Jul 28, 2010

Even more Lady Gaga Fabulosity

Bizarrely, just when I think I've maxed out on Lady Gaga-related amazement, these two things trot across my radar today... 1. This freaking AWESOME photographer, named Jesse Freidin, has a little diddy called the "Doggie Gaga Project." In this amazing photo series, precious pooches are dressed up in some of the Gaga's most notorious fashions.These are my faves:
I wish the prince could have been in this little exhibition. I've been thinking about getting some portraits of him taken and what better giggles than puppies + Gaga?!?! Scroll through all the super-ness HERE. 2. So all week there has been serious news about several classified documents related to the war in Afghanistan being leaked online. A U.S. soldier leaked the documents on a site called WikiLeaks earlier this week. The whole thing went down like this: he got onto a secured computer, which permitted the use of compact discs. He then downloaded all the secret data onto CDs. Want to know how he got away with it? All his buddies thought he was listening to LADY GAGA. He disguised the CDs in a Lady Gaga album case! Throughout the whole operation, he wore headphones and pretended to by lip syncing! HAHAHAHAHA. While this is a serious offense, its so amazing that nobody even questioned him because he appeared to be so in the zone with his Gaga jam session. I definitely know that feeling. Here's the exact quote from the NY times:
"He was able to avoid detection not because he kept a poker face, they said, but apparently because he hummed and lip-synched to Lady Gaga songs to make it appear that he was using the classified computer’s CD player to listen to music."
I'm very sorry that leaked war secrets could be making our troops more vulnerable, but I find infinite humor in this soldier using the sweet, sweet melodies of the Gaga to commit this offence - and that nobody even challenged it. It is the Gaga afterall.

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  1. OH my goodness this post totally cracked me up. TOO FUNNY! You are hilarious, and I can't wait to keep reading. Keep up the hilariousness :)


Thanks for the comment! I"m sending you a big cuddly warm bearhug through the interwebs....



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