Jun 14, 2010

Weekend Recap - it's good to be home.

After being away the last couple of weekends it's felt like I haven't gotten to spend some time getting the rest and relaxation I usually do on the weekend. I guess it means I'm getting old if two weekends in a row out of town feels like hustle and bustle to me. I finally freaking got to see Sex and the City 2! I was pleasantly surprised. I really was expecting it to be a total cheese fest. I thought it was actually way less kitschier than the first movie. There was a lot of good "Carrie's inner monologue" writing that I loved so much about the show. And the little white frock she wore in the opening scene (right) was absolute heaven. I want it. Bad. There was also a flashback to when the girls met in the 1980's. Genius. Carrie also receives a black diamond ring from big. I want it. Even more bad. I love the movies but they force me to expand my wish list of glamorous items, something I'm really trying not to do. All in all, victory. I hear they're already producing the third film. Better hurry, some of the girls aren't as spry as they used to be. Saturday my mom came in town and we hung out and baked guilt-free sheet cake (which was a super endeavor I learned about at a friend's blog). I highly recommend this low-calorie treat. I was again, shocked, at how amazing it was. We explored the new Whole Foods megacenter for other tasty treats. My latest obsession is natural peanut butter (or "natch pean butt" for an abbreviation, but mostly giggles). There is a machine full of peanuts (or almonds or whatever) and you turn on the grinder and it makes fresh, no chemicals added, sugar-free peanut butter before your very eyes! Not low fat, but low in sugar and high in protein. OB-freaking-SESSED. Try it. I also went to a super fun bar in Dallas called Barcadia. Same old bar scene, but they have fun games. In particular, me and my posse partook in some oversized Jenga. I can't decide if dinosour-sized jenga + full bar = the best or worst idea of all time. While it is really fun and the games are short (everyone is wobbly for some reason), the big blocks crashing down get a little dangerous. I found this immensely entertaining. But not as entertaining as the photographic evidence of the boy-ish delight that overtook manfriend:
Hehehehe, I love candid shots. He was just giddy with anticipation about those Jenga blocks. Cuteness.
Sunday was a blur of pool, gym, cleaning, dinner.... Sunday things. Fabulous to be home. But now it's Monday and I have a serious case of the boreds.


  1. I am so with you on the SATC2! Love love love the black diamond I ring. I was also a fan on the not having a hugely traumatic event happen to Carrie and Big - the first movie was way to stressful. I must find the bar in Dallas with the gianormous Jenga! Looks so fun! Cute blog, glad stumbled upon it :)

  2. Think you may have forgotten a visitor on sunday...typical.


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