Jul 28, 2010

Brace yourselves, I'm in my happy place.

One of my fave blog friends did a post today about 10 things that make her sublimely happy. She got the idea from one of her fave blogs. This is what we bloggers do, share ideas and cheer. It's really quite nice. So, In the spirit of getting my smiley face on this busy Wednesday, here are 10 things (in no particular order) that lately have really been giving me the supersmileys.....

1. Blog friends. Cheese-tastic, but I have to. Lately I've really been getting into this and wearing my Poodleist hat a lot more. And I love it.

2. Bootcamp. I've been doing these mega-hard workouts for a month and I've just signed up for another one! It makes me feel productive and strong.

3. Mad Men. But you already knew that one. I'm close, so close, to being caught up.

4. I have a hair appointment Saturday. I love getting my hair did. Like, really love it. I like the pampering, I like the non-split ends when its over with. And I love my stylist. I don't have lots of $$ to spend on my beauty regimen, so this feels like a treat every time

5. The prince is back! My sweet furry puffball of love was visiting his grandparents for a couple of weeks and now my snuggle buddy is back in my world. YES.

6. Next weekend I'm going to AUSTIN! It's not a particularly far or rare trip for me, but I love it just the same every time.

7. Manfriend. That's an oldie but a goodie. He's really been on board with the fitness thing lately and I like reaching our goals together. Oh, and he cuddles me.

8. My new office is the bomb.com. That's just that.

9. Ghirardelli chocolates. In my recent foray to San Fran, I bought a big variety pack of the tasty nuggets. There is a bowl on my desk. Occasionally I indulge in a treat, but mostly all my co-workers have an excuse to drop by. I love being the hot spot!

10. Lots of buddies are engaged. Lately there has been ton of wedding news in my inner circle. I'm genuinely so excited for all my bride buddies. Not to mention all the fun parties I get to go to!

Yay! I'm in a better/happier mood already! It's amazing what spending a few minutes thinking about your happy place will do for your mood. Write the same post and leave me a link in your comments. I promise you'll feel great!


  1. You = adorableishness

    So happy that you are spreading the cheer... it's so gosh darn contageous!

    - As always, that photo literally makes me choke on anything I'm eating/drinking... love it!

    - OMG. Ghirardelli. I don't know how you don't devour every single chocolate. When I lived in SF, I would make excuses to go to G Square at least once a week... or four times. You know, something like that...

    - Freaking way to go on working out, you buff woman, you! I need to get my ass in gear ASAP! Thanks for the inspiration ;)

    PS- Loved the Gaga post! No freaking way, she's taking over the WORLD!

  2. Love #6!! and the others too, I guess:)

  3. haha! I love the energy and cheer behind your list! it's fantastic!

    thank you for the lovely comment! have a great Thursday :)


Thanks for the comment! I"m sending you a big cuddly warm bearhug through the interwebs....



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