Jul 2, 2010
Welcome to the Weekend (sort of)! I'm ecstatic about the long weekend and am having a hard time powering through my work day.... 1. Elin Nordegren may be getting $750 million from Tiger Woods in their divorce settlement! Oh holy balls! I don't even really know what that much money means. Other stipulations of the divorce are that Tiger may never bring his hos around the kids and that she may not speak publicly about their relationship or breakup. That's weird to me....don't we already know a bunch of pretty damaging stuff? We already know so much, imagine what we don't know about this whole sicko thing. I'm creeped out. I hope she gets that money. He's scummy. 2. Quote of the Week:
"I love my people. Let's stop the hate, congratulate. Hate is for suckas. If you hatin’, then you’s a sucka. You’re ashy and your breath stink. And you know who I’m talking to, you hatin’ ass crab." —Diddy to 50 Cent, indirectly
Hmmmm....I'm not entirely certain what a "hatin' ass crab" is. Maybe I'm just not hood enough. But I will most definitely be using the bit about the ashiness and the stinky breath next time I need to deliver a dis. 3. Tweeting may be just like getting cuddled. There is a hormone, called Oxytocin (nickname: "the cuddle hormone"), which is released in the brain when people experience human connections. Some triggers include, orgasm, breastfeeding, hugs, etc. People who Tweeted for 10 minutes had a elevated level of Ocytocin! Research shows that high levels of Ocytocin causes people to be more kind and sympathetic -- just more pleasant. If I'm getting this right, Twitter makes people nicer. I have to just GOT to get a phone that can go on the internet. Every second I'm not Tweeting its like I'm not getting hugged. Or that's the case I'm making to myself about breaking with the $$ for an iPhone. 4. Now this is just ridiculous. They want Betty White to be in the next Twilight movie. WTF. I appreciate the woman is having something of a professional renaissance at age 88, but come on. Not my Twilight. The proposed role would be Renesmee, Bella and Edward's hybrid baby. Since I cannot fathom how they will portray this character as she is written in the books, this might not be a totally terrible idea...but weird. **Side note: there has been no talk of Eclipse because I haven't seen it yet. I cannot comment until then. I'm DYING to go, but a girl's gotta work. This weekend, a robust recap will be coming your way. In the meantime, I'm wearing my "I heart Edward" t-shirt at work today.** 5. MAC cosmetics is coming out with a line of makeup based on various Disney villains! Cute! Awesome! Love it! A couple of years ago they came out with these decidedly cuter Disney-inspired glosses and I was in LOVE: The villains will be Cruella De Vil, Maleficient, The Evil Queen (Snow White) and some D-list villain from the Princess and the Frog (wtf?). Love this idea! 6. Whitney Port is releasing a book in a couple months called Tru Whit. Gag me with a spoon. I'm sick of these Hill stars and their business endeavors and branding opportunities. I can't imagine what Whitney Port has to offer book readers. Supposedly this little diddy is about "quarter-life crises" and how to power through the tough young adult years. This is all smelling very GOOP-ish to me. Ugh. Please, Please go away. On a related note, Heidi Montag (aka Franken-Heidi) launched her "official blog" this week. Go check it out if you ate a big breakfast and need to purge. This weekend should be fantasmical. More manfriend birthday fun tonight, fireworks and grilling with buddies Saturday, TWILIGHT marathon Sunday. I hope everyone has a super holiday weekend, Happy Birthday America!


Thanks for the comment! I"m sending you a big cuddly warm bearhug through the interwebs....



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