Jun 28, 2010

It's a great day to be alive

This morning it was beautiful. Still Texas hot, but beautiful. I took a sec to smell the roses and clicked this photo of the Dallas skyline. There is a special spot that I find myself in sometimes where I can enjoy this view. And I thought of this song. It's rare that a country track pops to my mind, but today, it did. I was a hot mess this Monday morning -- tired, cranky, hungry for breakfast, lethargic after an indulgent weekend (pretty much in Monday mode). But, this quick little glimpse made me think that I'm lucky to be living today. I've got lots to be glad about: air in my lungs, super friends and family, manfriend, poodle.... Hope you have a great week! PS: I'm beginning a bootcamp tonight. Will try my darndest to keep this spirit alive, but I expect the butt-kicking will be a one-way ticket back to negativetown. Maybe this time I'll make a round trip :)


  1. My sister does boot camp. Its a love hate relationship I've been told...but I sure wish I could find one around here. I kind of want to be in that kind of relationship with my body!!

  2. You go girlfriend!

    Man, I love Texas! I was a Dallas/Plano girl while doing a 4 month internship in college and I loved it.

    { Great song! }

    Umm yes, I ate SO MUCH this weekend, so I'm off to get my hiney kicked into gear - oh lordy! Good luck - keep us posted!

  3. I enjoy that view from time to time, it really does put you in a better mood. I love the positivity on a Monday.. it's going to be a great week!

  4. That is a nice view! I miss being so close to downtown. Good luck at bootcamp tonight!

  5. That view looks awesome!!!! Enjoy your blog and love that song!!!

    P.s. I left something on my blog so go check it out!



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