Jun 30, 2010

Happy Happy Birthday Manfriend!

It's manfriend's birthday today! Happy Happy Birthday to my BF extraordinaire! As a special tribute to my favorite buddy, partner in crime and main squeeze, here are a few of my favorite things about him: 1. He can be one silly man. He brings me the giggles all the time with jokes, his general jovial outlook on life and miscellaneous little quirky things. Manfriend + Viking hat + Miller High Life = comedy gold. 2. He seems to be just fine with me au naturale. I like to do the dressy, high heels girl thing, but he loves me just as much sans makeup and in glasses. Maybe even more. Nerd romance: 3. He makes me calm when I "let my crazy out" (direct quote, by the way). I'm a planner, a stresser, a freaker-outer. He is none of those things, and tries hard to bring me back down to earth when he'd probably rather just slap the crazy out of me. (no photographic evidence of said "craziness") 4. He's a SUPER good poodle daddy. Even if he's watching some kind of sports that prevents him from turning his head for .2 seconds to pose for a picture... Love him mucho. Tonight to celebrate, I'm going to attempt to make him a man feast: steak, potatoes and beer. I expect grill chaos. This could be interesting... Happy Birthday!
Jun 29, 2010

BootCamp Beatdown

Hello all! As I mentioned yesterday, I began a boot camp last night. It's called Camp Gladiator, and super fit friend referred me to it. (I can only assume that it is a hilarious nod to the American Gladiators, one of the biggest triumphs in the history of American television.) So, last week, a little posse got together and we resolved to skinny-ize ourselves together. The way the camp works is pretty cool. It's 4 weeks long. There are multiple locations and times all around town. You pay up front and then for the 4 weeks can go to as many as you like, at anytime, at any of the locations. Talk about a "no excuses" format. It's convenient, but makes it hard to validate a skip day. So last night we went to our first session. It was "weights" day, so the whole hour revolved around a variety of strengthening exercises with a few cardio spurts sprinkled in. Oh holy heck. It was honestly the hardest thing I've done in a long time. My muscles shook so much it looked like I was attempting some kind of dance move. I'm so weak and realized how far I have to go. Nuts. Anyways, this morning I awoke high from dreams of my future body...which will look something like this: So I woke up and went to another session this morning at 5:30 a.m.! I'm so proud of myself for doing it. Something doesn't quite feel right about setting my alarm for 4:55 a.m., but something definitely feels great about being done with my workout for the day! Today was the "cardio" day. Due to rain, we did exercises in a parking garage. Most of it revolved around running up copious amounts of ramps. I seriously saw my life flash before my eyes at one point. There wasn't a single tiny bit of air movement. It was like being on a hamster wheel in the amazon jungle. The amount of sweat that poured from me was just downright inappropriate. But, I feel great! Like Wonder Woman! I'm excited to mix up my routine and get in some QT with three of my favorite pals. There is a skinnier, happier me in the future...I hope. In the meantime, my legs are so sore they're useless and towel trying my hair feels like someone is ripping of my arms....
Jun 28, 2010

It's a great day to be alive

This morning it was beautiful. Still Texas hot, but beautiful. I took a sec to smell the roses and clicked this photo of the Dallas skyline. There is a special spot that I find myself in sometimes where I can enjoy this view. And I thought of this song. It's rare that a country track pops to my mind, but today, it did. I was a hot mess this Monday morning -- tired, cranky, hungry for breakfast, lethargic after an indulgent weekend (pretty much in Monday mode). But, this quick little glimpse made me think that I'm lucky to be living today. I've got lots to be glad about: air in my lungs, super friends and family, manfriend, poodle.... Hope you have a great week! PS: I'm beginning a bootcamp tonight. Will try my darndest to keep this spirit alive, but I expect the butt-kicking will be a one-way ticket back to negativetown. Maybe this time I'll make a round trip :)
Jun 25, 2010
Happy Friday and Weekend! 1. This is just bizarre. Some restaurant in Arizona attempted to sell Lion meat burgers as a World Cup promotion. The bright idea was to make African wild game burgers to make patrons feel like they were in South Africa enjoying the matches themselves. What the hell? I don't really have any idea what it would be like to eat cat meat, but I don't envision it being real tender. Seems like it could be chewy. That's just my conjecture, and I'm no meat expert. Anyway, animal rights activists are all up in arms about this, as they should be. Would you eat cat meat? I'm pretty sure I wouldn't. 2. Kim Kardasian may be dating Dallas Cowboy Miles Austin. YES! I love the Kardashians. They're my favorite kind of reality television. Talentless, pointless, rich and fabulous. She's all about those sports stars (Reggie Bush, Christiano Ronaldo (major jealous)). Supposedly her and Miles are "taking it slow." I hope they stop doing that and take it fast - like go out in Dallas all the time and her and I become best friends. I wish her the best in this budding romance. It's her turn. 3. Al Gore is a "crazed sex poodle." Or at least one woman thinks so. An Oregon masseuse, who seems to have some screws loose herself, has reported a 2006 incident in which Al Gore fondled and groped her during a massage session. She had some awful R-rated things to say about this little event, but 'crazed sex poodle'? That's one of the weirdest thing's I've ever heard of. My poodle isn't sex crazy, nor have I ever seen one that is (and I'm always alert to poodle happenings). I can only assume that this is a pet name he used for her. This is strictly my conjecture, but it's so high-larious. I like Al Gore and his politics. I highly doubt this story, but if anyone is calling anyone a 'crazed sex poodle,' I feel it is my obligation to report. Oh, and I found this funny thing: 4. Lady Gaga, she's just like us! She falls down in ridiculous heels too! I've long been an avoider of stupidly high heels. I've got some mega high arches, which make wearing heels miserable....oh, and I fall down a lot. So does GAGA! She was gliding through the airport in London in this bra, panties, chaps ensemble and ate it hard. Luckily the queen of all things fabulous wasn't hurt. Thank goodness. Someone *wink*wink* might have tickets to see her in less than a month and she better be in top top shape to perform the circus of bizarre that that someone is expecting. PS: that some one is ME!!! Commence major jealousy now. 5. On another Gaga-related note, she's def the quote of the week with this little gem:
"When I wake up in the morning, I feel just like any other insecure 24-year-old girl. Then I say, 'Bitch, you're Lady Gaga, you get up and walk the walk today.'" -- Lady Gaga to Rolling Stone
From now on, I'm giving myself this pep talk every morning. "Bitch, you're Casey and you're awesome, you get up and walk the walk today." UGH, why does the Gaga have to keep wow-ing me with her "I'm an actual normal person deep down"-ness? 6. Jake and Vienna have broken up. GASP! Can't say I'm too shocked. She's a real trashy little thing and he's just an idiot. Supposedly she was "jealous" of his career and "controlled him." If I were a ex Hooter's waitress turned reality star I'd be jealous and controlling too. Vienna was just trying to grab on to any fame and fortune she could. She also supposedly cheated with another D-List TV star. I'm done with this story. Go away, you two. 7. Space News! It's been a while since I've found any good space stuff (Recall, I'm addicted to space). Boo. They have found evidence that there used to be perhaps LOTS of water on Mars. There are mineral deposits that prove that in many places around the red planet water flowed freely. Wow! The places where they found these traces are the most likely places to find any evidence of life forms existing at one time! Martians are becoming more real everyday! With this kind of space news, I'm trying not to lose control of imagination...which is proving tough on a Friday. Smiles today. Looking forward to the weekend, hope yours is divine!
Jun 23, 2010

One week and counting!

Hip Hip Hooray for Twilight: Eclipse!! I'm starting to get really freaking excited! The opening is one week from today! For some reason this time around I'm not quite as pumped up as I was for New Moon. I think it's because I have vowed not to watch any trailers/teasers/clips. It's already annoying that I know the whole story (from reading the books like a fiend), so I'm trying to reserve the cinematic interpretation for when I go see it. There have to be some surprises. This still shot got me excited:Pretty Flowers, pretty Edward. Can't freaking wait. Here's some headlines that shoved their way into my mind just today...
  • As of yesterday, over 600 crazed fans were already camped out in L.A. for the Eclipse premier! I don't think I'd go to these lengths. I frequently find myself pondering what is too far for Twilight fanhood. Sometimes I walk that line. But this is def too far. Why don't these people have jobs?
  • I love R-Patz/Edward, but he sure does pout alot about having to do press for the Twilight movies. Another interview has come out, in the NY Times no less, where he's whining and moaning about being sick of talking about Twilight. Just grin and bear it boyfriend, in 10 days everyone will have seen it and will be over it until the next one.
  • My sweet, sweet Edward has shacked up with that little poptart for the summer. Boo Hiss. Apparently, to enjoy their burgeoning relationship "in private," RPatz and KStew have holed up in a love nest in California for the Summer. Vom. I'm sure it's all sex, all day. Can't think too much about it. But what a fabulous house they found:
  • They've made Eclipse-inspired credit cards. This may be a little bit far, but I do wish I had one. The giggly thing about this story is that they're only making them into gift card form to get more kids to use them. I like that we're showing America's youth how to go retail crazy and get into debt at an early age. Preying on Twilight fanhood to get people to use MasterCards is pretty genius.
And of course, with all the press they're doing for the movie there have been an outpouring of great quotes from the cast. (If you haven't realized by now, I love quotes, they're sort of throwback journalism-ish to me...Also, taken out of context they can be even more high-larious) Here are some faves...
"It's like a horror film." Robert Pattinson on Twilight: Eclipse
That's just not true. Bella begs for sex the whole movie. That's a little horrifying, but does not a "horror film" make.
"We had a confrontational scene where I sort of push him around a little bit. I thought I'd really scare him and grab him and it would freak him out. So I went to grab his shoulder, but he's so pumped up. It was too big to actually get a grip on. That was kind of embarrassing. I did tease him unmercifully about having to dress up in a little grey spandex wolf suit all the time and try and be intimidating while Kristen was patting him on the head."Robert Pattinson on competing with Taylor Lautner in Twilight
I like that R-Patz has some insecurity about not being the pumped-up sex machine character. Such a boy thing to make fun of him for having to wear a wimpy costume. He's the stringy, pale Brit at the end of the day and he knows it. Hehe.
"One of the most challenging scenes was probably finally kissing Jacob for the first time. Bella has got such tunnel vision that Edward is the only thing for her. .... So when Taylor Lautner and I kissed, it felt like such a different dynamic. I was nervous as hell."Kristen Stewart
For all her faults, I'm glad she's at least into the character. And I guess I can related to this Edward "tunnel vision" she speaks of. Only quote I've read that doesn't make me want to slap her.
“I have had so many people say, ‘Why don’t you just play the part? Just like, go smile, talk about whatever they want you to talk about.’ It’s like, ‘I do, I really try to do that.’ I guess I should get a face transplant or something … But it’s gotten weird. I’ve like, relinquished control." Kristen Stewart
And, she's back. She's so arrogant she can't even smile and pose for the media. She claims to need a "face transplant" not to bite the hand that feeds her with her tarty attitude. The only person who is going to "relinquish control" is me, if I read any more of this crap.

"I like the glitter lube stuff." Robert Pattinson on the craziest Twilight merchandise he's seen

This is quotation gold. R-Patz + "Glitter Lube" + Millions of reporters recording his every word = Pure genius.
If you're as nuts for Twilight as I am, there are loads of sites that have a much more robust collection of all the news and coverage. These two are pretty good: http://www.eclipsemovie.org/ http://twilightguide.com/
Jun 22, 2010

Katy Perry is my hero.

Right now I'm obsessed with Katy Perry. I think it's because she's so fun. I like when a pop star just does silly, fun things, just to be silly and fun. That's what pop should be. She's acts as wacktastic as she feels like and makes no apologies. Gaga has a totally different brand of "I do what I want" attitude, but Katy Perry reminds me of her in a lot of ways. I guess the days of sugary sweet young starlets is over. When I was the right age to be the target demographic for pop music, Jessica Simpson, early Christina Aguilera and pre-psycho Britney were all the rage. Snooze.

This is the track that has me on this tangent. It's fabulous and has not a single shred of "take me seriously" messaging in it. The video is even more faboo. It's all set in candy land. Fun, frivolous, fantasy...pop. Can't. Get. Enough.

Another thing I love about her, and this is very Gaga-esque too, she never breaks character. She's always looking fierce. And her own spin on fierceness...World Cup. She made a nod to the old U.S. of A., but also one to her future hubby's homeland, the UK. Latex graphic dress just for fun. Loves. (Hi, I'm also feeling like this was a non-accidental wink at the Spice Girls....genius.)

Then there are a slew of others. Eyeball boobies: Check. Obama shift dress: Check. Carousel as clothing: Check. I wish I could dress like this.

Oh, and she's besties with Rihanna. That gives me the jealouses more than any of it.

She's engaged to Russel Brand. I'm not really sold on him yet. I like that she's going to marry a comedian. I think a professional comedian would make a for a very pleasant life partner. But on the other hand, he's sort of stringy/dirty looking and has a little bit higher voice than I normally go for. All that aside, they're a cute couple and seem to be totally freaking in love. I want them to make hilarious and fiercely-dressed babies together. But not too soon, I wouldn't want her to pull one of those "I'm getting out of the business to raise a family" routines any time soon.
Jun 21, 2010

Wicked = Religious Experience

I finally went to see Wicked. Finally. I'm an avid fan of musicals and I've been hearing for years that Wicked is "the best one EVAAAAR!!!" but couldn't ever find a date because all the other musical fans I know have already seen the awesomeness. Boo. Finally, it came to Dallas and my sweet mommy came all the way up to take me to it (manfriend got of the hook in a last minute audible) and it was THE BEST EVAAARRR!!! My favorite song was obviously...
If you don't know the premise, the musical is a prequel to the Wizard of Oz. In the story, Glenda the Good Witch and the Wicked Witch of the West (WWW) were buddies as school girls. Then, chaos ensued and moral dilemmas sent the two on very different paths. In this tale, Glenda was actually kind of awful and WWW was just misunderstood. It was very interesting and more creative than anything I've maybe every seen. Loved every single second. Costumes, makeup, staging, dancing....all of it was totally faboo. The writing and cleverness was probably the best part to me though. If you haven't, go see it.
Jun 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Hey blog world! It's Father's Day and I'm lucky enough to be home in Houston with mine. I read that it's the 100th Anniversary of the first Father's Day celebration! Guess it doesn't have much impact on us today but is a fun fact. Here's me, my dad and little nugget at Christmas: Us posing for the camera and him providing the hugs is pretty much indicative of our whole lives. He was always there and I'm so thankful for that. I have so many friends that have crappy family situations, often with a slew of daddy issues. He's made me realize the kind of things I need to find in my future babydaddy. My dad and I are very similar. We like a lot of the same foods, have several physical traits in common and he bequeathed on me an appreciation for reading and learning. Probably most importantly, he showed me how to have a sense of humor. We're both cooky, witty (i hope) and definitely weird. He brings me the giggles all the time and I hope he never stops. I envy his comedy. I hope you all are getting to enjoy today with your fathers! Even if they suck, you wouldn't be here without them! Mine is great and that's one of the biggest blessings I have.
Jun 18, 2010
Happy Happy Friday all! It's been a crazy busy work week. I'm ready for some much needed hometown R&R. 1. The L.A. Lakers won the NBA Championship last night. This is their second victory in a row! I wanted the Celtics to win. I stayed up past my bedtime to catch the nail-biting action last night and was thoroughly disappointed. I don't have any legitimate reason not to like the Lakers, but I just get the really cocky vibe from them all. Kobe Byrant, while badass, doesn't have a shred of gratitude or humility in his entire giant body. I despise what an ego maniac he his. There was a point after the game where the whole team was hugging and celebrating and he climbed up on a table and just basked in the fans' adoration. I like watching the home games because they always show shots of all the famous people in the L.A. crowd, but at the same time, it feels like they just show off their high-profile moviestar fans like arm candy. All my Laker hate excludes sweetheart Lamar Odom. I love Mr. Khloe Kardashian. He's freaking sweet. He and Hank Baskett tie for sweetest reality husbands of all time. But, I digress. Boo, Lakers. 2. Last week, I promised a breakdown of the sexiest World cup men. But, before I had the chance to find my favorites, another fabulous, mega-cute blog friend of mine did all the hard work on the sexy man search. Go check out her breakdown at (flash)pasteurized. Poor her, what a trooper for doing that painstaking research. From what I've seen, my favorite footballer remains Portuguese powerhouse of sexiness, Cristiano Ronaldo: The real shame of it is that he's rumored to be a serious womanizer and absolutely crawling with STDs. The good news there is that I'll never get close enough to him for that to matter. 3. Kelly Kapowski (Tiffani Thiessen) had a baby! Her and her husband, Brady Smith (with whom I share an odd family connection....he's from Houston), welcomed baby girl Harper Renn Smitth to the world on Tuesday. I love the name Harper, it's going to the top of my shortlist for baby names. "Renn" confuses me though. I assume it's some connection I don't know. Anyway, hip hip hooray for baby Kelly Kapowski! If this seems like a random D-list reference, just know that Saved by the Bell-related news is never lost on me. 4. Quote of the week:
"I'm in the gym, and I'm doing reps, and I'm reading the books, and I'm studying the character. I'm just saying to myself, 'I want this role. I love this role. I'm not gonna lose it. And I'm gonna know it better than anybody, and I'm gonna do that extra rep, because I'm gonna be Jacob Black.'"Taylor Lautner on bulking up for Twilight
Taylor Lautner is so freaking sweet. He's so squeaky clean. I love that about him. He seems to be so hard-working and genuine. I guess this is the cynic in me, but he better be careful with this "look at me, I'm so nice and admirable" bit. One slip and he's the next Miley Cyrus. In the meantime, what a sweetheart. Still on team Edward, though. (Sidenote: Eclipse is just around the corner and there have been tons of Twilight news items lately, stay tuned next week ...) 5. 15 MILLION pounds of SpaghettiO's have been recalled. What the hell? Apparently a lot of the cans of this stuff were "under-processed" and not suitable for eating. Who still eats these? Who knew that enough people still do that 15 million pounds have been recalled? This blows my mind. That's more cans of preservatives than I can get my head around. I'm a little grossed out at these, I can't even really recall a time in my childhood that I liked them. Son of B, that's a lot of SpaghettiO's. 6. Jillian Michaels used to have hips like the rest of us. I guess this isn't really news per se, but it renews my faith in the diet gods out there. You aren't just born hot. You have to work your A off. Or at least she did. I've long believed that famous hot people are just born that way. That's mostly because I'm a cynic. Maybe untrue. Maybe the world is fair. Happy Weekend! I'm going home to visit my Daddy for Father's Day! Make sure you tell yours you love him this weekend!
Jun 16, 2010

Dear RHONJ, I love you.

Last night I got caught up on one of my fave shows, The Real Housewives of New Jersey (RHONJ, for short). I sort of forgot the fabulosity that happens in beautiful Franklin Lakes, NJ. Here's a breakdown of my thoughts so far this season.... Evil takes a new form in Danielle Staub. Oh my freaking heavens. Just when you think she's gone as crazy as she can, she goes a little further. Not only has she hired some felonious thug to protect her from the "toxic attacks" of the other women ("toxic attack" means they call her a bitch in the testimonial interviews with Bravo producers), but she has pimped out her children for her own gain, gotten into a text fight with a teenager and maybe released her own sex tape. When she gets going down the path to crazy town, there is no turning back. She gets a little infuriated and her head spins around and she speaks in psycho tongues. She's honestly an insane person. She makes Kelly Bensimon look smart and wise. Caroline Manzo. She hasn't been too much of a voice this season. She is the mother hen and puppet master of all the other women (or so that's my theory), but she's pulled a lot of punches this season (boo). It's clear she despises Danielle, but she's claims to have "disassociated" with her. Whatever. She's too busy shamelessly plugging the Brownstone to fiddle with all the cattiness. She did reveal that she shaves her face every morning. I feel too weird about that to comment. Otherwise, I enjoy the Caroline segments because I'm hopelessly in love with her son Albie. This is a new frontier for me, he may be the first reality star to make the fantasy boyfriends list. That opens the door for a lot more candidates....I'm having a serious mental dilemma because he's a real person, still thinking about it.... Dina Manzo. Last night she left the show! All the craziness is happening and, like a classy adult, she just politely declined to participate by stopping filming. How weirdly mature of her. Dina is the calmest, most level headed and seems to have it the most together. And she's by far the best dressed. Her husband and daughter aren't featured. She has a strange respect for their privacy and her family's dignity. Then just when I'm disoriented by her sane-ness, she whips out her bald cat and new age crystal voodoo. It's a wash. Jacqueline Laurita. Oh sweet, sweet Jacqueline. She always gives people the benefit of the doubt. I may even venture to say she's a bit of a doormat, but god love her she's so sweet. She has a maniacal poptart of a teenage daughter, Ashley, who deserves to be beaten. Jacqueline does her best to remain patient and kind, until last night when she dragged her out of the house by her ear for mouthing off. Hallelujah! She gets mixed up with the wrong crowd sometimes (Step off, Kim G), but it's because she's so sweet. Probably my favorite thing about her is her husband, Chris (Dina and Caroline's brother). He's sort of just sleuths around in the back of the scene. You don't know his business, but you know he has guns and he will beat up on a dude. He's just the right amount of sketchy to make you wonder if he's in the mob, but be too scared to ask. Teresa Guidice. Last season's infamous table flipper, she's probably my favorite. She is an absolute supermom. For reals. She has 4 little girls under the age of 9 and she runs that house like a naval ship. She cooks, she drives them around, forces them into modeling careers. She appears to be a sort of normal-ish mom. Love that. All the while, she's a ridiculous, stereo-type enforcing, jewel-encrusted, big-haired Jersey girl. She does all this momming without help from her guido husband (who's awkwardly small) and always looks flawless. When she gave birth she was begging for diamonds and replenishing her makeup. She asked "when she could put frou frou things" on the baby before they'd cleaned of the womb juices. Unfortunately, she named the baby Audriana. Too many vowels in that name for my taste, but I'm not a Jersey girl. (In actual news, this week it's come to light that the Guidice's owe upwards of $11 million on their home, cars and credit cards. Ooopsies.) All in all, this season has been a veritable buffet of juiciness and scandal. I heart the RHONJ so much it's embarrassing. Maybe if I marry Albie (who is my same age and in law school) I can be on the show one day too. Daydreams...
Jun 14, 2010

Weekend Recap - it's good to be home.

After being away the last couple of weekends it's felt like I haven't gotten to spend some time getting the rest and relaxation I usually do on the weekend. I guess it means I'm getting old if two weekends in a row out of town feels like hustle and bustle to me. I finally freaking got to see Sex and the City 2! I was pleasantly surprised. I really was expecting it to be a total cheese fest. I thought it was actually way less kitschier than the first movie. There was a lot of good "Carrie's inner monologue" writing that I loved so much about the show. And the little white frock she wore in the opening scene (right) was absolute heaven. I want it. Bad. There was also a flashback to when the girls met in the 1980's. Genius. Carrie also receives a black diamond ring from big. I want it. Even more bad. I love the movies but they force me to expand my wish list of glamorous items, something I'm really trying not to do. All in all, victory. I hear they're already producing the third film. Better hurry, some of the girls aren't as spry as they used to be. Saturday my mom came in town and we hung out and baked guilt-free sheet cake (which was a super endeavor I learned about at a friend's blog). I highly recommend this low-calorie treat. I was again, shocked, at how amazing it was. We explored the new Whole Foods megacenter for other tasty treats. My latest obsession is natural peanut butter (or "natch pean butt" for an abbreviation, but mostly giggles). There is a machine full of peanuts (or almonds or whatever) and you turn on the grinder and it makes fresh, no chemicals added, sugar-free peanut butter before your very eyes! Not low fat, but low in sugar and high in protein. OB-freaking-SESSED. Try it. I also went to a super fun bar in Dallas called Barcadia. Same old bar scene, but they have fun games. In particular, me and my posse partook in some oversized Jenga. I can't decide if dinosour-sized jenga + full bar = the best or worst idea of all time. While it is really fun and the games are short (everyone is wobbly for some reason), the big blocks crashing down get a little dangerous. I found this immensely entertaining. But not as entertaining as the photographic evidence of the boy-ish delight that overtook manfriend:
Hehehehe, I love candid shots. He was just giddy with anticipation about those Jenga blocks. Cuteness.
Sunday was a blur of pool, gym, cleaning, dinner.... Sunday things. Fabulous to be home. But now it's Monday and I have a serious case of the boreds.
Jun 13, 2010

The taste gods smiled on me.

This weekend sweet manfriend took me on a date to a fabulous restaurant called Tillman's Roadhouse. The food is all Texasy home-cooking style, but with an upscale twist. This is Dallas afterall. The food and drinks were all delicious, but there was one standout: Tater tots? Not just tater tots, goat cheese infused garlic tater tots. Foodgasm. Major Foodgasm. Freaked out when I saw on the menu and had to try. They were probably the most delicious thing I've ever sunk my teeth into. You bite into it and there are little potato nuggets canoeing on a river of warm gooey oozing goat cheese. My taste buds danced, sang, juggled and did backflips at the same time. I'm pretty sure I did something like this: As some of you may know, I love cheese. All cheese, on anything, in any amount. Me likey cheesey things. But goat cheese occupies a special warm and fuzzy, super exclusive area of my heart (in the company with poodles, purple things, etc.). So you can imagine my surprise when I saw this item. Sometimes things just go right. And for me, seeing this totally random and unexpected marriage of tastes (that had to have been specifically designed for me) felt like I got the magic ticket in life for the day.



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