Jun 2, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend - Sunday

As promised, the 2nd chapter of perhaps the most epic weekend of my life.... Sunday morning after Robert Earl Keen got off to a slow start, if you can imagine that. But, members of our group rallied and drove to Austin, TX (probs my fave city in the world). One of my buddies' boyfriend was super nice and invited us out on his boat on Lake Austin (see super nice friends at right). I love boats. Like really love boats. My dream is to have a permanent yacht residence in my Twilight years. I'm probably going to have to think of a new personal finance plan if that's going to happen.... This has obviously been in my head since we hit the high seas/high lakes Sunday morning: Before we embarked, I saw this sign at the boat dock: What could that mean? First of all, the red line isn't the diagonal "no" line. It's just like a horizontal English "tube"-ish thing. Not sure what that could be about. Secondly, I don't think it's a bikini, I think its bra and underwear. I think. For both of those two reasons....WTF? Thoughts? Anyway, we first cruised the lake and house shopped. There's some of the most gargantuan displays of wealth on Lake Austin I can think of. Lakefront mansion shopping is one of my favorite things. There's something slightly empowering about picking apart the houses that I "could never be seen in." It was nice that all the other members of the group were on board for this superficiality that I so love. Then of course manfriend had to cliff jump. That's him at the top most position. I was a nervous wreck. But the cliffs are beautiful. Thankfully the swim back to the idling boat deterred the boys from wanting to do it twice. The majority of the afternoon was spent tied up in the cove. This was amazing people watching. We pulled into the cove and tied our boat up with the hundreds of other boats parked for debauchery. It was the most Jersey Shore-like thing I've experienced outside of the real Jersey Shore. The guidos and freeloading whorebags were out in full force. I had infinite fodder for under-the-breath remarks with my pals. Love that. Every cliche "lets get drunk and make bad choices thing" was happening all around me. Beer bongs, jello shots, real shots, liquor punch with sketchy ingredients and several more illegal items were being peddled boat to boat. Giggles. I haven't been immersed like that in a while. Nice to forget being a grown up for an afternoon. We decided to spend most of our time in the water, half to avoid the gentleman callers (ours chose to browse the offerings of our boat neighbors), half to stay cool. Quite relaxing. Great afternoon of friends and fun. Then for Sunday evening we met up with some other Austin friends. We partook in a double date with one of my besties everofalltime and her man. Delicious Mexican food and overdue chats ensued. So much fun was had that manfriend literally took a nap in the bar. Bless his little heart, it was too much fun to handle. Weekend = great success.


  1. Aren't you in your Twilight years now? Go Team Edward!

  2. The only thing you forgot to mention was your 4 minute single ladies dance. I was so proud!


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