Jun 25, 2010
Happy Friday and Weekend! 1. This is just bizarre. Some restaurant in Arizona attempted to sell Lion meat burgers as a World Cup promotion. The bright idea was to make African wild game burgers to make patrons feel like they were in South Africa enjoying the matches themselves. What the hell? I don't really have any idea what it would be like to eat cat meat, but I don't envision it being real tender. Seems like it could be chewy. That's just my conjecture, and I'm no meat expert. Anyway, animal rights activists are all up in arms about this, as they should be. Would you eat cat meat? I'm pretty sure I wouldn't. 2. Kim Kardasian may be dating Dallas Cowboy Miles Austin. YES! I love the Kardashians. They're my favorite kind of reality television. Talentless, pointless, rich and fabulous. She's all about those sports stars (Reggie Bush, Christiano Ronaldo (major jealous)). Supposedly her and Miles are "taking it slow." I hope they stop doing that and take it fast - like go out in Dallas all the time and her and I become best friends. I wish her the best in this budding romance. It's her turn. 3. Al Gore is a "crazed sex poodle." Or at least one woman thinks so. An Oregon masseuse, who seems to have some screws loose herself, has reported a 2006 incident in which Al Gore fondled and groped her during a massage session. She had some awful R-rated things to say about this little event, but 'crazed sex poodle'? That's one of the weirdest thing's I've ever heard of. My poodle isn't sex crazy, nor have I ever seen one that is (and I'm always alert to poodle happenings). I can only assume that this is a pet name he used for her. This is strictly my conjecture, but it's so high-larious. I like Al Gore and his politics. I highly doubt this story, but if anyone is calling anyone a 'crazed sex poodle,' I feel it is my obligation to report. Oh, and I found this funny thing: 4. Lady Gaga, she's just like us! She falls down in ridiculous heels too! I've long been an avoider of stupidly high heels. I've got some mega high arches, which make wearing heels miserable....oh, and I fall down a lot. So does GAGA! She was gliding through the airport in London in this bra, panties, chaps ensemble and ate it hard. Luckily the queen of all things fabulous wasn't hurt. Thank goodness. Someone *wink*wink* might have tickets to see her in less than a month and she better be in top top shape to perform the circus of bizarre that that someone is expecting. PS: that some one is ME!!! Commence major jealousy now. 5. On another Gaga-related note, she's def the quote of the week with this little gem:
"When I wake up in the morning, I feel just like any other insecure 24-year-old girl. Then I say, 'Bitch, you're Lady Gaga, you get up and walk the walk today.'" -- Lady Gaga to Rolling Stone
From now on, I'm giving myself this pep talk every morning. "Bitch, you're Casey and you're awesome, you get up and walk the walk today." UGH, why does the Gaga have to keep wow-ing me with her "I'm an actual normal person deep down"-ness? 6. Jake and Vienna have broken up. GASP! Can't say I'm too shocked. She's a real trashy little thing and he's just an idiot. Supposedly she was "jealous" of his career and "controlled him." If I were a ex Hooter's waitress turned reality star I'd be jealous and controlling too. Vienna was just trying to grab on to any fame and fortune she could. She also supposedly cheated with another D-List TV star. I'm done with this story. Go away, you two. 7. Space News! It's been a while since I've found any good space stuff (Recall, I'm addicted to space). Boo. They have found evidence that there used to be perhaps LOTS of water on Mars. There are mineral deposits that prove that in many places around the red planet water flowed freely. Wow! The places where they found these traces are the most likely places to find any evidence of life forms existing at one time! Martians are becoming more real everyday! With this kind of space news, I'm trying not to lose control of imagination...which is proving tough on a Friday. Smiles today. Looking forward to the weekend, hope yours is divine!


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