Jul 13, 2010

The Hot Pink Lipstick quest has ended.

It's ended because I found the perfect one!!!! Recall, I've been on a never-ending journey to secure and adopt the perfect hot pink lipstick that looks something like this: I NEVER do this. I sought the counsel of a Macy's makeup counter girl. Normally I find those ladies too pushy, weird-smelling and generally too eager to touch other people's faces. But I was at the mall, wanted to find it, had a Macy's credit and was DETERMINED. A nice lady sent me straight for this:And here's Taylor Swift wearing the goodness: It's Stila Lip and Cheek Stain in Raspberry Crush. I loves it. Totes love it. The "staining" action is no joke. It really stays on pretty well, and looks faboo with a super glossy coat over it. I'm in love with it. Every cup in my office/apartment is stained (nothing a dishwasher won't fix) Raspberry Crush around the edges, now too. If Raspberry Crush ain't your bag, there are a variety of other shades. Here's me rockin' it out on a misc. Tuesday at the office:
This is after several snacks (thanks Bootcamp for the appetite of a wildebeast) and coffees, Twas much fresher this a.m.
I'm always on the hunt for long-wearing lip color and think I've finally found it. It feels bizarre to complete a mission. What should I search for next?


  1. Love it!!! Looks on you girl! :)

  2. definitely love it. perfection!

  3. Holy smokes... totally a girl after my own heart! With blonde hair, fair skin, and flesh toned lips - I need color!

    Was it pricey? I've have never heard of Stila before, but I must find it ASAP!

    Thanks love!

  4. I'll have to say that stain lipstick looks amazing on you ;) and I want some too now! haha



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