Jul 26, 2010

I had some fun, the beat was sick.

Thursday night I enjoyed a live performance by none other than the Gaga herself! It was so, so flipping fun, and we had a great group of buddies together, even the little nugget had a fun time. One of the ladies even went so far as to channel the Gaga and wig it up:
Freaking. Fabulous. Clearly I took a spin in the wig too, those photos are far to appalling to show you.
In addition to the sweet, sweet jams, the people watching at this event was just ridiculous. Needless to say the gays were out...like really out, that night. Take this gentleman for example, he's dressed as a bride, and wearing a wedding cake for a hat, which has 2 men on it.... Or this dude, who needs no explanation... Then of course there were tons of ladies dressed to the nines. I'm not entirely sure what reference she's making to the Gaga, but it's nonetheless pure fabulosity: I was really boring. I sort of ran out of time on the costume preparation, but it was still a super super fun time. The show was awesome too. Her singing Telephone live in concert pretty much sent me into a tailspin. Dissimilar to other pop stars, she played and sung the ENTIRE time. Piano, guitar, keytar, singing, dancing....her talent just blew me away. Even with all the spectacle, there was no hiding her freakishly large amount of natural talent. She changed costumes several times, which I LOVE in a pop show. One outfit even included sparks/fire shooting from her boobs and crotch area. AH-MAZING. If you have the chance to witness the Gaga for yourself, do it.


  1. Those costumes are unreal!

  2. hi! I'm stopping by from [life of meg]'s mingle monday!
    I can only imagine all the craziness you experienced at the lady gaga show!!

  3. I love those costumes! I'm also stopping in from [life of meg]'s mingle monday and am so happy to have found you. Love your blog :)

  4. SO jealous! Glad you had a great time!


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