Jun 10, 2010
Hello all! It's Friday again! I've been loving my recent weekend getaways, but am also loving that I'll be home this weekend for some much-needed me time. I'm so thrilled to take care of some errands, hang by the pool and just do my normal Dallas weekend thing! 1. The world cup is beginning! I do not profess to be a soccer fan, but I like when the whole world competes against each other. I like watching our great race battle it out, and soccer provides a super backdrop. I love how everyone just comes together and speaks the same language for a couple weeks. This is a cool article about story lines to watch. It's like the Olympics but there are no dumb events (curling, ping pong, bowling...I'm talking to you.) I have a work buddy who is a major soccerhead and his early pick for the winner is Brazil, although according to my expert, Germany and Spain are solid choices too. I guess I'll root for Brazil (mostly because they're on our side of the world...ish). Anyway, tune in, the world cup is a fun thing....this weekend I'm going to begin shopping for the sexiest men in the tournament.... 2. Supposedly Gweneth Paltrow and Madonna have had a jealous falling out. OMFG....this is the worst. news. EVAAAAAAR....not really. I hate them as a power couple. I was getting real sick of the "look at us we're best friends and we're famous" bit. Supposedly they've been on a downward spiral lately because Gweneth is "jealous and competitive." I don't really get that. If that's true, its like Gweneth can't stand that she isn't the most famous, workout-obsessed and botoxed one in the friendship. Proof: Paltrow's dumbass blog, GOOP. Just go read it to learn out to be as amazing as her. 3. There are new panties to hide your camel toe. They're called CAMELFLAGE. Isn't that the most genius thing you've ever heard? They are undies with extra support to make sure you don't have any unsightly wardrobe malfunctions down there. Who is in charge of this and why don't they have anything better to do? (this rhetorical question makes me to wonder...who is in charge of this blogging about camel toes and why doesn't SHE have anything better to do?) 4. One of Princess Diana's gowns was sold at auction this week for $276,621 this week. She wore the black taffeta number in her first public appearance as Prince Charles' fiance. The dress is beautiful, and it definitely showed some major boob salad, something unheard of for the British royalty. This item was considered kind of her big "coming out look." A fashion museum in Chile snagged the dress up, along with sketches for the pattern, the invoice for it and photos of the Princess in it. Something doesn't quite seem right about such an iconic piece of Diana lore living in South America. 5. Quote of the Week: "Oh my goodness, I could grate cheese on that thing, y'all." —Paula Deen on the Situation's situation What a glorious convergence of two worlds. This gives me the major giggles because I'm imagining sweet, sweet Paula sitting on her couch watching a late-night Jersey Shore marathon. Stars, they're just like us! In this daydream of mine she's also cramming bacon-wrapped fried cheeseballs into her mouth. Jealy. 6. Lady Gaga showed up at a Mets game dressed like this: Guess its not really news, but I'm just waiting on the edge of my seat for her to break character. Seems like that isn't going to happen, though. What I love most about the pictures I've seen is she's slamming draft beers the whole game. Long live the gaga. Have a great weekend, and thanks again to Meg at LifeofMeg for featuring me on her blog today!


  1. Hahaha, I totally LOVE the camelflage! That is so freaking hilarious!

    And Lady Gaga... I mean I don't know why that's such a big deal, I wore that SAME "outfit" to a baseball game last week - bahahaha!

    Thanks for the laughs :)

  2. hahaha! your posts really cracked me up. it's really interesting. but as for me, i only got like 4 followers on my blog. so i searched and saw Meg's blog and then you. please follow me and i would be more than happy to follow back with ♥ http://www.shannsuck.blogspot.com

  3. Ok are they flippin kidding with the camelflage thing???? I am 1000% with you on the goop site, really? Raally? That's all I can muster with some of the celebs.
    Great post!
    Oh yes, and I am up at 6am on Sat morn to watch S. Korea whup up in some soccer!


Thanks for the comment! I"m sending you a big cuddly warm bearhug through the interwebs....



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