Jun 10, 2010

Tastiest calamity I've ever seen

On the way out of town last week manfriend and I witnessed this: It was super scary and very un-funny until we got a little bit closer to inspect the damaged goods (the driver was a-ok). Seeing the blue-boxed debris, my first guess was that it was Costco-sized boxes of Tampax. Manfriend guessed Bud Light. Interesting that his brain goes straight to party and I go a very different direction... Once we got close enough we realized it was zillions of graham crackers! I have a couple of questions about this tasty spill. 1. How did this happen? There was no turn in the road. 2. What calamity could cause a truck of this size to spin and be totally perpendicular with the road? 3. How the eff many graham crackers were in this truck? 4. It appears that the boxes were just thrown in the truck all loosey goosey. No crates/palettes containing them. Whose plan was that? 5. Are they going to pick up those boxes and sell them? That would make for a crumby (hilarious pun - see what I did there?) s'more. These questions are still burning in my mind - days later. I really should start reading a book or something to occupy my mind. Anyway, for some reason this really brought me the giggles. I bet all the cars stacked up in traffic behind this chaos weren't laughing.


  1. Gah! What a sight! I think I would have grabbed some marshmallows/chocolate and went to town!

  2. I love that these thoughts fly into your mind instead of "I'm hungry" or something along those lines... love reading your blog!

  3. hey! visiting from 'Life of Meg'. I really love your blog it's very entertaining. i'm a new follower =)



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