Jun 21, 2010

Wicked = Religious Experience

I finally went to see Wicked. Finally. I'm an avid fan of musicals and I've been hearing for years that Wicked is "the best one EVAAAAR!!!" but couldn't ever find a date because all the other musical fans I know have already seen the awesomeness. Boo. Finally, it came to Dallas and my sweet mommy came all the way up to take me to it (manfriend got of the hook in a last minute audible) and it was THE BEST EVAAARRR!!! My favorite song was obviously...
If you don't know the premise, the musical is a prequel to the Wizard of Oz. In the story, Glenda the Good Witch and the Wicked Witch of the West (WWW) were buddies as school girls. Then, chaos ensued and moral dilemmas sent the two on very different paths. In this tale, Glenda was actually kind of awful and WWW was just misunderstood. It was very interesting and more creative than anything I've maybe every seen. Loved every single second. Costumes, makeup, staging, dancing....all of it was totally faboo. The writing and cleverness was probably the best part to me though. If you haven't, go see it.


  1. AHHHHHHH!!!

    Wasn't this epic? Life-changing?

    Holy S#!&... I love this musical. I've seen it twice already and I could go back 1,234,567,896,261 more times!

    { So glad you loved it!! Yay! }

  2. Be forewarned - you will become obsessed with the music! (At least, I did...)I loved Defying Gravity

    Isn't it amazing! Have you read the book?

  3. OMG i'm so jealous i still need to go see it!


Thanks for the comment! I"m sending you a big cuddly warm bearhug through the interwebs....



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