Jun 18, 2010
Happy Happy Friday all! It's been a crazy busy work week. I'm ready for some much needed hometown R&R. 1. The L.A. Lakers won the NBA Championship last night. This is their second victory in a row! I wanted the Celtics to win. I stayed up past my bedtime to catch the nail-biting action last night and was thoroughly disappointed. I don't have any legitimate reason not to like the Lakers, but I just get the really cocky vibe from them all. Kobe Byrant, while badass, doesn't have a shred of gratitude or humility in his entire giant body. I despise what an ego maniac he his. There was a point after the game where the whole team was hugging and celebrating and he climbed up on a table and just basked in the fans' adoration. I like watching the home games because they always show shots of all the famous people in the L.A. crowd, but at the same time, it feels like they just show off their high-profile moviestar fans like arm candy. All my Laker hate excludes sweetheart Lamar Odom. I love Mr. Khloe Kardashian. He's freaking sweet. He and Hank Baskett tie for sweetest reality husbands of all time. But, I digress. Boo, Lakers. 2. Last week, I promised a breakdown of the sexiest World cup men. But, before I had the chance to find my favorites, another fabulous, mega-cute blog friend of mine did all the hard work on the sexy man search. Go check out her breakdown at (flash)pasteurized. Poor her, what a trooper for doing that painstaking research. From what I've seen, my favorite footballer remains Portuguese powerhouse of sexiness, Cristiano Ronaldo: The real shame of it is that he's rumored to be a serious womanizer and absolutely crawling with STDs. The good news there is that I'll never get close enough to him for that to matter. 3. Kelly Kapowski (Tiffani Thiessen) had a baby! Her and her husband, Brady Smith (with whom I share an odd family connection....he's from Houston), welcomed baby girl Harper Renn Smitth to the world on Tuesday. I love the name Harper, it's going to the top of my shortlist for baby names. "Renn" confuses me though. I assume it's some connection I don't know. Anyway, hip hip hooray for baby Kelly Kapowski! If this seems like a random D-list reference, just know that Saved by the Bell-related news is never lost on me. 4. Quote of the week:
"I'm in the gym, and I'm doing reps, and I'm reading the books, and I'm studying the character. I'm just saying to myself, 'I want this role. I love this role. I'm not gonna lose it. And I'm gonna know it better than anybody, and I'm gonna do that extra rep, because I'm gonna be Jacob Black.'"Taylor Lautner on bulking up for Twilight
Taylor Lautner is so freaking sweet. He's so squeaky clean. I love that about him. He seems to be so hard-working and genuine. I guess this is the cynic in me, but he better be careful with this "look at me, I'm so nice and admirable" bit. One slip and he's the next Miley Cyrus. In the meantime, what a sweetheart. Still on team Edward, though. (Sidenote: Eclipse is just around the corner and there have been tons of Twilight news items lately, stay tuned next week ...) 5. 15 MILLION pounds of SpaghettiO's have been recalled. What the hell? Apparently a lot of the cans of this stuff were "under-processed" and not suitable for eating. Who still eats these? Who knew that enough people still do that 15 million pounds have been recalled? This blows my mind. That's more cans of preservatives than I can get my head around. I'm a little grossed out at these, I can't even really recall a time in my childhood that I liked them. Son of B, that's a lot of SpaghettiO's. 6. Jillian Michaels used to have hips like the rest of us. I guess this isn't really news per se, but it renews my faith in the diet gods out there. You aren't just born hot. You have to work your A off. Or at least she did. I've long believed that famous hot people are just born that way. That's mostly because I'm a cynic. Maybe untrue. Maybe the world is fair. Happy Weekend! I'm going home to visit my Daddy for Father's Day! Make sure you tell yours you love him this weekend!


  1. I tried to stay up and root for the Celtics...I think I started getting too anxious at one point and had to change the channel. And I am not a fan of Kobe, probably for the same reason you point out!!

    And I heard that stuff about spaghetti O's but thought it was a rumor. GROSSSSS

    Have a good weekend with your daady-o

  2. 1. jm says ronaldo is the whiniest baby in the whole word cup. i vote for landon donavan because he's from the USA. although google image wayne rooney (england) for a laugh.

    2. i heart spaghettios. i have some in my pantry right now...i hope the ones i have are not part of the recall batch :/


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