Jul 6, 2010

Total ECLIPSE of my heart.

I finally freaking saw ECLIPSE! Hooray! Manfriend was sweet enough to watch both Twilight and New Moon with me before we headed out to the theater for Eclipse. He didn't even seem too embarrassed that I wore this: Yes. I had that made. Judge me, I dare you. Anyway, as for the movie, I loved it! I thought it was decidedly less "mushy" than the first two. There was more plot development, less impassioned "I want to eff you" stares and creepy gazing into others' eyes. There was fighting, a love triangle, lots of werewolves and bloodthirsty newborn vampires. And there was of course, plenty of EDWARD. This was probably my favorite little piece: Things between Bella and Edward were finally getting a little steamy and he proposed! It's a shame that the ring was totally fug, but the steaminess was almost too much for me to handle. Stupid Bella obviously proceeded to beg him for sex. Barf. There were of course a couple of high-lariously ridiculous lines that even I, one of the hardest Twi-hards out there, LOLed (literally) at. Most of them pertain to Jacob Black, werewolf/sexpot. His body is honestly too ridiculous for me to take seriously. Literally, at one point in the movie he snapped at Edward "we all know I'm hotter." AHAHAHAHHAHAHA. All in all, two enthusiastic thumbs up. I cannot wait for the fourth installment of my beloved tale. More on my skepticism of the production plans for Breaking Dawn later...


Thanks for the comment! I"m sending you a big cuddly warm bearhug through the interwebs....



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