Jul 23, 2010
Happy Friday all! Lady Gaga last night was a religious experience. More on that later.... 1. Tuesday, Linsday Lohan finally went to jail. Thank heavens. At the risk of getting all soapboxy on you, she deserves to feel the long arm of the law. This little poptart has needed someone to slap her around a little for years now. Yes, that is an explosion of glitter behind her as she enters the jailhouse.Hopefully jail will do the trick. Although, they're only guessing she'll serve 13 of her 90 day sentence. Boo, that. She's isolated away from the normal prison population "for her own safety." That's probably a good idea. My dream situation would be for her to become someone's girlfriend on the inside and that girlfriend blabs all her bizarre secrets to PerezHilton for me to enjoy. But, I digress.... In the meantime, she's on the cover of German GQ. Not looking too bad, I might add. I wish I could party it up, play in jail and still be getting paid to be sexy in other parts of the world: 2. Look at this amazing-ness: A giant Southern Right whale leaped out of the ocean and crashed into a yacht! The 40-ton mega-beast was off the coast of South Africa and just decided to pop out and say hello. Luckily, neither the whale or the people were hurt. Isn't it amazing that we share this planet with creatures like this dude? He makes the man look like a little Ken doll. Sailboat Ken, to be more specific. WHOA. 3. Bristol Palin and Levi Johnson are engaged! What a relief. Supposedly, all of a sudden, these two braniacs just decided they're ready to be a "family" again. I'm glad they're in love, but the US Weekly article claims that they haven't told Sarah when the the issue went to press. Give me a damn break, I have a hard time buying their genuine love if US Weekly (who probs paid them many dollars) were the first people they told. I'm clearly not better than that though, because I purchased the mag at the airport. Dammit, always giving my hard earned dollars to dummies like these two. Or maybe they're the smart ones...(well, we all know they aren't too smart) There even may be a reality show in the works! Please, Bravo, I hope you're reading this. I need that to happen. I'm imagining a hillbilly version of Britney and K-Fed's Chaotic. 4. There is a Utah lady with 2 uteruses! And both of them are pregnant! Holy Guacamole! This lady, Angie Cromar, was born with a rare condition (called didelphys). She also has two cervixes and two vaginas! This story blows my mind. The questions abounding in my mind are just infinite. I'm curious about the whole gamut of female reproductive system woes. (two tampons?) She's only 20 weeks along, but the pregnancy is very dangerous. I hope her and her little babies the best. I'm still just amazed at the whole situation, does her OBGYN feel like he's wearing the drunk goggles? 5. Quotes of the week:
"It's been fun to play dumb." —Stephanie Pratt on the end of The Hills
Really? No, but, really?
"I’d rather keep the dead and revolting things like vampires and werewolves out of my life." Miley Cyrus
Can she really be throwing around the word "revolting"? ...the jealous idiot flaps her gums again. I can't wait for the next time...
Have a super weekend! Somehow manfriend has convinced me to go camping. I have some trepidations...


  1. #1 - I was out of the office on Friday (wooo day off!), but I'm just now catching up with my favorite Poodleism posts ;)

    #2 - Newsflash this last week... freaking awesome.

    #3 - LOVE the thumbnail photo you posted on Mingle Monday this week (I literally laughed so hard my office mate asked what my issue was!).

    #4 - Can't wait to see what 2 blogs you visited and read your recommendations! :)

  2. I love this post so great! Found you from Life of Meg!


Thanks for the comment! I"m sending you a big cuddly warm bearhug through the interwebs....



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