Jul 9, 2010
Happy Happy Friday all! I have a glorious weekend in my future. It's the little nugget's birthday, I'm dogsitting a sweet pup, I have plenty of time to sleep in and the world cup will finally be wrapping up. HOORAY! 1. LeBron "the King" James has joined the Miami Heat. After much ado, he finally announced his decision last night. ESPN even had an hour-long special devoted to it, titled "The Decision." Someone please just shoot me now. This is so ridiculous. I'm sure, the amount of money he's getting paid is just absurd also. And he claims he did it "for the kids," since last night's special benefited the Boys and Girls Club of America. I guess that's not totally despicable, but I'm still really glad this whole thing is over. He decided to go with the heat because two of his buddies, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh have also signed on. They're apparently pretty good too and the threesome will supposedly be an unstoppable trifecta. Gimme a break. Isn't oil still gushing into the gulf? 2. Quote of the Week:
"Oh my God, poor girl. She's Britney Spears all over again. It's happening right before our eyes ... she's definitely headed the Britney route. It's worse. Look at those outfits. It's bad." —Katy Perry on Miley Cyrus
Amen. Couldn't have said it better. No matter what she says, Miley Cyrus CAN be tamed. And should. 3. Over the last couple of weeks there has been a big fracas about Russian spies in the U.S. The spies were found, arrested and confessed to illegally gathering intelligence in the U.S. Finally, this weekend they were sent back. There was a theatrical "spy swap" in Vienna, Austria. We traded the Russians the 10 spies we captured here for 4 they've captured in their country. This all feels very dodgeball-ish to me, when both teams have players out of the game, they can be tagged back in. Except, why did we only settle for 4 returned spies? This whole Cold War-ish, espionage, secret spy business fascinates me...but we should at least demand a fair trade, right? 4. They've discovered a new dinosaur species in Canada and named it the "Mojoceratops." HAHAHAHAHA. Yale paleontologists arrived at this giggle-tastic name over rounds of beers. Smart people, they're just like us! The name was originally a joke and referred to the creatures bizarrely shaped head and just "sort of stuck." Mysterious creatures of eons past blow my brain apart. Giving them high-larious names just makes them more intriguing. Dinosaurs may be the new space for me. 5. Linsday Lohan. Where do we even begin? (Here is a nice summary of the whole saga.) She's been in court all week getting the smackdown for a variety of indiscretions. Apparently, she could get up to 90 days in jail. Of course, she believes this is completely unjust and has spent the whole week in the courtroom crying and blabbering on like an idiot. She's missed her court dates something like 7 times! That's not an accident. That's choosing not to go to court. Lock her up. She also painted some choice words for the judge onto her fingernail. See left. How classy. Oh, and what happened to her lips? They're ginormous. Maybe she plumped those dudes for all the pouting she's been up to this week. High-larious remix of her idiocy:
6. Since dumb things seems to be the theme for today, some person has invented the "Candwich." It's a sandwich in a can. Inside the can is sandwich. There are sandwiches in there. WHAT THE HELL? They come in PB&J and BBQ. Based on the photo, there seems to be the standard pop top for extracting the sandwichy goodness. Sick. I'll probably need to try one of these. If I don't' think to much about it, slurping on a PB&J in my cubicle doesn't seem that awful. Or maybe it does. This whole thing has me very confused. Have a super weekend, Thanks for reading! Heart you.


  1. #1) Yes, enough abou Lebron!

    #2) I am soooo glad at least you, me and Katy Perry see eye to eye... Miley is a disaster.

    #3) I demand a candwich review asap ;)

  2. I read about that candwich thing. It's really odd and I really don't even know what to think of it either.


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