Jun 1, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend - Saturday

I've just had the best weekend of my life maybe. No but really, I don't know if my own wedding will even top this one. (FML) I'm going to have to attack this marathon of greatness in two parts.... Saturday manfriend and I spent the day in Boerne, TX. We went there for an engagement party for one of my dearest buddies. Saturday morning the whole crew that was in town for the engagement went to float the Guadalupe river. This "floating" business means you get in a tube and float down the river - drinking and socializing all the way. I find it one of the more relaxing and zen things I've done in my life.....unless you fry yourself in the sun (which I did). I always forget that other things besides my shoulders and face can get burnt. Visor is crucial. The visible signs of aging can kiss my behind. Me and my posse were sure to keep the sun of of our faces... There aren't any more photos from the floating expedition because my digicam isn't waterproof. I had a great time, except this floating trip was a little bit too rapid-ous. The water moved really fast and there were times when it got a little treacherous. I probably had the worst wipeout of our group....my life flashed before my eyes. My tube flipped and for a solid 15 seconds I was completely out of control of my body. Thats one of the scarier feelings in life. I got some bumps and scrapes, but emerged victorious. But really, I saw a white light. Manfriend retrieved my tube and fresh beverage for me after the ordeal. What a gem. Then Saturday evening the real party began. The engagement fiesta was at a friend's ranch in rural Boerne. We all rode a super fun party bus from our hotel out to their home. There were delicious snacks and drinks, but the highlight of the event was a concert from country singer, Robert Earl Keen. I'm not a big country person, but he's a pretty big deal. They had the stage set up so that the beautiful hill country was the back drop. Fabulous: Of course, there were multiple photo ops with the prettiness behind. It's so refreshing not to have some drunk bachellorette party in the background of my party pics. I'm really going to have to acuire a palacial ranch home like this one...Then, the concert began and it was super super fun. There were only about 100 people at the party so we got to enjoy the show from super close proximity. It was disorienting to be so close to the band. I kept getting the urge to reach out and high five them. That could've been creepy. This picture looks like I'm getting a warm boyfriend embrace. He's actually physically restraining me from jumping up on stage... Then the final number came on, a fabulous tune.... Mostly everyone in the party jumped in the pool. Seeing everyone exodus into the pool fully clothed was like out of a movie. No photos really emerged from that scene, it got really splashy and chaotic. The energy was unreal. Anway, Saturday was a great day. Sun, tubing, concerts, parties with best buddies. I'm still not ready to accept that it's over. Even more greatness came Sunday....

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