are close to signing a deal to tour together next Spring! Cue that Hallelujah chorus again. There pretty much isn't anything I'd rather spend my hard-earned dollars on. This represents a marriage of the best of the best of 90's teen pop magic. My whole self is a product of 90's teen pop magic. Backstreet's Back Alright!

Notice that every single person in this picture is making an awkward face of some sort. I don't understand.
7. Man Spanx are coming to a department store near you. They're calling them "men's shapewear." Men want to be skinny too. These new shapewear pieces "help with the love handles and beer belly and man boobs -- or 'moobs,' as we call them," says Spanx. Compressing undershirts already exist, and now, items for mens' bottoms are headed to U.S. stores. While I don't want to denounce a man's right to de-muffintop himself (god knows we all deserve that right in this free nation we live in), isn't this a recipe for mangina? Isn't that pretty much the un-sexiest thing in the entire history of unsexy things? I'm confused and confounded by this. I don't think I want to see it. If a man is seeking the perfect body by wearing a girdle, it is likely nobody will ever see it. Certainly not a woman. And that's that.

8. This makes me want to vomit. It's a Burger King "Pizza Burger." It's BK patties, marinara sauce and pesto flavored mayo. It costs $12.99 (and only is for the special Times Square BK location).

I don't think I really need to say anything else. I think we all just got a little fatter looking just at this thing.

HAPPY WEEKEND! I hope your weekend is a golden nugget, cloaked in a rainbow, dipped in sparkles with cherries and whipped cream on top. I just got kind of tingly writing that.
Aug 19, 2010

Poodle Party!

This weekend we were hanging at a friend's house and a totally impromptu POODLE PARTY got going. On the blog I named after my little Prince furbaby, I must report this preciousness.

It was like they all texted each other on their little poodle iPhones and hatched a genius scheme to make all of their mothers pee their pants in public because of cuteness overload. It probably went down like this:

Prince: Hey dudes, lets get together for a bitchin' good time
Stanley: Yeah man, I bet we can make the people do embarassing things and feed us millions of treats
Bear: EEEEEE! I love fun! EEEEEE! I'm cute! EEEEEE!

It was tough to get a group shot, there were treats in the mix, but dangit I tried. Here's the party-goers:

They all played and acted silly and wore themselves out. They all also ate approxmately 29496498467 treats because they were all so sweet. By far the sweetest poodle baby was mine. We had snacks and were attempting to get them all lined up for another photoshoot. They were all told to "SIT." Mission accomplished. Then, "STAY" got a lot trickier. The treat was brought into their eyeline and only one poodle stayed....

At the time, I didn't notice how super awesome he is. Typically the Prince is the unruliest pup in the pack. He's been known to do some mischievous things. But, upon re-examining the photographic evidence of the night, I learned of this greatness. I've never been more proud. Even typing it now, days later, I'm one beaming puppy  mom.

And this candid shot...
...just because manfriend + puppies totally melts my heart.

Surprise poodle party is a treat that I hope I get much more often. Even if it isn't a surprise I still think I need more of them in my life!



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