Jul 7, 2010

What the scooby-doodle-doo is going on here?

Recently, I was cruising home with one of my carpool buddies and saw something total asinine. As a preface, the normally 25-minute drive took well over 1 hour 30 minutes because of the inclement weather and various wrecks. All along this journey, which included multiple re-routes, we saw several ridiculous items that I could never describe. The constant comedy really relieved the road rage. All of a sudden, in a giggle fit about some other absurdity, we saw this: HOLY BALLS. Not only is the car scooby-ed out, there is a tail! Look closer people....THERE IS A TAIL coming out of the rear windshield wiper. When the rear windshield wiper goes into wiping motion and the tail wags. What in the world was this person thinking? I imagine their inner monologue going something like this...
"Hmmm...I really love Scooby Doo. Like, love it more than anything. I want my very own Mystery Machine. How can I make this totally awesome....? EUREKA! A tail. That's the most perfect thing I've ever dreamed. I'm the most genius genius person who has ever lived. And, the best part of it is, I get to share my geniusness with the whole wide world."
Needless to say, this sighting was one of the most high-larious things I've ever seen. And, it also validates my wall-to-wall Edward Cullen cubicle. So thanks, scooby car man.


  1. wall-to-wall Edward Cullen yes I love love love this! I love me some Edward Cullen but I would not do this to my car even for Edward Cullen!

  2. Bahahaha, that is awesome!

    PS: Thanks for the blog award! :)


    Holy freaking cow, funniest thing ever. It's official... you made my day.

  4. OMG - That is hilarious! I love seeing randomness at its best.

  5. Why do I have to wait a week to hear about this? I love poodleism but can you please tell me some stuff in person haha?

    I like your random blogs!


Thanks for the comment! I"m sending you a big cuddly warm bearhug through the interwebs....



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