Jun 4, 2010

Friday newsflash!

Happy Friday all! Today I'm in Junction, TX getting my river vacay on. More aquatic fun times for me this weekend, then it's a long summer of not having a break. But for now, VACAY! Enjoy your weekends! 1. Joran van der Sloot might still be a killing machine. He was the creepster who may or may not have been responsible for the death of Natalee Holloway a few years ago. This story stuck with me because it happened just around the time where I was of the age to be acting afool on spring break. Scary stuff. He's now suspected of murdering a girl in a Peruvian hotel room. Brutally stabbing her, to be more specific. And they have lots of evidence. What in the world is this sketchball doing running around the world killing young girls? He's like the face of "watch out, nice-looking white dudes WILL kill you" PSAs everywhere on Earth. He's an idiot and deserves to rot in jail. There you have it. If you don't already, hate him too. 2. Ego maniac of the week: James Cameron. He thinks he can make the oil stop spilling, because he "knows people." His work on Titanic and Avatar has introduced him to some of the world's leading experts in deep-ocean submergence. He reached out to the EPA and even to BP to offer he and his team's thoughts on the matter. BP promptly shut him down. And rightfully so. While I respect him trying to lend a hand, and he's probably a very intelligent man, why in the world does he think that the federal government, the EPA and BP aren't doing their best? There are some celebrities that do good things, or write checks to make good things happen (see: Oprah, Brangelina), but come on, he thinks his brainpower is the ticket they've been looking for these last few weeks? Kind of reminds me of when Lindsay Lohan reached out to help Barack Obama's campaign because of her prolific tweeting. Cameron had good intentions, but come on. 3. The California assembly has voted to ban plastic bags from grocery stores, pharmacies, convenience stores and liquor stores. And they'll have to charge for paper ones now, too. Plastic bags are a big issue, cluttering up our oceans, beaches, dumpsters, etc. Other places in the country have enacted similar bans, but the state of California is the biggest one to seriously consider it. Hip Hip Hooray! I love when mother Earth wins small battles. I've been bringing my own non-trashable grocery bags to the Krog for years now, and it's so easy! Do it too! 4. Heidi and Spencer could be calling it quits. GASP! TMZ, the most trustworthy news source known to mankind, reported this awful news. Apparently Spencer's wacky psycho-ness is finally taking a toll on his dainty flower of a wife. Heidi just needs to focus on her acting career at this hectic time in her life. There are no plans to divorce, just spend some time apart. Heidi has moved out. Don't worry, all of this is being filmed for a reality show. Thank God. I hate these two. Hate them. But, mad props for keeping me watching. I've been determined to write you off for years. 5. Quote of the Week:
"I don't want to hurt her feelings, because she's lovely. That Taylor Swift song? 'You Belong with Me'? Oh my God! When it comes on the radio, I sing it so loud and I'm so embarrassed! Because I so freely sing it so loud! You can't help it! The song, it's not a bad song. It's a great song! I think it's just because it's very whimsical in a way that I'm not necessarily whimsical every day. When it comes on, I just get this ... I wanna sing it! Every woman feels that way. So I didn't mean that in a bad way, Taylor. I think you're lovely and beautiful, and I think you're a great songwriter." Lady Gaga, on what song she loved but was embarrassed when it came on on the radio
Oh Gaga, how I love you so. I love how she just owns it. Don't get me wrong, I heart Taylor Swift, but I'm not shooting blood out of my neck on the stage at the MTV awards. I cannot get enough of the "no BS" Gaga attitude. And, she's totes right, If you're a woman and T. Swift doesn't make you want to belt it out, you should see a doctor. 6. Suri Cruise has an iPad. I don't even have a phone that goes on the internet. FML. Now, mission critical is to avoid sunburn and overindulgence. And to make sure snakes and bobcats at this rustic getaway don't eat the Prince.

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  1. omg i just laughed inappropriately loud at work about #6. LOVE IT!


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