Jun 9, 2010

Miike Snow + Granada = VICTORIOUS

The other night I went to a concert, Miike Snow, at one of my fave Dallas spots - the Granada Theater.
The place is an old art deco-era movie theater that's been converted into a music venue. Genius idea. All the original art work and 40's-style decorating is still inside. They've cleared out the seats, which makes for the perfect viewing experience. The floor level is still in a ramp from the movie seat rows and the upper level balcony is gives you a less-crowded birds-eye view of the action. The original concession stands are now full bars (but I wish they still also sold movie candy) I love going there. The also always have really amazing shows. I highly recommend.
Miike Snow was a super good concert also. See sidebar for a sweet track. I loved the music and went into it knowing I would. I jammed out and made a major idiot out of myself dancing. That's pretty typical though.
My knock on the show was that there were too many lasers. Like there could be too many lasers, right? There can. I tried to take some pics, but they were all laser-ed out. (See some profesh pics HERE.) I couldn't even get a look at the musicians' faces. Maybe they're ugly. Boo. I like a multi-sense concert experience - at least sounds and sights (there are smells, but not a part of the official programming). I don't think they're hideous, but in most pictures they cover their faces:
This is a little scary-ish now that I think about it.
All in all, VICTORY. Go to the Granada, but not too much, because I like that the tickets are easy to get.

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  1. Stopping by from Life of Meg Mingle party! Hope you are having a fabulous day!


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